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Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell
James Corbett | 24 June

by James Corbett June 23, 2018     TRANSCRIPT WERNER BAUMANN: Hello. Today I’m happy to announce that this Thursday

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How to Fake Your Own Death
James Corbett | 24 June

Source:  corbettreport on Steemit by James Corbett June 23, 2018   The Gaddafi Viagra rapes. The Las Vegas shooting. The Skripal “poisoning.”

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I Ran a Yanny/Laurel Experiment and You Won’t Believe the Results!
James Corbett | 15 June

Source:  corbettreport Published on Jun 15, 2018   So I found a bunch of Yanny/Laurel-type audio illusions on the online dictionary.

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Bilderberg 2018, Creating Outside the System of Control, & CIA Card Game for Training Agents
James Corbett | 7 June

  by James Corbett June 7, 2018 Source Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from

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Don’t Be An Idiot! Get Rid of Alexa!
James Corbett | 28 May

Source:  corbettreport Published on May 27, 2018     Who would have ever guessed that the creepy spy gadget that’s listening

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The TSA is a Milgram Experiment
James Corbett | 26 May

Source: by James Corbett May 26, 2018   Everybody’s least favorite homeland security goon squad, the Transportation Security Agency (TSA),

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The Perfect Matrix
James Corbett | 19 May

Source: The Corbett Report by James Corbett May 19, 2018   In the beginning was The Program. The Programmer made

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Spontaneous Order & Shared Space
James Corbett | 21 April

by James Corbett April 4, 2018 Source   Is it possible to imagine any way of dealing with these types

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‘All Your Data Are Belong to Them’
James Corbett | 15 April

Source:  The Corbett Report by James Corbett April 14, 2018   It’s shocking, shocking, I tell you! Apparently, and I’m

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Truth at Last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King
James Corbett | 4 April

Source:  corbettreport Published on Apr 4, 2018   TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: On April 4, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King

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5 Privacies You Didn’t Know You Lost
James Corbett | 23 March

by James Corbett March 23, 2018 Source     We all know that privacy is a thing of the past,

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Court Rules in Favor of Case Against Fluoride – Fluoridation Could Be BANNED!
James Corbett | 21 March

Source: Corbett Report Extras Published on Mar 21, 2018     SHOW NOTES AND MP3: Today we talk to

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The Russian Poison Story is WMD 2.0
James Corbett | 17 March

Source:  The Corbett Report   by James Corbett May 17, 2018   So you know the poisoning of Sergei Skripal?

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Is This Japan?: How Media Frames Perception
James Corbett | 14 March

Source: corbettreport Published on Mar 14, 2018   The eye of the camera is determining what you see and what

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The Ripple Effect on ETs, UFOs, a Variety of Conspiracies & Other Unknowns
James Corbett | 6 March

The Corbett Report March 5, 2018   The Ripple Effect Podcast # 153 (James Corbett & Vinnie Caggiano | ETs,

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The Weaponization of Social Media
James Corbett | 3 March

by James Corbett March 2, 2018 Source     Now openly admitted, governments and militaries around the world employ armies

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Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes
James Corbett | 1 March

Source:  The Corbett Report     We all know that the “Deep Fakes” application that’s going viral on the internet

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YouTube Is Now ThemTube: Time to Flee the Failed Platform
James Corbett | 27 February

Source:  corbettreport Published on Feb 26, 2018     Hey, did I mention that YouTube is involved in all-out warfare

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How to Engineer a Crisis
James Corbett | 12 January

Source: The Corbett Report January 13, 2018   Are you a dictator in need of public support for your latest

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Where We’re Going, We Don’t NEED Roads!
James Corbett | 10 January

Source:  Corbett Report Extras     Published on Jan 10, 2018   FULL INTERVIEW:   Why do we feel

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Facebook “Fake News” Flag Makes People MORE Likely to Click
James Corbett | 9 January

Source: The Corbett Report January 9, 2018     Fakebook has had to ditch its fake news flag after finding

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We Need to Talk about the Iran Protests
James Corbett | 5 January

Source: The Corbett Report January 6, 2018     TRANSCRIPT Late last month reports emerged of a secret deal reached

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Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve
James Corbett | 2 January

Source:  The Corbett Report Published on Jul 6, 2014 What is the Federal Reserve system? How did it

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The Information-Industrial Complex
James Corbett | 20 December

by  The Corbett Report December 18, 2017     When WWII ended and the American deep state welded the national

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Data is the New Oil
James Corbett | 25 November

Source:  The Corbett Report November 24, 2017   In this follow up to Why Big Oil Conquered the World, James

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How & Why Big Oil Conquered the World
James Corbett | 25 November

Source:  The Corbett Report October 6, 2017   Oil. The 19th century was transformed by it. The 20th century was shaped

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James Corbett on Learned Helplessness and Learned Optimism
James Corbett | 16 August

Source: The Corbett Report In this clip from the BFP Roundtable on “Why Are Americans So Apathetic?” James Corbett gives a

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Revisiting Psychopathy
James Corbett | 25 July

Source:  The Corbett Report Extras July 24, 2017 SHOW NOTES & MP3: Previously on The Corbett Report we examined the

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Stupid Conspiracy Theorists! Chemicals Aren’t Turning the Frogs GAY!!
James Corbett | 25 July

by  James Corbett July 25, 2017     Ugh. How can people believe such stupid things? Chemicals aren’t turning the

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Our Leaders are Psychopaths
James Corbett | 17 July

Our Leaders are Psychopaths by James Corbett,  Corbett Report Extras     Published on Jul 17, 2017 SHOW NOTES AND

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