Andrew Kaufman: Are the Vaccinated “Contagious”? — Now Is the Time That We Have to Say NO to Stop the Culmination of This Plan

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Andrew Kaufman: Are the Vaccinated “Contagious”? — Now Is the Time That We Have to Say NO to Stop the Culmination of This Plan


TCTL editor’s note: In this powerful interview by Kate Sugak, Andrew Kaufman includes an overview of the erroneous germ theory, as well as insights into the globalist agenda of using “anti-covid” mandates, “vaccinations” and vaccine passports in an attempt to dominate all of humanity.  

Andrew also addresses the widely-shared notion that vaccinated people are “shedding” spiked proteins. He brings a clear view of what we actually know and what, so far, is just speculation. At approximately the 37-minute mark, Kate asks Andrew about these “shedding” reports.

Beneath Kate’s interview, we share some excerpts from the video, including what Andrew says about this growing fear about the vaccinated. 



Kate Sugak interviews Andrew Kaufman

by Kate Sugak w/ Andrew Kaufman
September 2, 2021


Dear friends, I am happy to inform you that I had a long-awaited conversation with the legendary Andrew Kaufman. Andrew Kaufman is an American medical doctor and researcher who has done a tremendous job to open the eyes of hundreds thousands of people around the world to the truth about viruses and the falsehood of the germ theory of disease. Topics we discussed:

  • Andrew’s story, how he began to notice that there is something was wrong with what he was taught in medical school about diseases and infection. How did he come to understanding that the germ theory of disease, which is the base of modern medicine is wrong, and viruses do not exist at all?
    • Then we talked in more detail about the germ theory and why microbes do not cause disease. What causes disease in humans and what we mistake for contagion.
    • We also discussed the epidemiological study in which Andrew took part, the purpose of which was to understand whether people vaccinated against Covid-19 are dangerous for the unvaccinated or not, as well as Andrew’s point of view on why the “pandemic” was arranged and what way out from this he sees.

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Excerpts from video transcript prepared by TCTL editor:


Andrew Kaufman

Really the spirit of science and the philosophy of science, not how it manifests in reality today but what it really gets at, is always doubting everything. And if you propose a theory and then you have some experimental evidence that supports it, that definitely adds weight to it. But my job as a scientist is actually to try and disprove it. And if I fail to disprove it, that’s what really makes it valid and true. So it has to withstand the attempts to disprove it. And that’s how we we really need to obtain scientific validity. And all I’m really saying is that these theories that have been put out there as truth actually have already been disproven.


Kate Sugak

Another questions that I have that is a very important because we have these videos in the Russian-speaking community that show extreme fear of people that are vaccinated — that can be contagious or can be dangerous to the unvaccinated…

Andrew Kaufman

Let me just start off by saying that it’s already known that, with gene therapy — because we’re really talking about gene therapy here, these are not not vaccines in any traditional sense — that there is this possibility of what they call shedding.

And, in fact, the FDA in the United States has a specific guidance document — that if your gonna develop gene therapy you need to do some testing to show that this is not an issue with your product.

And the reason is — because you’re making a foreign protein in whoever receives this injection. And that foreign protein could be in your body fluids and, which means, that it can be passed to other individuals.

And the foreign protein may have its own toxicity. Right? Because, think about if they’re developing a gene therapy for cancer, they might want to produce a toxic drug that kills the cancer, for example, and you don’t want that to get into you know your kids or your neighbors.

So, they’re supposed to test the body fluids to see — is this foreign protein or foreign gene product actually there. And they should test the urine and the feces, sweat, saliva, tears, etc.

But since they re-labelled these gene therapies as vaccines they got around this requirement somehow. And, to my knowledge, haven’t even done testing — or at least that’s been publicly released — that shows there’s actually a spike protein being made anywhere in the body.

There was one small study from Canada done by independent groups on the Modern product, but it was a really strange protocol, and in a very small number of people. And I’m not sure that I even trust the results. But they did show some spike protein up to 14 days after the first injection. Only in the blood. They only looked at the blood.

So we don’t really know. And also, if the spike protein gets out into the environments — like, let’s say, it is in the saliva and you start talking and your saliva goes out in front of you and flies on the wall or on a table. Well then if there’s spike protein in that it will be denatured pretty quickly because, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, that needs to be kept frozen. Right? So at room temperature it would not stay intact. So there’s a lot of complexity…

So overall there is, at least a theoretical problem here. Right? But we have a lot of missing information.

