Attorney John Jay Singleton: COVID-19 Is a Business Franchise, Not a Virus | Effective Legal Actions & Documents to Use Against Mandates

HOW TO SUE SPROUTS OR OTHER BUSINESS — Peggy Hall with John Jay Singleton

by Peggy Hall, The Healthy American
September 5, 2020

[TCTL Editor’s Note: This powerful video shares about  how to effectively challenge masks, temperature checks, nursing home issues and more. Attorney John Jay Singleton and Peggy Hall team up to share empowering information and effective strategies against mandates that violate existing law and our natural rights.]

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Tired of being hassled by stores for not wearing a mask? You’re about to learn the legal remedies!

This video comes from a recent “live” interview on FB, so you’er hopping on here with a slightly shortened edited version. “Class is in session!” Grab a notebook and be ready to listen to this important broadcast two or three times to understand LEGAL REMEDIES that do not require a lawyer!

My special guest John Jay Singleton of shows us EXACTLY how to file a legal notice to any establishment that is violating the law (we use Sprouts as an example).

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