Anthony Patch in 2014 on Coming Global Vaccination, DNA Manipulation & the Enslavement of Humanity

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Anthony Patch in 2014 on Coming Global Vaccination, DNA Manipulation & the Enslavement of Humanity

by Anthony Patch
video clip sourced from Dmi Sattva, original video source/interviewer unknown
transcript prepared by Truth Comes to Light


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Transcript for this clip of a 2914 interview with Anthony Patch.


Anthony Patch:

We’ve all heard of the bird flu. And we’ve heard of tuberculosis. And we’ve heard of flesh-eating diseases.

And there’s a number of things that have been going around in the media the last few years, including AIDs, which is still there.

And now we have, even strange as it sounds, we have a rise to almost an epidemic level now of rabies, which we typically associate with animals. But when it crosses to the human barrier — to the barrier between animal and human — crosses that barrier into the human, there is no treatment. There is no cure for rabies.

Now you may not have heard this. This is not necessarily new, but it’s coming to the forefront.


And you know what this makes me think of?

Anthony Patch:

What’s that?


The zombie apocalypse.

Anthony Patch:

Absolutely. And that is the context in which the mainstream media right now is placing it — is in the zombie apocalypse. Because that’s exactly how people present themselves, if you will, when speaking medically. That’s how they appear and how they behave. It’s like a zombie because of the effects of rabies on the nervous system.

There were, last year and even earlier this year, there were actually drills conducted by our government on the zombie apocalypse and how would first responders, police officers, firefighters, paramedics — how would they deal with these people.

So it sounds far-fetched to the average person who hasn’t heard this before, but this is nothing new.

But let’s go beyond the rabies. Let’s talk about people getting a flu shot or getting a, you know, avian flu inoculation. There’s another very insidious disease, if you will, which is really a man-made disease. It’s a biological construct called MERS coronavirus out of the Middle East. It’s the Middle East respiratory syndrome. It’s made its way into Europe to a certain extent. And eventually, because of you know air travel, it will reach around the world. It’s another example of where inoculations or vaccines are being derived or they’re trying to derive.

For that…again I always like to go all the way to the end. What’s the purpose? What’s the goal?

If you have a man-made, a man-made or engineered virus, why was it created?

Is it simply just to kill people? Well that’s one part of it. But if you go further and you go deeper than that, it is to get people to demand a vaccine, a shot if you will. Or a pill.

Why would — if you’re in a position of control of power, of ultimate power — why would you want people to demand a vaccine?

Well, it’s because something’s in the vaccine that you want people to then have as a part of their body.

Well, what is in the vaccine that you want everybody to have inside their body?

It is a DNA manipulator or modifier.

I mentioned earlier third strand DNA. There is already — you can find this on the internet — in existence a third strand of DNA constructed of silicon. Again we go back to the silicon chip and computers. The third strand is made of silicon and is also coated in gold.

If you talk about nano technology and nano layers, this is extremely thin coating of gold down to a billionth of a millimeter of gold, that is coating the silicon — from which you are building a third strand of DNA. The purpose of the gold is to increase the surface area around this strand so that more information can be digitally imparted or programmed.

You’re — essentially what you’re doing is — you’re creating a third strand of DNA. You are transferring that or imparting it into a person’s body through a vaccine — that that person’s demanding because they’re afraid of contracting MERS coronavirus or avian flu or whatever it may be.

And so the government, if you will, or the powers that be, sit back and they kind of chuckle when they say; ‘Well, we couldn’t have forced people to take this vaccine or to take this hidden third strand of DNA. They would rebel against it. But if we create the problem and present the solution, people will demand the solution. Thus, we achieve our ultimate goal of having this DNA in every person changed.”

Well, let’s go deeper. What’s the goal? What’s the purpose?

Yeah, you go around and change everybody’s DNA. What do they become? They become a hybrid.

The insidious part of this is, that once a person is injected, almost immediately their DNA undergoes transformation.

Almost immediately,

they lose all awareness of the fact that they’ve lost their independence,

their ability to think on their own,

to make decisions on their own,

and to affect them on a moral level.

Their moral independence, their beliefs — religious, moral, ethical, legal — all of those go away.

If you remove the independent thought and that awareness that you’ve lost your independence is gone

What then do the powers that be do with these new forms of humans, hybrids?

They can control them.

They can turn them into a serf class — not s-u-r-f, not surfers, but s-e-r-f — a class of slaves. To serve the elite. To serve the Ray Kurzweils of the world who want to achieve immortality. But they need to have labor to manufacture, develop all of the technologies. And they have enough technologies now. The technology, the scientific world if you will, has reached the level where they don’t care about hiding it anymore.

Their agenda is so far advanced, both politically, philosophically, their sense of morals, and technologically  that no longer are they worried about you and me, as the serf class, and the coming serf class.

They’re not worried about what we think. They’re not worried about us rebelling. And, in fact, we won’t rebel — partly because, right now, we’ve been so dumbed down through a variety of mechanisms.

But once people demand the virus [sic] and they truly are dumbed down to where they’ve lost that awareness that something’s happened to me, now they can do what they want with us.

They are achieving what I call the hive mentality. Like a beehive. Worker bees, soldier bees serving the queen. The queen in my estimation is this elite class that’s in power.

And it’s not the politicians. Forget the politicians. This has nothing to do with republicans, democrats, tea party, libertarians. It has nothing to do with political structure or classes.

It has to do with the small group that is in control and has been in control since ancient times.



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