“60 Minutes” Australia Reports Contaminated Air May Be Sickening and Killing Pilots and Passengers

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by B.N. Frank
September 8, 2019


Friendly skies?

A recent 60 Minutes Australia segment reports how you and your loved ones may not want to board a plane ever again without wearing hazmat suits.


Of course, contaminated air may not be the only culprit.  Airplanes are full of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) sometimes referred to as “Electrosmog”.  Besides standard electrical operating equipment, most planes now offer free WiFi (a source of wireless radiation) to passengers.  Exposure to toxic chemicals combined with exposure to Electromagnetic Fields – including WiFi – increases the toxic body burden. 

Wireless radiation impairs the body’s ability to protect itself from toxic chemicals by damaging the blood-brain barrier.

As noted in the 60 Minutes segment, some people are more affected by exposure to toxins than others.  Of course, that still doesn’t make it right that any of this is happening.

Activist Post reported last month about retired Naval Pilots “dropping like flies” from cancers they believe have been caused by radiation exposure.

From AmericanMilitaryNews.com:

The Air Force study also looked at cockpit exposure, finding that “pilots have greater environmental exposure to ultraviolet and ionizing radiation … (fighter pilots) have unique intra-cockpit exposures to non-ionizing radiation.”

Retired Navy Cmdr. Thomas Hill was a career F-4 and F-14 pilot and squadron commanding officer with more than 3,600 flight hours and more than 960 aircraft carrier landings. Hill was 52 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. In December 2011, at age 60, he learned he also had esophageal cancer.

Wireless WiFi radiation is non-ionizing radiation and exposure can cause a variety of debilitating symptoms and illnesses besides increased cancer risk (see 12).  This is referred to as “Microwave Sickness” or “Electromagnetic Sensitivity”.  CBS 60 Minutes has reported about American Embassy employees being affected by this too.

Activist Post reports regularly about illnesses caused by exposure to all sources of Electrosmog.  For more information, visit our archives and the following websites:

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