‘Born Outside the Box’ Changes Its Name. Welcome to ‘Truth Comes to Light’.

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Kathleen Stilwell, Editor
October 20, 2019


Over the next week or so, Born Outside the Box website will be transitioning to using the name Truth Comes to Light. The logo will remain essentially the same and the bornoutsidethebox.com link will continue to lead to this website for now, along with the new link truthcomestolight.com.

Born Outside the Box was originally created years ago, when my son (now 30) was young, as a place to share about raising outside-the-box children (and they ALL are born outside the box). I shared our experiences in vaccine-free health and wild adventures in alternative education, creative exploration and inspiration that led us continually to do things differently — in spite of incredible difficulty both emotionally and financially.

Born Outside the Box has had several incarnations over the years as it was hacked several times, gathered dust during times that I neglected it, and then WordPress unexpectedly took it down completely in August 2018 during the WordPress.com purge of alternative writers.

In the meantime, this blog morphed into covering a broader range of things and, for a few years now, has seemed to be calling for a new name.

I will be holding the name Born Outside the Box to eventually recreate a site focused on children — including health, alternative education choices, spiritual intelligence, psychology, and encouragement for parents — because, yes, I know how hard and lonely it can be when you step away from the crowd for the sake of your child and the sake of the reality we are co-creating here.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing this journey with me.

With love,


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