Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich on “This Infectious Disease Theater” & the People Behind It

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Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich on “This Infectious Disease Theater” & the People Behind It

by Stéphane Blais, Foundation for the Defense of the People’s Rights and Freedoms
April 19, 2021


Truth Comes to Light editor’s note: Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich speaks with Stéphane Blais, president of the Foundation for the Defense of the People’s Rights and Freedoms (Canada). Also participating in the conversation is Canadian attorney Dominic Desjarlais who is part of the international team of lawyers aligned with the Corona Investigative Committee.

Original video was livestreamed to Foundation for the Defense of People’s Rights and Freedoms on facebook.

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Excerpts from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s statements are provided by Truth Comes to Light:

02:51 — Dr. Reiner Fuellmich shares his background and the work that prepared him and his colleagues to form the Corona Investigative Committee

“In the course of this, throughout these 26 years that I have been going to court, I have come to learn that the power of these large corporations — plus the many people who are behind these corporations, who invest their money in these corporations — is enormous. It is so big that they not only influence politicians but they also influence, through the politicians, the courts of law in this country…”
“My colleagues and I kind of knew what this was all about. Except, of course, none of us for the magnitude of this. This is not just one or two or three corporations. It’s a whole bunch of corporations. Plus the people who invested in them. This is a huge power structure.
The good thing is that most of the people who are involved in this on the other side are trying to stay in the shade — trying to stay in the shadows so that people won’t know who they are. But those who are out there, who can be held responsible for the blatant lies that they told world’s community — those are the ones we are going after and I think we’re making headway right now.”


05:52 — Stéphane Blais asks a question about how Corona Investigative Committee was formed.

“…We started out — it is actually three lawyers here in Germany who got together and decided we have so many questions and it so obvious that the government will not answer these questions. One of the questions is, by the way, who does our government work for? Do they work for us, the people, or is it some corporate interest that they now represent? And, because we realized — this is in the summer of last year. I was still in the United States with my wife and my dogs. We have a ranch in northern California. And I realized that this government, German government, will not give us any answers to any of our questions.
The three most important questions are, of course: How dangerous is the virus?  How much damage do these anti-corona measures do — both healthwise and as far as the economy is concerned?  And, how reliable is the PCR test?
The third question is the most important one because everything — all the anti-corona measures, the lockdowns, the mask mandates — everything is based on the Droesten PCR test.
So we started out asking these questions and didn’t get any answers. And that’s when we decided on July 10th of last year that we will set up this Berlin Corona Investigative Committee. And ever since then we interviewed, I think, over a hundred experts, internationally-reknowned experts from all over the world — including, for example, Dr. Mike Yeadon, the former vice president of Pfizer. But many others…”


08:16 — Stéphane Blais asks about what conclusions the committee has come to thus far.

“…The first question ‘how dangerous is this virus’ is very easily answered in the meantime because even the WHO, in accordance with the findings of one of the most quoted scientists in the world, Professor John Ioannidis of Stanford University, they have come to the conclusion that this virus is no more dangerous than the common flu, with an infection fatality rate of .14% — I think that’s what the WHO says. Or, this is very recent from John Ioannidis, .15%.
Now, of course, once you get to this point, once you get to this answer, the first question is: “What is this all about?”. I mean, if this is a virus, just like the common flu, what’s happening here? Is this really about health or is there something else going on? And the something else is really important because the second question was ‘how dangerous or how much damage do the anti-corona measures do?’.
And it’s so obvious that this is, as one German cleric pointed out on television, this is like World War III, except there’s no open fighting going on. Yet…”


10:57 — Stéphane Blais asks if the committee has identified any of the people who are at the heart of this crisis.

“We had a chance to interview a few people who used to work for the WHO. And they told us that the whole crisis started here in Germany.
We have a person by the name of Professor Dr. Christian Drosten. He works at Charite University Hospital in Berlin. He was instrumental during the swine flu, which was 12 years ago. Same thing, same story, same actors. Turns out after a year, that was a mild flu.
But 12 years ago the WHO changed their definition of what a pandemic is. Before that it used to be a disease that spreads worldwide (element #1). Element #2 — causing many serious illnesses. And element #3 — causing many, many deaths.
Then they changed that definition and cut out the two later elements and all of a sudden you can start a pandemic only when you have a disease that spreads worldwide. So basically, any common flu can be made into a pandemic. And that’s what they did with the swine flu in 2009 and [20]10 — which eventually turned out to be a mild flu…
The only reason why it was possible to stop matters from getting any worse — I mean, they got bad enough because even then they started to push vaccines as the only solution to that pandemic.
But the only person who kind of stepped in and blew their cover is our friend Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg who was then in a position of power because he was both a member of the German parliament and a member of the Council of Europe.
And he was able to expose this hoax, which it really was. But he was not able to keep the vaccines from getting bought by many of the member countries of the WHO…
The contractual contents are still undisclosed. It’s being kept secret. So a lot of money was being wasted on vaccines then. And many people — and they used these vaccines on many people, not so much in Germany but in other countries.
And the result is that you have, I think 1,300 children — I mean they’re not children any more but back then they were children, mostly from Scandinavia — who are permanently disabled because they suffer from narcolepsy.
So that’s the guy who started this whole thing. This time again — Drosten.
The other person who was involved is the president of the German RKI, Robert Koch Institut, which is the equivalent of the American CDC.
His name is Lothar Wieler. He’s a veterinarian. Strange choice for the head of the RKI.
And then there’s Mr. Tedros who runs the WHO.
But there’s lots of other players who we managed to identify — most of them politicians who are in very, very close cooperation with these guys.
The thing is, we — by accident we found a video of, I think it was May 2019. It was called “Global Health Summit”. And it was a video on a congress that was being held by the German CDU, which is the Christian Democratic Union, which is leading party in this grand coalition which rules our country currently. And the very bizarre thing is that, at this conference there are not just the functionaries, the leaders of that party (of the CDU) but there was also Drosten, there was Wieler, there was Tedros, and the two chief lobbyists of the world’s most important health foundations — The Welcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were also there.
The same people who, a little less than a year later, started the pandemic. The same people who are now the chief advisors of our government.”


