Catherine Austin Fitts w/ Dark Journalist: The Reset Regime Sees Humanity as a Resource to Be Harvested, to Merge with AI Robotics

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Catherine Austin Fitts w/ Dark Journalist: The Reset Regime Sees Humanity as a Resource to Be Harvested, to Merge with AI Robotics

by Daniel Liszt, Dark Journalist, w/ Catherine Austin Fitts, Solari Report
December 6, 2020


Brief Excerpts:

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt:

“Catherine Austin Fitts… outlines the dangers of the Reset Regime — as they move forward with a transhumanist agenda that sees humanity as a resource to be harvested and is seeking to merge with AI robotics. Catherine tells us the technocrat takeover is here and is using every emergency to prevent the public from waking up to their plans. And those plans call for full spectrum dominance. Are we already at war with a globalist syndicate that’s consolidating power on earth and in space?…”



Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt:

“Catherine, it seems like you’re spelling out their end game here. There’s a kind of shock and awe that we’re seeing that’s being deployed by the globalist syndicate. How do you see this all playing out?”


Catherine Austin Fitts:

“Right now we have two different visions. And one vision is a vision of life and living things where we are connecting and resonating electromagnetically with all life — with the birds, with the trees, with each other. Okay?
What they’re trying to implement is a system where there’s no…life is not allowed to resonate. You’ve got to social distance, you’ve got to wear a mask, your body has to be filled with little things that allow you to be a receiver, you’ve got to walk around with your surveillance device, and be mind controlled. And they’re trying to to break all life down into something that can resonate with their machine — and can be hooked up on the AI and software and it can teach the robots how to do all the human jobs. you know.
And basically they’re trying to take all the connections in life and put a toll booth between them and re-circuit the thing into their machine.
Now, if you look at the design of what they’re trying to do, it’s hard for most people because it’s… if you understand life, it’s so psychopathic it’s unbelievable. And you got to give them credit because the hubris is off the charts.
But that’s what it’s about…
Part of the issue of sovereignty is our…not just our physical body sovereign, our mind sovereign, but is our electromagnetic space sovereign. Right? Because a lot of the manipulation is working through this. They are trying to assert electromagnetic control of our body and our intelligence…”


Stopping The Technocrat Takeover & Reset Regime!

***Catherine points out that the number one problem in America today is Mind Control!

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Former Asst. HUD Secretary and Solari Report Publisher Catherine Austin Fitts to the show for a breakthrough Interview of the Globalist Agenda being rolled out through the World Economic Forum.

Catherine sees a totalitarian regime in charge of the “great reset” with the central controllers trying to keep humanity from discovering our personal power to stop them and make our own future.


  • Destroying Small Business
  • Transhumanism/Slavery
  • Mind Control/Entrainment
  • Missing Government Money
  • Black Budget
  • AI Robotics
  • Full Spectrum Dominance
  • Nano Tech Dangers

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