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Richard Dolan w/ James Fox: New UFO Documentary “The Phenomenon”
Richard Dolan | 10 October

Richard Dolan w/ James Fox: New UFO Documentary by Richard Dolan October 09, 2020   After much anticipation, filmmaker James

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Richard Dolan w/ Michael Schratt: UFOs — Ours or Theirs?
Richard Dolan | 2 August

Richard Dolan w/ Michael Schratt: UFOs — Ours or Theirs? by Richard Dolan August 1, 2020   Richard and Michael

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Richard Dolan: The Pentagon’s Latest UFO Admission
Richard Dolan | 3 May

The Pentagon’s Latest UFO Admission | Richard Dolan Livestream by Richard Dolan May 2, 2020   The Pentagon recently officially

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Slenderman and Other Odd Manifestations: Nick Redfern on Ways We May Be Creating Our Own Reality
Richard Dolan | 24 April

Slenderman | Richard Dolan Short Clips w/Nick Redfern by Richard Dolan April 24, 2020   Excerpt from video clip: Nick

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Richard Dolan: Hidden Technology & UFOs, Disinformation & the Inevitability of Disclosure
Richard Dolan | 23 March

Richard Dolan Fearlessly Tackles the Recent UFO Disclosure Events by Zohar StarGate TV Richard Dolan regarding Disclosure, on the matter

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Richard Dolan with Aviation Expert Jim Goodall on Advanced ‘UFO’ Technology on Earth Today
Richard Dolan | 12 November

Bad Ass Interview with Jim Goodall. The Richard Dolan Show by Richard Dolan November 9, 2019   Jim Goodall: “…it

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Witness of Another World: Interview with Filmmaker Alan Stivelman
Richard Dolan | 22 October

by Richard Dolan October 14, 2019 Source   In 1978, a young Argentinian gaucho, Juan Perez, had an extraordinary encounter

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‘Third Eye Spies’ Documentary Introduction Plus Conversation on Awareness, Remote Viewing, ESP, & More
Richard Dolan | 18 February

Source:  Richard Dolan February 17, 2019   Exclusive 11 minutes from the new documentary Third Eye Spies, the best-ever treatment

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Unusual Candor about UFOs from Portuguese Military
Richard Dolan | 29 January

Discussion includes mysterious “angel hair” from sky containing organisms and microscopic beings, along with many intriguing UFO experiences.   Source:

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The Scientific Case for Sasquatch: Richard Dolan & Jeffrey Meldrum Ph.D.
Richard Dolan | 15 January

Source:  Richard Dolan Published on Jan 14, 2019   Richard Dolan – The Scientific Case for Sasquatch. Jeffrey Meldrum Ph.D.(Jan

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Catherine Austin Fitts: Globalizing Thievery
Richard Dolan | 12 November

Source:  Richard Dolan Published on Nov 8, 2018     Recorded November 7, 2018, Richard Dolan interviews Catherine Austin Fitts.

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Richard Dolan: UFO Invasion of 1952, UFOs the Big Picture
Richard Dolan | 30 September

Source: Richard Dolan   Richard Dolan on the 1952 UFO Invasion Find out more about the UFO invasion of 1952 in

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Richard Dolan & Joseph P. Farrell: UFOs, Nazis, Missing Money, 9/11, Antarctica and More
Richard Dolan | 3 September

by  Richard Dolan Aug 25, 2018   Richard Dolan and Joseph P. Farrell discussing an array of subjects that all

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