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by Joseph P. Farrell
April 15, 2020


When all this corona circus side show got started with the Propatainment Ministry’s daily dose of Dr. Anthony Fauci (rhymes with grouchy), one of my analyses of the whole plandemic was not only was this the cover under which Mr. Globaloney would cut and run, and stage a “reset” of the financial system, but that one of its intended targets was China. Don’t get me wrong, by qualifying it as a circus sideshow, I don’t mean to deny that the virus nor the threat it poses to those suffering with it, nor the deaths from it, are not real. They are. But like many, I question the parameters by which those numbers are being established. We’ve seen report after report of deaths being chalked up to corona virus that may not be the case due to complicating factors. And like many, I suspect that this is an indicator that some cases may indeed be recorded as corona virus that have nothing to do with it. Already we’ve seen mention of 5G in this regard, to the extent that some platforms are censoring any coupling of the two, a sure sign that there may be something to the hypothesis.

But returning to the subject of China, I offered in blogs on this site, and in interviews (most notably with Dark Journalist and Catherine Austin Fitts), that there was no doubt in my mind that accompanying whatever financial reset Mr. Globaloney had purposed upon, that undermining China’s Silk Road Project, and perhaps even a regime change operation designed to overthrow “President-for-life” Xi Jinping, was a possibility.

Now that possibility seems to be becoming a reality.

Let’s start with a small story shared by L.G.L.R.:

Fire Breaks out on Chinese Amphibious Assault Ship

As the article notes:

As such, the fire couldn’t have come at a worse time and it could end up being an embarrassing setback for one of the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s banner shipbuilding programs, but just how big of a setback is still yet to be seen.

It’s a small thing, to be sure, but in the context of growing world disenchantment with China and the Chinese Communist Party, it’s not only a setback, but perhaps a “message.”

But there’s a far more serious problem looming. Already America and Japan have made their intentions clear to reshore industry from China, and rest assured, other countries won’t be far behind. One reason might be India’s recent move to take China to international court over the corona virus, according to this story that many of you shared:


And it’s not just India; the Trump administration is considering similar actions amid a growing global mood that wants to see China pay for the whole Fauci crisis:

Trump administration weighs legal action over alleged Chinese hoarding of PPE

This comes at a time when there are rumblings both from within and outside of China that Mr. Xi is facing potential challenges to his leadership within the Communist Party from those associated with the late and former premier Dung-Zhao-Ping (emphasis on the dung), the leader who took over from Mao-Tse-Dung (no relationship, except for having dung in common). While I’ve not been able, as of this moment, to confirm or deny those rumblings, it is interesting that they’re already beginning to make the rounds on Twitter and other platforms, so time will tell.

The bottom line here is that if this plandemic was of Chinese origin – and I have my profound doubts – then the backlash against China, as already evidenced, will be severe, and Mr. Xi will be held accountable for it. If it was not of Chinese making – and that is my favored view – then Xi’s heavy-handedness in dealing with it both domestically and internationally will also inevitably rebound against him.

And the Fauci (rhymes with grouchy) crisis itself? Well, the good “doctor” has already come out against chloroquine as a treatment, and now is known to have connections to Mr. Keep-Everyone-in-lockdown-until-there’s-a-vaccine-Gates, both of whom stand to make a lot of money while ruining the economy if they get there way.

So herewith a message to Dr. Fauci and Mr. Gates and the whole technocratic community: I refuse to take your vaccines, especially your vaccines. I will not be marked, tattooed, scared, or sick for life because of the goop in them, nor your power-crazy agendas. Period. And if you think that’s an overreaction, just ask India about Mr. Gates’ vaccine programs…

And a message to Mr. Trump: it’s time to end this farce, and start investigations of Mr. Gates, Dr. Fauci, and this whole mess of propatainment media-driven hysteria. Otherwise, you’re just their acolyte.

See you on the flip side…