Cape Cod, Massachusetts Against Medical Mandates: Join Protest Saturday April 24, 2021

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Cape Cod, Massachusetts Against Medical Mandates: Join Protest Saturday April 24, 2021


Protest call by End Massachusetts Medical Mandates



Cape Cod Against Medical Mandates, Protest Call


WHEN: Saturday April 24, 2021, 12 to 2 PM (rain or shine)

WHERE: Hyannis, Massachusetts, airport rotary, intersection of Route 28 and Route 132 near Barnstable Municipal Airport.

Cape Cod Against Medical Mandates is supported by people who believe the emergency pandemic orders of the past year had a great deal more to do with social control, wealth transfer, and increasing state power than with public health. Indeed, public health overall has only been damaged by quarantines, lockdowns, the loss of businesses and livelihoods, restrictions on travel, and the effects of fear and isolation. This damage appears to have been purposeful.

We are also supported by people who had hard experience with the dishonesty of the medical establishment before coronavirus ever came on the scene. Some are parents of children injured by vaccines labelled “safe and effective” which instead created chronic and life-threatening illnesses in their formerly healthy children. The pharmaceutical industry, the medical establishment, and governments which promote and mandate vaccines have not taken responsibility for the damage caused by vaccines in the past, and there is no reason to believe that they will start now. Indeed, almost all dissenting points of view on vaccines are being actively censored by the established powers. It is up to us take responsibility for our health ourselves.

The Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson products being promoted in the US as the cure for coronavirus are not vaccines. They are an experimental gene-altering nano-particle injection for which human safety trials have not been completed. Because the long term safety of the injections has not been proven, they are only allowed under emergency use. According to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, between December 14, 2020 and April 1, 2021 a total of 56,869 adverse events were reported. This includes 2,342 deaths and 7,971 serious injuries. Because the medical establishment does not recognize harm caused by vaccines, only a small percentage of adverse events are ever reported ― the true numbers are likely much higher. The CDC has failed to follow up on adverse event reports to determine cause and effect. One can only assume this is because they don’t want to know.

There is no reason to take the risks involved with this injection when the survival rate for whatever it is that is being called covid (e.g., the flu) is 99.95% for people under 70. The genetic changes this injection causes cannot be reversed. We are human beings. We do not want to be genetically modified. We have been lied to about the virus being isolated, we have been lied to about case numbers, we have been lied to about deaths; now we are being lied to about “vaccines.” This is criminal behavior on a massive scale.

This call is for a peaceful, non-partisan protest following up on our demonstrations in December and March. Bring large-letter signs or banners with your message (no signs for political candidates please). Our emphasis is on the restoration of constitutional and human rights that have been violated in the past year in the name of a non-existent “pandemic.”

We have the following demands:

No to mandatory “vaccines.”

End “the new normal”

We stand for . . .
  • our right to refuse medical interventions,: no to the Governor’s mask mandate and any future vaccine mandate
  • our right to breathe and be visible to one another: universal masking is about behavioral conditioning, not health; it robs us of oxygen and of our humanity
  • our right to assemble: no to “social distancing” and the idea that government can dictate how many people can gather in one place, when they can gather, and how far apart they have to be
  • the right to bodily autonomy: no one should be forced to take a vaccine or wear a mask, be swabbed, temperature-checked, or otherwise scanned
  • the right to complete informed consent, the foundation of medical ethics: no substance should be injected into anyone’s body without their full understanding of all possible harmful effects
  • parental rights: the state has no right to bypass a parent’s authority on whether a child should be given any pharmaceutical product
  • the right to education: education at public schools and colleges should not be used as leverage to enforce government medical decrees
  • the right to make a living: let small businesses, trades, shops, performance venues, sports venues and restaurants serve all patrons without restrictions reopen the economy
  • the right to freedom of religion: places of worship must be allowed to host all of their members without restriction
  • the right to freedom of movement: no “shelter in place”, no curfews, no checkpoints, end Massachusetts’ current restrictions on travel to any US state except Hawaii
  • the right to privacy: no to digital IDs, no to biometric surveillance, no to sharing of private medical information with third parties, no to government and commercial medical databasing
  • the right to freedom of association: no to contact tracing
  • the right to due process: end government by never-ending emergency orders bypassing democratic process. There is no emergency. There never was.
  • the right to freedoms of speech and press: end media censorship and cancellation of people with legitimate questions about the covid narrative
  • the right to equal protection of our civil and Constitutional rights: refusal of service by airlines or other transport companies, public venues, ticket vendors, grocery stores or any other business on the basis of arbitrary “vaccine passports” is a form of discrimination which we should be protected from under the law. Loss of this right amounts to coercion through medical tyranny and will lay the groundwork for a “social credit score” system in which all citizens no longer have equal rights.

End Medical Mandates:


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