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Efforts to Protect Us from 5G Cell Tower Radiation
Catherine J. Frompovich | 18 September

Source:  Natural Blaze Efforts To Protect Us From Unproven 5G Cell Towers Radiation Health Effects by Catherine J. Frompovich   Americans

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Preharvest Use of Glyphosate Poisons Children’s Food
Joseph Mercola | 4 September

Source:  Dr. Mercola   STORY AT-A-GLANCE Glyphosate-based herbicides like Roundup are the most heavily-used agricultural chemicals of all time, with

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US Government Exposed: For 30 Years, It Broke the Law on Vaccine Safety
Jon Rappoport | 16 July

Source:  No More Fake News by Jon Rappoport July 16, 2018   For 30 years, the US Department of Health

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RFK Jr: The CDC is a Vaccine Company
Joseph P. Farrell | 12 July

Source:  Giza Death Star by Joseph P. Farrell July 12, 2018   This story is so important that, when I

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Vaccines and Sudden Infant Death
Leonard Coldwell | 3 July

Source:  Dr. Leonard Coldwell   Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: The term strikes fear into new parents, and for good reason.

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Pharmaceutical and Medical Horrors
Mark Sircus | 29 June

Source: Dr. Sircus by Dr. Mark Sircus June 28, 2018   Leslie Kenton concludes, “It’s little wonder that people are confused

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Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell
James Corbett | 24 June

by James Corbett June 23, 2018     TRANSCRIPT WERNER BAUMANN: Hello. Today I’m happy to announce that this Thursday

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The Criminalization of Science Whistleblowers: A Mind-Blowing Interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD
Mike Adams | 8 June

Source: News Target by Mike Adams June 8, 2018 In one of the most shocking science videos you’ll see this

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Police Raid Scientists Who Discovered New Vaccine Dangers
Jon Rappoport | 7 June

Source:  No More Fake News by Jon Rappoport June 7, 2018   —Two scientists discover that vaccines are contaminated, in

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Beware the Blue Beam
Tony Pantalleresco | 30 May

Source:  HerbsPlusBeadWorks Published on May 29, 2018   Beware the Blue Beam!   Description: Discussion includes nanotechnology, the current C60 health

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The Big Vaccine-Autism Lie
Jon Rappoport | 20 May

Source:  No More Fake News by Jon Rappoport May 20, 2018   “How is a self-contained world built? Well, you

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Europe Under the Vaccination Gun: An Expanding Tragedy
Jon Rappoport | 8 May

Source:  No More Fake News by Jon Rappoport May 8, 2018   Storm clouds are gathering… First the solution—leave the

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World Renowned Scientists Have Their Lab Shut Down After Troublesome Vaccine Discovery
Arjun Walia | 22 April

Source: Collective Evolution by Arjun Walia April 17, 2018   In the 90’s, Dr. Antonietta Gatti discovered the relationship between

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No Truly Organic Anything at This Point
Dane Wigington | 7 April

by Dane Wigington April 7, 2018 Source   We are all swimming in a toxic sea of contamination from countless

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Australian Anti-Vaxxers Provide New Model for the World
Jon Rappoport | 4 March

Source:  No More Fake News by Jon Rappoport March 4, 2018   Out of the ashes of government tyranny comes

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