Are We Disallowed to Draw Conclusions?

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by Zen Gardner
August 7, 2013


Worse yet – are we allowing ourselves to be disallowed to draw conclusions?

As long as we’re the audience and they’re the “projectors”, we’ve lost. That’s what it comes down to.

Why do people cow to a system that is inherently and obviously corrupt? Or one they think they can appeal to, appease or change or modify, while it indiscriminately stomps on every living area of their lives and refuses to answer to its supposed constituents?

It makes no sense at all.

What happened to Michael Hastings is a perfect example. This wonderful man is a martyr for Truth and true journalism. He was obviously assassinated, if proven only by the facts that he was clearly a threat to the powers that be and the evidence and police forensics will not be viewable. As usual. Nor will his body, which was quickly cremated without family permission.

When will humanity wake the hell up?

We need an awakened way of thinking ingrained into our social psyche.

If the ‘Powers That Be’ at whatever level will not answer our questions nor divulge information, we should and will assume complicit cover up and therefore guilt on their part.

That’s the shift in conscious awareness that is taking place and needs to be made public


Tribute to Michael Hastings

I wasn’t that familiar with Michael’s work as I’ve always been pretty much “off the mainstream grid” when it comes to reading what’s going on around me except for certain forays. However, I’ve been following his inspiring story and recently watched an interview with him where he ripped Obama on a mainstream news channel. He’s clearly a real firebrand. His body of work proves he’s been a real threat to the PTBs.

So they killed him.

That’s a fact, folks. You want proof? What is proof? And would we ever get it? “Proof” is evidence that “they” consider compelling enough to perhaps draw some limp compromised conclusion if they were even compelled to let real forensics be performed and publicised.

The game is rigged so we simply can’t play according to their rules any longer, and that goes for any way you want to apply it. Doesn’t matter about the “circumstantial” evidence of a bomb-like sound, finding the high end virtually indestructible Mercedes blasted and its motor 100 yards away from the explosion, police seen tinkering under his car before the event, etc. etc.

It’s just another typically obvious media snow job for their designed, deranged audience. Go back to sleep. Nothing to see here.

At least nothing to draw any conclusions about.

Proof You Want?

After all, you want real forensic proof of JFK’s wounds, Oklahoma City’s blown out column damage, 9/11 demolition evidence, MLK’s set up “killers”, or reams of Colorado or Sandy Hook shooting or Boston bombing evidence? All we’re told is hype, smoke, mirrors and very obvious cover up.

Looking for any kind of clear cut “evidence” of anything? Might as well forget it, it ain’t coming.

Except what you see with your own eyes and know in your heart. It’s time to act on that, nothing else. We’re being lied to at a degree never before witnessed by humanity – how are you gonna take it?

Lying down? Now what ya’ gonna do once you realize it’s up to you?


Self Determined Judge, Jury and Executioner – And We Appeal To Them?

Why are the PTBs the judge and constructed jury instead of these decisions being in the competent hands of real, living, involved and caring people with real living conscious values in mind? And more fundamentally, why aren’t we allowed access to the evidence at every level?

It’s obvious. We’re not important. We’re lesser, subservient, servile subjects, and it’s all only the illusion of fairness to keep the populace placated.

One big conspiracy against humanity? You betcha!

I’m sick of their same old dog and pony show and the pussy footing around by duped humanity waiting  for “authorities” to validate anything. What kind of suckers are they playing us for? More importantly, what kind of suckers are we allowing ourselves to be? That’s the real question we need to ask.

And it needs to be answered individually. That’s the key. As we each stand up spiritually, their counterpart structure collapses.


Speaking Truth to Power – Humbug – Blow Past ’em

Michael Hastings dared to “speak truth to power” as they say. — another embedded and fundamentally cowed expression if you ask me.

You really think standing up in one of THEIR courts under THEIR conditions would reap any other result than what they want? And is it way too late anyway to even take that route considering the contrived world we’re living in?

I wrote about the possible implications of 9/11 Truth recently with Could 9/11 Truth Topple the American Empire?  The fact is, what is happening on any public scale at this point is what is allowed to happen, or at least allowed to be viewed in the mass consciousness, via their mass media “programming”.

Be aware of that at the deepest level. We suck up to “them” entertaining our “doubts and discrepancies” while they spew their venomous lies and accomplish their purposes. Nice exchange.

The Kennedy assassination is a good landmark. Whatever happened to the massive outcry to that obvious cover-up? Perhaps worse, look how MLK’s assassination was proven in civil court to have been carried out by the CIA – where the hell is that in the public consciousness? See if you can find that in a school history book.

We’re playing their goddamned game by subscribing to their paradigm, as it clearly works against us. It’s not for the good of the people, but for more consolidated power to controllers.


Stand Strong and Clean Against the Shitstorm

People need to break out of their hopey-changey “work through the system” paradigm and seriously be the change, as wonderfully and “radically” as they can. Then we’ll see some real action. Breaking out of these debilitating mindsets is essential if we’re to get a real footing in reality and be able to stand against the shitstorm of disempowering disinformation and the intimidating and bullying positioning they use against us.

And yes, that vague sounding “change” concept is useless on today’s playing field. We’re talking personal, spiritual, mental and cultural uprising. Disengage. That means rip the wires out. Quit any compromising, be it jobs, relationships or your use of language – radically leave your armchair comfort zone. Do some damage to the matrix by first ripping yourself out of its grip, come what may. Our biggest statement is the direction of our lives

The change is us. A full on complete new paradigm and operating unflinchingly from a liberated and empowered mindset is the goal.


Awake? or a Restful Sleeper…

It’s a sad day for a conditioned drone, I’ll tell you. More programming and accepting the assassination of  “questionables” is clearly afoot while sleepish humanity waits for the perpetrators to confess.

Come on. Please snap out of it.

But what about our national security?” What BS. Read 1984 again and get a grip.

At least we’re awake. Theirs is a “fungus” of the mass mind.

It’s a nasty world but real people are inherently wonderful!

Keep on waking up and responding! All aboard! They’re flecks of falsity in the path of Truth….don’t fall for their assumptive, debilitating programming. We are the change we need to see in the world!

Love, Zen