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Arthur Firstenberg: Saving the Planet — Next Step

by Arthur Firstenberg, Cellular Phone Task Force
May 3, 2022


The Earth is dying before our eyes. Most insects — bees, butterflies, crickets, spiders — have already disappeared, even from rainforests and protected nature areas. Titmice, sparrows, and other small birds no longer grace our yards and bird feeders. Our lakes and ponds starve for frogs and salamanders. Our forests are no longer net producers of oxygen. Our oceans may soon contain more plastics than fish.

The most surprising thing about the responses to my request for an administrative assistant was not that 154 people applied for the job, but that almost all of them called me from a cell phone. That revealed not only how much ground we have lost in the past 26 years, but the enormous obstacles looming before us in our quest for real change — change that must happen fast enough and be widespread enough to ensure that babies born today will still have a planet to live on when they turn ten.

Of the many assaults on the atmosphere, oceans, forests, wildlife, and human life, the cell phone is unique. It is unique because it is destroying the Earth faster than any other threat — faster than fossil fuels, pesticides, radioactivity, plastics, or any other assault. And because the pollution it emits — radio frequency (RF) radiation — is the only pollutant that is being spread everywhere deliberately and not inadvertently: in order for a cell phone to work when you want it to, every square inch of the Earth must be heavily irradiated at all times.

The manufacture of cell phones relies on:

  • child slavery in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • genocide against the indigenous people of the Ituri forest
  • extermination of the lowland gorilla

Cell phones contain:

  • dozens of toxic metals, and
  • hundreds of toxic chemicals

Cell phone manufacture, wherever it occurs, produces:

  • massive groundwater pollution

Cell phone radiation today is the cause of most:

  • heart disease,
  • diabetes, and
  • cancer

The 15 billion cell phones in the world, together with the 7 million cell towers, are the biggest cause of:

  • the disappearance of insects
  • the decimation of bird populations
  • the extinction of amphibian species
  • the dying of forests

These facts must become known — known to the public, to mainstream medicine, and to mainstream environmental organizations campaigning to save insects, birds, wildlife, forests, oceans, and atmosphere. And getting rid of one’s cell phone must quickly change from “impossible” to routine and widespread. The reasons for it are more compelling than the reasons so many lifestyle changes that once seemed “impossible” became routine and widespread, worldwide, during the pandemic.

Kathleen Burke, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is our new executive assistant. I extend my appreciation to the many applicants with excellent qualifications whom I have interviewed, and I hope you will all be part of the worldwide team that we will begin to assemble in the coming weeks. To begin with, we will reach out to the approximately 1,000 people who have contacted us over the past couple of years from many countries offering various kinds of help.

Our campaign is not primarily about “5G” or “electrosensitivity” and it is not only about RF radiation. Kathleen and I will work together to catalyze cooperation among organizations addressing many different environmental assaults, with the goal of

transforming knowledge into choices among the general public. We will reach out to, and work with, mainstream organizations addressing climate change, land use, ocean pollution, deforestation, pesticides, plastics, nuclear weapons, etc. And we will bring to all those organizations an awareness of the magnitude and urgency of the global assault by wireless technology in all its forms.

Transform knowledge into choices: Knowledge of microplastics — in the atmosphere, in the oceans, and in our bodies — must turn into unwillingness by the public to buy and use plastic. Knowledge of RF radiation must turn into rejection of cell phones by the public. These are simple choices that can make more difficult choices — for example, choices necessary to stop climate change — possible.

This campaign will not be easy, and I do not know if it can succeed. But it is necessary. The whole world is pretending that their children will grow up even though it is obvious that the planet we expect them to grow up on is being destroyed before their eyes — and it is being destroyed not by conspirators or the “Deep State” but by lifestyle choices by you and me and everyone else.

Here is the newsletter I sent out on March 1, 2022 (“Supreme Court to Consider Our Case This Friday”), two days after I broke my arm: to-consider-our-case-this-Friday.pdf. It also contained a link to a European petition that needs one million signatures and that began collecting signatures that day. Many of you did not receive it because our email marketing service suspended delivery for no reason after it was sent to only one-third of our subscribers. They have apologized and given us credit for the unsent emails.

Loss in the U.S. Supreme Court: On March 4, 2022, the Supreme Court voted not to hear our case. In the coming months we will be lifting our campaign to the next level, so that when this issue is next brought to our legislators and judges, it will already be an issue of great importance to the general public, and both lawmakers and courts will be pressured by constituents who insist that the radiation cease, and who refuse any longer to use their handheld instruments of destruction.


Your donations in any amount will help fund the expansion of our critical environmental work. The Cellular Phone Task Force is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and donations from U.S. residents are tax-deductible.

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