92-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Brings Crowd to Tears at Toronto Protest: “This is Worse. It Is More Insidious.”

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92-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor at Toronto Lockdown Protest: “This is Worse. It Is More Insidious.”


I am in fact a survivor of the Holocaust. And the first thing I have to tell you — even then, nobody told us it was done for our own good. We all knew what was happening. And when I think today… When I see people masked I think of the yellow star which gave everybody liberty to aggressively… to insult me, to call me a carrier of disease, to spit on me even.

I would like to tell you that this is worse. It is more insidious. It concerns more people. It is, it is…There is a hypocrisy in the public narrative that is absolutely unbearable. To say that we’re doing this to protect the old. I would love to die in a state that gives me freedom to live.

I have already outstayed my welcome by many years and my life expectancy is probably not great. But I would gladly exchange this for the lives and livelihoods and happiness of generations that come after me — to live their lives as I have been.

To see people defile their children with masks is something totally unbearable to me.

And I would like to say one word, short word, about obedience.. If you obey someone who wants you to do evil then you don’t obey — you cooperate, you aid and abet in evil.

The other thing I want to leave you with is the thought on voluntary submission which was written about in the 16th century by french philosophers and which ends: ‘You cease to obey and you are free.’

…Thank you. Courage! Come. Please. Please!

92 Year Old Holocaust Survivor Brings Crowd To Tears

by Druthers
March 28, 2021


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