Commissioner Submits Letter of Dissent on FCC Plan to Speed Up 5G Deployment During Pandemic

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Commissioner Submits Letter of Dissent on FCC Plan to Speed Up 5G Deployment During Pandemic

by BN Frank, Activist Post
June 24, 2020


Opposition to 5G is WORLDWIDE. Cities AND countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit installation as well as issue moratoriums due to serious health and safety risks and warnings (see 12345678, 91011).

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to protect Americans by regulating the telecom industry. They have a LONG history of catering to the industry instead (see 12). Lawsuits have already been filed against the agency for NOT protecting the public from unsafe levels of radiation (see 12) as well as unwanted 5G installation.

Federal agencies and elected officials have also voiced their concerns and opposition to 5G (see 12). American medical professionals have as well (see 12). None of this seems to matter to the FCC (see 123, 456789). The agency is hell-bent on speeding up deployment during the pandemic. One commissioner has even referred to opponents as “Tin Foil Hat” people.

One commissioner has finally dissented against 5G accelerated deployment. Thank you, Jessica Rosenworcel.

Today the FCC adopts a declaratory ruling that requires every state and local government to immediately review and update their current ordinances, policies, and application systems involving wireless towers. They have to rework the way they process new requests, how they measure tower height, what they do with requests to add more equipment, and how they conceal structures to preserve the visual character of their communities. Addressing these things is not unreasonable. But these clarifications can be hard to put into practice and they were shared with state and local governments for the first time only three weeks ago—and my goodness, they’ve been busy.

So it’s no wonder than that we have heard from the National League of Cities. We’ve heard from the United States Conference of Mayors. We’ve heard from the National Association of Counties.

We’ve heard from the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors. We’ve heard from the National Association of Towns and Townships. Together they represent more than 19,000 cities, 3,069 counties, and 10,000 towns across the country.

You know what they want? It’s not radical. They want a bit more time to weigh in on our decision, so they can be in a better place to implement it. They want this time because their resources are strained by a deadly virus, economic calamity, and civil unrest. As 24 members of the United States House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce noted last week, “[i]f local governments are forced to respond to this Declaratory Ruling instead of focusing on their public health and safety responses, it very well may put Americans’ health and safety at risk.”

But the FCC has decided to ignore this modest request for time to review. I don’t get it. Why can’t we acknowledge what is happening around us?

The sad truth is that this is not the first time we’ve given short shrift to the pleas of local governments who are strained by these historic days. It was just a few weeks ago when city officials and local firefighters asked the FCC to give them more time to weigh in on the court remand of our misguided decision to roll back net neutrality. But we didn’t grant their request.

FCC RF Radiation exposure guidelines are beyond outdated and don’t apply to how most of us use or are exposed to cell phone and wireless radiation today. In fact, there is still NO “safe” level of exposure that has been scientifically determined for pregnant women or children! They still REFUSE to update guidelines regardless of ALL the research proving harm. They are part of “The Swamp” that Trump promised to drain. Unfortunately, the Trump administration seems to want to speed up deployment too. So much for “giving the country back to the people.”


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