Are We Steering – Or Being Steered?

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Are We Steering – Or Being Steered?

by Zen Gardner
August 20, 2012


Weird how the mind works. Thinking, conscious and subconscious, can and will drive us any way we allow it. We think we’re freely steering this thing called our body and mind and so often we are just being led from one unimportant event to another.

And have no flipping idea why or how.

Think about it. Have you been in control of your thoughts and actions all of your life? I haven’t.

We are not fully in control of what we think, say or do.

But when you wake up you try to be. It is a struggle, we have to admit, but let’s look at this.

We Are Not Our Own…or Are We?

Psychologists have propounded this for centuries. Scholars and philosophers have implied it for ages.

We’re apparently considered a manipulated mass of semi-conscious goo trying to find its way around the Universe. Look at the works of Pavlov and BF Skinner and other social engineers and their influence on humanity. They think we’re trainable animals.

Have they succeeded to a great extent? Only if we allowed them to.

The overarching question?

What’s directing or dictating our thoughts? What are we basing our actions on? Can we be sure where these influences come from and that we’re in charge of our lives?

Pretty big questions.

Got answers? I’m sure you do, or think you do. Just as I do. Chasing down the source of our thoughts and transcending to higher consciousness is now the name of the game.

And it’s fun when you get the hang of it. But humanity’s plight is a sad sight to see from the point of conscious understanding. The good news is that there is a clean, safe place to observe all of this, and it exists within and without each and every one of us.

Get there. And quick.

The Example of the Ouija Board

I recently watched a dramatization of a couple who entertained a divining Ouija Board for fun and entertainment. Their encounter turned out disastrous. They had no idea what they were entangling with and eventually had to get the help of a local shaman to clean their premises of what they’d foolishly allowed in and was tormenting their lives.

This kind of stuff is no joke, I can tell you from personal experience as I’m sure many of you can. You carelessly mess with the other side and you’ll get smacked. That goes for any kind of divination, no matter how innocuous it appears.

Never screw around with occult divining tools unless you are very, very well prepared or with a responsible mediator. It is a serious responsibility, not a thrill ride. The other side is real and under certain restrictive orders.

But if you cross the line, don’t be surprised if you have some strange encounters. Serious warning there.

On the other hand, some very adept I Ching or Tarot readers and the like can really help you. It has everything to do with the source and medium, including yourself if you consult such tools. Personally, I don’t depend on them, but they can be informative and a spiritual boost once in a while. But be careful. Never give your power over to another for any reason. If that’s a requirement back out fast

The main thing was: I realized something very powerful while watching this encounter and remembering my own naive past….

The Human Mind is the Ultimate Conduit

It turned out in this dramatic reenactment that the Ouija board became the literal problem and had to be destroyed to rid their premises from a pestering presence. Apparently it had become a conduit due to their usage.

Weird? I don’t think so. But it is spirituality at a very base level.

How much more is our ever-present (hopefully) mind and brain a conduit? Whether you believe in other dimensional influences or not, what about our thoughts? Where do they come from?

And if you do believe in spiritual presences, what’s to say we’re not controlled or seriously influenced in subtle and not so subtle ways continuously? If you just look at the Bernaysian advertising propaganda model and don’t believe that you’re a fool.

As sure as radio waves, microwaves and advanced technologies exist, we can bet we’re being hit with a barrage of information visually, audibly, and otherwise. Some may appear as conscious thoughts, others subconscious, and some may damage our nervous systems and mental capabilities, etc., but we are being bathed in electromagnetic soup.

And if you have spiritual leanings, you know we’re being influenced by inter dimensional forces.

We’re In Control as Much As We Truly Want

The question is profound: We can believe, retrieve, conceive all we want, but we are dominated by our overwhelming thought impulses. Where do they come from? Are we self controlled, not, or a mixture?

It’s obviously way weirder and much more complicated than that. And much more esoteric.

We only lose control when we willingly give it over. That’s the bottom line and emphasizes the need to be fully conscious.

Decode the Information and Take the Stand

Personally I think consciousness has everything to do with personal conviction put into action. How can someone say they want to break free while working in a compromised job situation that’s killing their spirit? How can someone cry for peace while they’re working for the war industry?

It’s bullshit. And we’ve all been bullshitters.

But the time is over. The reason these alternative sites pound on the state of affairs is to move people to action. Disengage from the damned system. Stop giving your energy and homage to all the energy vampires around you.

Wake up and smell the re-fried truth for God’s sake!

The Mind’s Rulers – Be Aware and Be Empowered

Let’s rule our own minds through conscious awareness. Meditation and so many other disciplines are so very liberating. We can actually identify outside influences and resist them once we’re conscious. It’s really a matter of being free enough to  simply stay that way!

When Love and Truth become your guide, the other influences simply expose themselves for the foolishness they are.

The serious warning here is; be aware that there are destructive, entropic forces always trying to erode our presence here. Their influence is continual but can be sailed above with minimized effect. We’ll still feel it, but it won’t guide our decisions and emotions.

However, if we let our energies drain, or get bamboozled by false propaganda and sent down the wrong path, we can be collateral damage, if only temporarily, in the war on the Lying Matrix.

Be well, stay encouraged, empowered and free…

…and stay in Love as all get out!…;)

Love, Zen


Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint. His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst the entrenched alternative pundits. His book You Are the Awakening has met rave reviews and is available on You Are the Awakening examines the dynamics of the awakening to a more conscious awareness of who we are and why we are here – dynamics which are much different from the programmed approach of this world we were born into.

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