Another “Something” in Antarctica

Another “Something” in Antarctica

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
January 27, 2021


Just when you think you’ve heard the last strange thing about Antarctica, and that all is “back to normal” (whatever “normal” is down there), another strange thing pops up that literally screams for attention. This one – we’ll call it the “Mount Erebus Something” – was spotted by S.D., and the article is almost a parody of what we’ve seen so often before in this strange field of alternative research:

Antarctica bombshell: NASA baffled after snapping ‘something rising above ice’

Now, you can look at the pictures accompanying the article, and clearly see that whatever has risen above the ice, it’s clearly a “something.” As the article itself states, it looks like some sort of gigantic “skid” mark made by something crashing:

However, the Science Channel revealed in its ‘What on Earth?’ series how one image – appearing to show something had crash-landed – left experts scratching their heads.

Aviation journalist Joe Pappalardo said: “To me, it looks like something landed there extremely quickly and skated to a halt.

“Maybe something had crashed.

Except…uhm….er….ahh…. there doesn’t appear to be any kind of debris from whatever it may have been that “crashed.” So we can scratch the crash idea(for now). We’re still left with a “something”.

Here, as usual, we assume for the sake of our daily high octane speculation that Never A Straight Answer (NASA), has released photos which it has not doctored, and that it is not having a little joke at our expense. NASA is, after all, part of the Lying Circus of the American federal goobernment  (think magic bullet here, folks).

Now, at this juncture, if you’re one of those who have been following the “strange stuff” that we humans keep bumping into – from the Blair Cuspids on the Moon, to the Face (and/or) Pyramids on Mars, to the bizarre resemblance of the Saturnian moon Iapetus to George Lucas’ “Death Star” (complete with Iapetus’ three parallel ridges running around its equator), or the famous STS 48 space shuttle  video showing some “somethings” flying around up there, and apparently being shot at from “something” on the planet’s surface, and then doing sharp turns-on-a-dime and zipping off into space – this is usually the point that they trot out “the scientist” to give everyone a reassuring pat on the head and a lollipop of an explanation that it can all be explained purely naturally. Think of J. Allen Hynek’s “Swamp gas” for UFOs, or NASA’s “trick of light and shadow” for the Face on Mars (an explanation which, incidentally, you might recall, had a very short shelf life when they found another picture of the “Face”, from a different sun angle).  Or think of NASA’s “ice crystals” from a “porta-potty” dump for the “somethings” flying around and being shot at in STS 48. So…

Cue “the Scientist”:

Sure enough, right on cue, we get the scientific explanation:

“NASA scientist Dr Kelly Brunt travels to the remote feature.

“She finds a seven-mile-long wall of jagged ice protruding from the frozen seas of McMurdo Sound.

“It is a rare type of glacier feature created by millions of tonnes of ice flowing from the base of Mount Erebus into the frozen seas.”

Heavy sigh of relief! It’s nothing bit a glacial feature!

“But madam Scientist, why haven’t we see them before?”

“Well, Billy, because it’s a rare type.”

So rare, in fact, you might only encounter it in Antarctica, near a mountain that was the scene of a tragic aircraft crash. Here’s your lollipop, run along and play now.

Except, it can’t have been the crash, because what looks like a “furrow” is really a ridge(unless of course it was a crash of a “something” which burrowed beneath the ground or ice and raised the ridge…who knows), a ridge which appears to end rather abruptly, and appears to have more or less evenly spaced “somethings” along the furrow-that’s-really-a-ridge. True enough, it may indeed be a “rare glacial feature”.  Really rare.

But part of me isn’t buying, because the bottom line is, it still looks like a “something” to me. And maybe, along with all the other “somethings” alleged to be down there (sans the ridiculous “quattuoropus” story of course), we might be looking at yet another reason such a strange list of people from Herman Goering to John Kerry and Buzz Aldrin and King Juan Carlos (among many others) are interested in the place. And maybe we’re looking at a “something” that’s another reason the explanations for the interest of such people in Antarctica – from “Germany needs whale oil and fishing grounds” to “Mr. Secretary wanted to observe climate change up close and personal” – seem so off.

See you on the flip side…