Clarification of the Absolute Nonsense That the Pfizer ‘Covid Vaccine’ was not Approved: It Was!

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Clarification of the Absolute Nonsense That the Pfizer ‘Covid Vaccine’ was not Approved: It Was!

by Gary D. Barnett
August 27, 2021


There has been much reporting, mostly by independent sources that are often reliable, that the full approval of the first ‘Covid vaccine’ was not an approval at all. This is complete nonsense, and this reporting it seems was meant to refute something that is absolutely and obviously correct. Yes, reading through the entirety of the FDA information could be considered complicated by some, but the fact is that this poisonous Pfizer/BioNtech injection was fully approved, and openly stated as so on the FDA’s own web site. It seems that many are attempting to negate an openly obvious fact in order to attack the mainstream for reporting the approval. This is a straw man argument, and has proven to be more harmful than not due to independent sources jumping to conclusions without doing any real research or even reading the FDA report. In a manner of speaking, this confuses those who are looking for real accurate information from those they trust as sources for alternative news.

The FDA’s site is very clear, in that this full approval by the FDA of the Pfizer/BioNTech ‘Covid’ injection was stated as clearly as is possible. The rub I imagine, and this makes no logical sense, is that they approved the exact ‘Covid vaccine’ that was under emergency use authorization under a new name, (Comirnaty) without any new information on the so-called trial since March of 2021. These independent sources that incorrectly stated that no real approval had taken place, did not bother to figure this out, something I and others saw on the first reading of the FDA report.

The FDA also stated that there was a short supply of the newly named (same) ‘vaccine,’ but that they had also extended the emergency use authorization of the original (same) Pfizer/BioNTech(Comirnaty) jab that has been harming people for many months. This was not accidental, and is grounds for criminal charges against the FDA. No new trial information at all was considered, so this approval was a total scam, and meant only to appease government, government agencies, ‘health’ agencies such as the CDC, the pharmaceutical companies involved, and to trick the general population into getting a sense of security, when none exists, that an approval meant this was safe when in fact nothing had changed at all. This is a fraudulent and criminal undertaking by the FDA and its partners in government and corporate America to fool more people into getting this very toxic, dangerous, and deadly injection. This is a noxious and heinous crime committed against Americans by the state players.

Instead of going through the entirety of the FDA report here, please watch this Corbett Report video that explains this very well, and also the very extensive review of this matter by Ryan Christian at The Last American Vagabond. I will also link to the actual FDA site where anyone able to think clearly should be able to discern that the FDA approval was not only real, but indisputably apparent, as well as a great explanation of this subject by Jon Rappoport. Also, see the extensive reference material at the Corbett Report and Last American Vagabond links above.

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