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An Infinite Number of New Beginnings
Jeff Foster | 19 October

Source: _Life Without a Centre by Jeff Foster   In your attempt to be an ‘adult’, you lose touch with

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How to Love
Jeff Foster | 15 October

Source: _Life Without a Centre by Jeff Foster   When a loved one is in physical or emotional pain, when

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Be Like the Sky
Jeff Foster | 9 September

by Jeff Foster   Be like the Sky. Let rain, snow, the most ferocious storm, pass through, moment by moment.

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Tell Your Fucking Truth
Jeff Foster | 12 June

Tell Your Fucking Truth by Jeff Foster  Video by Snordster Published on Jun 12, 2018   I have seen

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Awakening from Awakening
Jeff Foster | 30 May

Source:  Life Without a Center   by Jeff Foster   This is a true story. Once, at a conference, I

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Coming Home… Room for Sadness
Jeff Foster | 14 March

Snordster Published on Sep 26, 2017   ROOM FOR SADNESS by Jeff Foster from Book of Faces August 3, 2015

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Dirty Love
Jeff Foster | 14 March

Source:  _Life Without a Centre by Jeff Foster    Waking up doesn’t mean simply believing that you are ‘no-one’ and

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