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Giant Footprint in South Africa & Ancient Gold Mines
Michael Tellinger | 3 August

Giant Footprint – South Africa – Ancient gold mines – HIDDEN ORIGINS – Michael Tellinger by Michael Tellinger August 2,

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Michael Tellinger: Trump Takes Control of the FED & Leads the Way for Leaders of Other Countries to Follow
Michael Tellinger | 9 May

Trump Takes Control of the FED – Leads the way for other leaders to follow – Michael Tellinger by Michael

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Michael Tellinger: Money Was Created to Enslave Humanity
Michael Tellinger | 26 March

Michael Tellinger: Money Was Created to Enslave Humanity by Michael Tellinger March 26, 2020      About Money: The

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200,000 Year Old Ruins of South Africa Contain the Remains of Tesla-like Technology
Michael Tellinger | 21 November

Source: Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries Published on Nov 20, 2018     Michael Tellinger continues to build a connection from

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Giants in History
Michael Tellinger | 12 October

Source: Michael Tellinger   Image Credit The discovery of the fossils of giants among the stone circles of South Africa

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Fossil of Humanoid Child Discovered (Update Added – Not Humanoid)
Michael Tellinger | 9 August

  Source:  Excerpt from newsletter by Michael Tellinger During day 3 of the Stone Circle Research Expedition with me Michael

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Vanished Civilizations of Southern Africa, Fossils of Giants Beings & Our Rise in Consciousness
Michael Tellinger | 30 July

Source:  Earth Ancients Published on Jun 15, 2018   “…We are reactivating those genetic parts of our DNA to rise into

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ONE SMALL TOWN Update from Mayor Ron Higgins
Michael Tellinger | 24 February

UBUNTU February 23, 2018   Mayor Higgins gives an inspiring outline of his implementation of the UBUNTU ONE SMALL TOWN

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History of Money. Is Bitcoin a Trap? Is History Wrong on Human Origins?
Michael Tellinger | 23 February

Veritas Radio Published on Feb 22, 2018 This portion is being provided as a courtesy from Veritas Radio.   To

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200,000-Year-Old Levitation Technology
Michael Tellinger | 30 December

Source: Michael Tellinger Published on Dec 22, 2017   Michael Tellinger shares a new video from his 2017 HIDDEN ORIGINS

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UBUNTU: Mayor Ron Higgins Makes History in North Frontenac
Michael Tellinger | 4 November

Source:  UBUNTU   [For background on UBUNTU, research the work of Michael Tellinger and visit the UBUNTU website, perhaps beginning with

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