16:10 — Stéphane Blais  inquires about what is being done legally and whether international lawyers are cooperating with these efforts.

“There are a lot of lawyers out there who are working on this problem but they have not been connected. And that’s what I try to do. I try to put everyone on the same page so that we would all agree that it’s important to attack the very foundation of this pandemic…”
So the best way to do — to tackle this problem, whatever it is, “virus” — is to let it ride its course. Just like with the common flu. Some of the states in the United States, including Texas and Florida, have opened up again. And what do you see? Nothing! Everything is cool.
So we have decided, rather than getting lost in discussions about whether or not lockdowns make sense or mask mandates make sense — they don’t, we know that…
Rather than getting lost, in my opinion, rather fruitless discussions, we need to attack at the very foundation. And that’s the PCR test.
And again, we need to talk about Mr. Drosten — who is a very strange person.
He calls himself a professor and doctor of virology. We know that he has never written a — what is called a habilitation thesis — which you usually do in order to become a professor of something.
And it turns out that two scientists who tried to find out who this person really is had to realize that his doctorate is probably a fake doctorate.
Supposedly he wrote his doctoral dissertation in 2002 or [200]3. But it was never listed with the national archives. It appeared there for the very first time in June of last year. And that’s when, for the very first time, his doctoral dissertation all of a sudden showed up.
And as his alma mater, which is Frankfurt University, says — well, we didn’t have a copy of it but we were so grateful for him to provide us with a copy.
So this is so bizarre. We think this guy’s a fake. Complete fake.
But what he did is, he’s probably the main — the poster boy for all of this. He is the — here in Germany and because of the WHO’s recommending his PCR test all over the world, he is at the core of this.
So if we manage to prove in a court of law that his two statement — that there’s asymptomatic infections and that the PCR test can tell you about who is infected — if we manage to prove in a court of law that this is false, that these are false statements, we can prove that he made them knowing he was making false statements.
If we manage to show in a court of law — and we just did that in the first case that was decided on April the 8th in a family law court — if we manage to prove this, the whole house of cards is going to collapse.
Because what do you need the notion, the idea, of asymptomatic infections for? Well, up until corona, everyone who didn’t have any symptoms was healthy. Right?
Now you needed to get people to panic all over the world in order to direct their attention towards corona — so they wouldn’t know that the real goal of this whole “plandemic”, as we now call it, is the destruction of the middle class. Not just of the German middle class, but of the world’s middle class.
And in order to create panic you have to make everyone afraid of everyone.
And that’s why he came up with the idea that there are asymptomatic infections. The rest of the world refers to him when they talk about asymptomatic infections.
Fauci, for example, was talking about “the German scientist” when he was explaining about asymptomatic infections. And he meant, of course, his German counterpart Drosten.
And, turns out, there is no such thing as asymptomatic infections. A very recent study conducted in Wuhan China involving, I think, 10 million people came up with the result that there’s no such thing as asymptomatic infections.
And in the meantime, even Fauci and others agreed that if there were asymptomatic infections they would not play any role at all in this entire infectious disease theater.
So — but you needed this notion, this idea, to make everybody afraid of everyone.
Plus you needed this as a foundation for mass testing.
Because why would you test healthy people? You would only test people are healthy — who look healthy, without symptoms — if you believe they are potentially dangerous. That’s what asymptomatic infections are there for…
He knows that this is a false statement because when… he and a couple of other people wrote a preprint in — I think this was February of 2020. And it came to the attention of another scientist by the name of Kai Kupferschmidt.
In this preprint he claims that there is asymptomatic infection and he points as an example — he points to a woman from Wuhan who traveled to Germany (to Frankfurt, Germany) and then on to Bavaria and infected a lot of people. Then he says she didn’t have any symptoms.
Now this scientist by the name of Kai Kupferschmidt says ‘No, no, no, you’re wrong.’ She did have symptoms. She probably got infected because her parents had “covid” and she was taking anti-flu medication. You don’t take anti-flu medication because it tastes so great. You take it because you want to fight the symptoms of something. So she did have symptoms.
Nevertheless, he knew this — Drosten knew this — and he still published his paper.
But still, precisely at that time, he was working on this PCR test. And he published his Drosten protocol, which was then recommended by the WHO and onto the rest of the world as the gold standard for detecting infections.
On March 23rd of — I think it was March 23rd of 2020 — and in this paper he claims that his test can detect infections.
Now, he knew that this is wrong because six years earlier he had given an interview to a German business magazine. This was in the context of the MERS virus which is another strain of the coronavirus. And back then that his PCR test, or any PCR test for that matter, is not reliable because people (in this case he was referring to a nurse) — people who test positive may very well be perfectly health because their immune system is taking care of whatever virus may have attached to them.
Second false statement is the one about PCR tests. In his Drosten PCR test protocol — again, it’s something that he published with a bunch of others. But he’s the guy who is at the forefront of this.
He claims that he invented in early 2020, probably around New Year’s Eve, when — keep in mind that he and all the others were telling the world ‘ah, this is nothing problematic…this is just like a mild, mild flu.’
The inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, who got a Nobel Prize for it — a very smart, very witty person who unfortunately died in August or September of 2019 — he kept telling the world over and over again: This PCR test is a great tool in order to make things visible that the human eye otherwise can’t see. But it cannot tell you about whether or not somebody is sick or infected. It cannot…
But those who are behind this, those who are profiting from this scheme — the pharmaceutical and the tech industry and the financial industry — they’re making lots of money with all these so-called infected people through the tests and now through the so-called vaccines which, as we know, are not really vaccines.


