12 Ways We’re Being Eyeballed, Indexed and Monitored to Oblivion

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by Zen Gardner
December 2012


The latest announcement of recording capabilities being installed in American buses via their already invasive CCTV cameras has me hopping mad. It’s just sick. Yet the most astounding thing is the vast majority will swallow it as a needed feature to help fight terrorism.

After all, they have nothing to hide. They’re not doing diddly squat to stand up to anything, and have no intention to. “Obey..Obey” is what they hear.

Every possible 1984ish scenario immediately jumps into your mind as the slow mo intro of all this techno mumbo jumbo is laid on a naive and unsuspecting, weakened public.

Let Me Count the Ways

Let’s look at some of the current methods being employed to track and document our behavior,

1. Credit/Debit and RFID use: Every transaction, ID and passport use is monitored and tracked. Your buying habits are sold to corporations and your personal information given to the US Department of Justice in some form. Rely on it. Your privacy rights have vanished. RFIDs are soon to be in all forms of ID, used for medical records, are in your food and products for “tracking” and soon to be under everyone’s skin. Beware. That one’s a biggie.

2. Phone and Internet use. Forget it, they know everything. The NSA is in bed with the servers and providers so kiss internet and cellular privacy goodbye, subjects. Don’t believe that? Go googling before it disappears.

3.GPS and Drones. “Thanks for the self-bought tracking device, Philbert.” They can pinpoint anyone. GPS, phone, lowjack, OnStar…those just help. Watch for the policing drones and other technologies to follow soon. You are not alone…anywhere!

4. Smart Meters. They read all your home’s devices, track your activities and give off more radiation than a cell phone tower! Nice, eh? Clever bastards.

5. Chemtrails and EMFs. By now we’ve all inhaled, eaten and drunk enough metalic salts such a s barium, aluminum, and fluoride to be tracked from space. EMFs from cell and GWEN towers and the electrosmog stew we live in screw with your nervous system more than ever and influence your thoughts, as does your TV. Happy yet?

6. The Obvious CCTV cameras…and the Not Obvious ones. They’re now in America’s buses, as they are in the UK. In the UK they’re on the outside of the buses as well…never mind in trees in the countryside.Yes, it’s gone that far, and will continue to proliferate in the US in the same manner. Smile. There’s 8 to 12 in every intersection…don’t you wonder the hell why?

7. Scans and More Scans. Old news. Airport, transport, mobile and soon to be everywhere: Metal detectors, feel-downs and ups, and the latest: backscatter machines that unzip your DNA. Getting the picture? Highway checks have also started. Realize who they really fear yet?

8. Fingerprints and Iris scanners. Notice how many want fingerprints now? And iris scanners are already in place in many airports. In fact this was the first thing the NYPD did to anyone arrested in the Occupy demonstrations. Beware.

9. Facial recognition technology. “Yay! We’ll catch all those buggers now! But why am I suspect?”  Coming “officially” soon (which means they’ve been experimenting and using it for some time already…..) and..

10. Precrime detection! Yes, movies DO come to life! They’re working fervently on detecting your MOOD and will summarily assume at will you have BAD INTENTIONS with this one! Beware being pissed or on a bummer in public…YOU could be a terrorist!! Besides, they’re looking for DNA traits that indicate the same. You are mincemeat.

11. Intention To Trespass Outside the Country? Yup. Here’s a brand new doozey. “You gonna circumvent your domesticating home country’s laws on substance regulation, you wild and crazy thing? Damn you…you get back in the house right now!”

12. “Illuminating!” – Intellistreets now rolling out.  New street lights that include “Homeland Security” applications including speaker systems, microphones, motion sensors and video surveillance are now being rolled out with the aid of government funding. Orwell would be proud. This one is over the top and being put into place as fast as they can.

Fascism On Steroids

Some call this fascist clamp down the fourth Reich, but it might as well be the third Reich since it never really stopped–it just changed faces and moved to the US where they could take it to new levels. And we’re still only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Can that really happen here? Please wake the heck up. It already has. The common American psyche has been rendered obsolete, while the laws are all in place just waiting for the next excuse to keep ratcheting it up.

“Oh yes we can!” Wash, rinse, repeat.

How to Feel Disempowered

–By thinking our votes make any kind of a difference and submitting to a system that tells us we can only go through those channels.

–By taking instructions from a compromised state controlled media.

–By waiting for responsible leaders to come to the fore in a completely corrupt system.

–By not believing it could happen here, as was the case in every country that was ever taken over by despotic powers.

–By hiding in religious beliefs and believing we’ll only get out of this when the “cavalry” appears.

Lots of ways, just touching the surface.

All while people still put money in their abusive banks, pay tribute to them with every deposit and purchase, buy their polluted products, and drink in their sewage in the media.

And most pitifully, while sacrificing their kids to adulterated and mutated food, an abusive medical system, and subjecting them to further indoctrination and drugging in a diabolical school system designed to further degrade their entire upcoming generation.

It’s pitiful.

How’d It happen?
As the line goes,

Question: “What do you think about this epidemic of ignorance and apathy?”

Answer: “I don’t know and I don’t care!”

Empowerment Awaits

When the lights of the world dim and seem to go out, the true lights of awakened humanity shine brighter and brighter. Realizing what is really going on and detaching from this tyrannical empire in every way possible and helping others to do the same is the living solution.

They’re nothing to fear. They swim in  fear itself and are living in its grip with an insecure need to dominate others. Don’t be fooled.

Make conscious decisions in the days to come and take control of your life.

If everybody snapped out of this control grid, our world would change in a moment.

Keep at it.

Love always, Zen