So I did get to look at the data from some survey research done by a small group of independent people and it was really more consumer type of research because these people came from that industry and wanted to get to the bottom of this issue.

And so what what we could find from this… So basically these were people who had some kind of symptoms and were exposed to someone else who was vaccinated or other people — what I call vicarious exposure — by different degrees. And so, when we looked at the correlation between the degree of exposure — like, obviously, it’s a higher degree of exposure if it’s your spouse versus like some people that you work with at a part time job. Right?

So when we compare that to the presence of symptoms that were new symptom that could be related, what we found is really there was only a signal for intimate partners…

But I think there’s enough anecdotal evidence that also there may be something within with infants and nursing mothers. So, in other words, maybe there is something in the fluids and that if you pass it directly into another person, where it doesn’t sit in the environment… It’s like through intimate contact like sex or open mouth kissing or nursing. Right? So, in other words, a body fluid from the vaccinated person’s going directly into the body of an unvaccinated person.

That there may be a possibility of some kind of symptoms in that case. We don’t know from the research the severity of the symptoms in the person vicariously exposed. Only that there is a signal there. So further research will know…

There’s good news here because one — having casual contacts or a hug or working with people or even living with people that are like roommates — does not appear to be a risk.

And this is really positive because this is another issue that can divide the people against each other. And dividing people against each other allows the power elites who are trying to grab more power to do so…

That’s the strategy — essentially the strategy to develop communism or totalitarianism.

I feel pretty confident that it’s not a major issue except possibly for intimate partners. So that is enough information to inform people about what decisions to make in their life. And so I’m comfortable with kind of leaving that issue there…

The main thing that I would say is don’t go anywhere near any of these experimental vaccines. And if you don’t go near them, then you you’ll be fine from that perspective. There’s plenty of other things you’ll have to deal with but separate decisions.


So you know this is, in my opinion, an agenda that’s been long planned. And, basically, a march toward a technocratic totalitarian society.

And you can look back in lots of different writings about these kinds of plans and how the social engineering and cultural programming has taken place over the recent generations throughout the century.

In the twentieth century we’ve had just incredible examples of totalitarian takeovers. Right? And you could look at that these were all kind of experiments planning for this big one.

This is part of the UN agenda for the 21st century. And many other groups have talked about this. Obviously, the Great Reset in the World Economic Forum. They’re all the same thing.

It’s even printed on our money — a new order for the ages. Novus ordo seclorum is what’s on the dollar bill.

So this fake pandemic, or psychological operation of a pandemic, is specifically the way of generating enough fear to get people disoriented and in enough chaos that they agree to give up their freedoms in exchange for safety.

And this is the classic way, over and over again, that dictatorships have taken power. And so that’s exactly what you’re seeing and witnessing across the world right now — is the actual culmination of this plan that’s been going on.

Now, there’s only really one thing that you can do to stop this — both for yourself and for the rest of humanity. And is to simply say no.

You have to say no to everything. You have to say no to social distancing, masks, health questions, temperature guns. And, of course, most importantly, the jab and the passports.

And, in fact, the passports is really the turning point. Because once people are enrolled in this digital surveillance program, they will no longer be free or be able to be free.

And taking shortcuts or asking for permission, like asking for an exemption and things like that, is not saying no. And it essentially gives your approval for what is being done, not only by governments now, but by private businesses, employers and other agencies, in trying to coerce you to do things to your body.

Our bodies are our own property and no one else has the right to tell us or coerce us what to do with them. And so that would be my advice — is to learn how to say no, accept the consequences of that, and realize that it will work out well for you if you do this for the right reasons and have the right intention.

But there will be some short-term sacrifice and we need to be prepared for that. Because, if we’re not, then there’s going to be absolutely no freedom in the long term. And it will be much, much worse.

And anything that you think you’re risking and giving up now, you’re not going to have that in a few years anyway. You’re not going to have your same career and job, or ability to go on vacation and enjoy your family, and have luxury items or any of those things. Those things are all going to go away.

Now is the time that we have to say no and take some risks in order to stop the culmination of this plan.

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