Children’s Health Defense Joins Citizens for ‘Worldwide Walkout!’ on November 3 to Demand a Return to Freedom and Democratic Principles

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Children’s Health Defense Joins Citizens for ‘Worldwide Walkout!’ on November 3 to Demand a Return to Freedom and Democratic Principles

by Children’s Health Defense
October 27, 2021


People around the globe are protesting the loss of liberty, illegal mandates and tyrannical government overreach.

We have been battered during the epidemic for the last 1.5 years. And now our jobs, livelihoods, education for our children and way of life are being threatened because we refuse to take a government and employer-mandated injection.

Religious and medical exemptions are being rejected, but that is a false choice anyway. Since when does anyone need an exemption to exercise their personal right to reject a foreign substance being injected into their body by the government?

Americans and the world need to stand up, walk out and just say NO.

Children’s Health Defense is encouraging regularly scheduled walkouts where citizens ban together as a powerful voting block to apply pressure.

Children’s Health Defense and our State and International Chapters are joining citizens and organizations from all over the world to come together for a WORLDWIDE WALKOUT on November 3rd.

“No government in history has ever surrendered power in the absence of a demand,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., CHD Board Chair and Lead Counsel. “We need to tell these governments and their friends in the technocracy, the Silicon Valley billionaire boys club, the mainstream media, and the pharmaceutical industry that we will no longer tolerate their trampling of our rights.”

WORLDWIDE WALKOUT is a call for a global shut down to stop business as usual, protesting these unlawful mandates and to celebrate human rights.

Citizens around the world will be asked to unify for freedom and commit acts of civil disobedience to make their point: no masks, no vaccines, no testing. No coercion. No mandates.

“Coercive mandates of shoddily tested medical products and segregationist passports violate international human rights law,” said CHD President and General Counsel Mary Holland. “We need brave citizens to peacefully refuse to comply with unlawful and unethical edicts that for the past year and a half have been allowed to trump individual rights and freedoms. Those days are over. There will be no business as usual until segregationist and coercive medical policies advanced by government authorities end once and for all.”

The potential headlines: thousands of towns in America and around the world come to a stand still while doctors, nurses, educators, first responders, police officers, firemen all walk out for freedom.

Where will this take place? Community organizers are planning mass gatherings of people in peaceful noncompliance to take place in high-exposure areas in many cities and states. Check back here for locations and details. If you’re not seeing one for your area, reach out to others in your community to plan an event. Pick a place that is easy to get to and can be seen by many.

Encourage everyone you know to join in. Tell them to refuse to show up for work, take a sick day and pull their kids from school. Ban together to work with as many groups in your community concerned with freedom and our right to choose what goes on and in our bodies.

Share this video message from the Chairman of Children’s Health Defense, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to encourage everyone you know to participate.

Never has there been a more important time to fight back and protect our rights to stop this tyranny and government overreach.

Be a defender of truth, freedom and health. Join us on November 3rd for the WORLDWIDE WALKOUT.


Link to Worldwide Walkout Nov. 3rd  locations and updates.


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