Bioweapon BS — The Lab Leak Narrative & Virology’s Ongoing, Cruel, Pointless Torture & Massacre of Animals

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Bioweapon BS — The Lab Leak Narrative & Virology’s Ongoing, Cruel, Pointless Torture & Massacre of Animals


“This cannot be called a contagious entity. It had to be pumped directly into their lungs and was never demonstrated to pass between animals. Furthermore, there was no control experiment where comparable monkeys were knocked out and assaulted by a similar nebulized biological brew, forced into their lungs for 10 minutes, as well as being bled multiple times, being surgically implanted with recording devices, and being confined in isolation chambers.
In other words, it wasn’t a scientific experiment. It was another of virology’s pointless animal massacres.
Those who promote the bioweapon and lab leak narrative are falling for the headlines and parroting the claims of the virologists on face value. They might also want to pause and think why these stories are promoted by the mainstream media.”


“Additionally, as I mentioned earlier, this bioweapon and biosecurity scam is a multi-billion dollar business. So, knowingly or not, those involved will act in a way to keep the gravy train going.”


“The bioweapon narrative relies on one thing. And that is getting the public to keep believing in both germ theory and the existence of viruses. 
Sure, there have been many attempts to make bioweapons. But there is no evidence of any contagious product that can pass from human to human.
All they have are toxic products that can be injected into people or otherwise used to poison them through mechanisms that are not ‘infections’.”

~ Dr. Sam Bailey


Bioweapon BS

by Drs. Samantha & Mark Bailey
October 1, 2022


Many people can see that there are problems with the “virus” model and the concept of contagion in general. However, the notion of “bioweapons” instills a sense of fear in the population. Along with the mainstream media, various members of the health freedom community are promoting “engineered pathogens” and “lab leaks.”

In this video, we take a look at the scientific evidence at the heart of these so-called “bioweapons” claims. Watch as we dismantle the most scary “virus” of them all – Ebola. 

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