An Infinite Number of New Beginnings

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Source: _Life Without a Centre

by Jeff Foster


In your attempt to be an ‘adult’,
you lose touch with your inner child.
In your rush to be the ‘expert’,
you disconnect from the amateur in you,
the inner lover, innocent and wild.

In your quest for security,
you run from your insecurity,
bury your anxiety, crush your doubts,
until one day they explode all over the place.
And make a mess of your nice, ‘ordered’ life.

Don’t confuse the role you play
with who you truly are.
Don’t confuse the adaptation with the actor,
the changing weather with the vastness of sky.

Your true identity lies in Presence, friend.
And wonder.
And creativity.
And an infinite number of new beginnings.

Each moment.
Each canvas.
Each Now.

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