28:49 — Attorney Dominic Desjarlais joins the conversation to ask legal questions. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich shares about recent court decisions, the progress of current lawsuits and what is coming next.

…And this is probably the most important aspect of this. Since the facts of these cases — the fact that lockdowns destroyed the economy and caused huge damages for business owners. They’re the same all over the world. Because all of the lockdowns are based on the Drosten test. All of them.
We know this because the two women who I mentioned earlier, who used to work for the WHO, explained to us in detail — and I’m including this in my new complaint — that the only basis for the anti-corona measures, for the pandemic in fact, was the Drosten PCR test…
And we have to keep in mind that, according to what we’ve learned in the meantime through the interviews that we conducted at the Corona Investigative Committee, we have come to the conclusion that this is a planned pandemic. It was never about health. But, according to what we learned, this has always been about shifting the remaining assets of the world’s taxpayers to these huge corporations…


Ultimately, if we have enough of such decisions, the ones that I just mentioned — by the Portuguese court, by the Vienna court, now by the German court — it’ll be enough to take those who are behind this — to hold them responsible in the courts of law.
Because ultimately it’s not going to be possible to recover all the damages for all the damage that was caused by Drosten — who is probably just a marionette for those who are pulling the strings, for those who are profiting off of this. It’s not going to be possible to recover all the damages from these individual people.
Rather, we’re going to have to get to those who are behind this — to really what the Americans call the deep pockets. And those are the large corporations who are currently making billions, billions, billions of dollars. And who have, apparently, no empathy whatsoever because they can see that people are dying, that people are killing themselves because they are frightened, because they’re panicking.
So ultimately, what we’re going to have to do is file — and our friend and colleague Michael Swinwood has done so, as he explained to me — file in the Anglo-American legal system class actions or — this is another alternative — we may have to come up with a separate international court of law simply for the purpose of dealing both with the criminal and the civil law side of this — well, of these crimes against humanity…
I think it’s probably not enough for us lawyers to file lawsuits. We have to continue, all of us, we have to continue with our work of making what is going on as transparent as possible — to educate the people about what’s happening…
What they’re trying to do is — not just keep us in panic mode, because that’s the only way they can keep us under control, because as you know we are many, many more than the other side. Plus we probably have the smarter people. We have the people who — as one of the professor’s of psychology explained to us — who have moral competence.
Moral competence means that you’re capable of asking questions rather than just blindly following orders and that you’re capable of discussing other opinions rather than just shooting the other person simply because he has a different opinion from your own…
We have to keep our hand extended, so that if one or two or three or even hundreds of people want to take our hand, they want to talk to us, we are able to explain what’s really going on.
It’s a very serious point in time — very dangerous — but we are making progress..



We have learned from a whistleblower that this whole scheme, this whole Great Reset or whatever you want to call it, was originally scheduled to happen much later. Then they pulled it forward in time from 2050 or so to 2030, and then they got, as this whistleblower explained to us, even greedier and pulled it forward to 2020. And that’s a little too soon. Because not everything was in place that they needed. And that’s our biggest chance…
I think people have begun to understand — people who are on our side — have begun to understand that we play a pivotal role in this whole plandemic.
If we manage to stay on our feet, if we manage to not allow them to bring us to our knees — and we definitely will — then the rest of the world will know it is possible to fight this thing…
We will win this together — all of us.


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