Caring Strangers Join Two Elephants on a 10-Hour Walk to Sanctuary

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Source:  elephantnews
Published on May 25, 2019



This is the rescue journey of Somboon, who is 18 months pregnant, and the old lady, Sri Nuan.

They began this walk at four pm, since both of them had not been on a truck for more than twenty years. Somboon would not have welcomed the stress of loading and transport. And the old girl had a blockage for many days, so walking combined with fluid therapy was the best decision for her.

When the journey started, the mahout put a drag chain on their leg for safety, as there was so much unfamiliar to them, walking along different paths and roadways toward their new home. After walking for awhile, the elephants became more calm and I asked the mahout to take the chain off.

All along this journey, we were pleasantly surprised to see the local people interested in our venture. Many side road shops brought food and drinks, donating to our team, as well as fruit for the elephants.

It was a long journey but we were happy to bring two more lovely Giants to freedom. Somboon’s baby can be born free in the sanctuary. Sri Nuan is now retired from her hard labor.

Thanks to every one who walked with us, from early evening until the dawn of a new day.

Special thanks to Susan Field who helped us prepare and who journeyed the whole way with us, and also accommodated our team in her beautiful home.

A new life begins for these two girls at Samui Elephant Haven. It should be the better life of all working elephants. And one day this will be so, as law, education and ethics join hands.

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