The ruling sent COVID doomsdayers into panic mode. Federal agencies are creatures of statute and are bound by law to operate within the law imposed by Congress. Agencies are not separate entities that may act as they wish.

Their authority is limited to what Congress grants them. So the CDC is governed by Congress – not by any President – and certainly not by career bureaucrats like Fauci. – Phillip Holloway, Esq

Up until COVID, it was illegal to wear a mask to conceal the face in public, with few exceptions. Under COVID, “the science” reversed the mask laws overnight, illegally. Few people questioned the authority of politicians practicing medicine without a license. Perhaps COVID is a lesson to understand that when “science” enters the political picture, its time to question authority. In other words, public health orders do not trump legal orders.

Science and Freedom Do Not Mix

Contrary to popular belief, the law is not based on the latest “science” because science and law are separate spheres of knowledge. Science cannot prove that something is true. Science tests theories, and explains what is observed under a specific set of conditions. Science is a tool. Like any tool, it is neither good or bad, but it can be used according to the will of the “scientist” who wields it. Science does not reveal truth.

Science cannot give you truth. All it can determine is internal self-consistency” based on data within the confines of time and distance. Everything else must be rejected. —William A. Tiller

Science does not usurp the law. Neither do mandates usurp the law. Mandates are public health policies, made by government agencies who use science and fear to manipulate behavior. Yet, federal agencies have NO authority under the law to tell people how to live when it comes to making health decisions.

For those who claim that science “raises awareness,” realize that awareness exercises do nothing to ensure freedom. Real freedom is preserved outside of science, lest people become slaves to a system that is set up to manipulate and engineer consent (as with mandates). Without true consent, there is only implied consent, the illusion of choice, based on the limited options you are provided. An illusion of choice brings an illusion of freedom.

The federal judge made clear that CDC and government officials violated the APA in issuing the mandate.

Despite the protestations by Fauci to the contrary, the CDC was created by a law, is governed by a law, and must act within the confines of that law. – Phil Holloway, Esq. Twitter

Live Exercise

The COVID exercise is a test of people’s ability to know truths from falsehoods. Did anyone investigate the legality of a mandate… or how it may differ from a man date? Did anyone question the blank package insert of the experimental injections? Did anyone know to separate the science from the law?

Early on, the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, disclosed, in the media, that COVID is a “live exercise.” Did anyone notice how the media then went back to its regularly scheduled programming; Tel-A-Vision?

Why did it take so long for the courts to intervene, especially when the CDC mask order was set to expire on May 3? Is this court opinion too little, too late? Many would argue the damage has already been done. People’s lives and minds have been altered. Kids breathed their own carbon dioxide to participate in school. Babies did not see the facial expressions of their parents.

What about the Covidians who continue to sport “the mask” in public places? Do they do it “to protect others” as the media tells them to do?  Does the media guilt people into “taking responsibility” by wearing a mask? Is health no longer a personal responsibility? Can Fauci run a mile to help you lose weight? Can your doctor wear a life jacket to keep you afloat?

The law is supposed to protect the rights of people to decide for themselves…… but only if people know the laws! Know this: neither Congress, the CDC, nor the media can legislate choice when it comes to your body.

Stay tuned. The Department of Justice has filed a notice of appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.  This filing is expected to go nowhere, and do nothing, except to save face, since there was no motion for a stay included in the notice of appeal.

While the mask mandate may have ended, the live exercise continues…


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