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COVID-19 Counter-Errorism

by Adam Abraham


Mers Corona Virus, MERS-COV.3d rendering


On December 12, 2006, I wrote and published an article here titled, “Errorism“. With a subtitle of “Exposing the Underbelly of Terrorism,” I wrote:

Let there be no mistake that terrorism is a behavior that, as a nation and world, needs to be eradicated. The Earth has become “small enough,” and the human family has become large and aware enough to begin agreeing on which aspects of our respective behaviors should be promulgated, and which should be limited. Terrorism is among the latter behaviors. If we removed the “t” from the word, we’d get “error,” which is an apt description.

This COVID-19 thing is about much more than a virus. Indeed, the viruses, including all preceding coronavirus (CoV) strains, are the result of actions that we have erroneously adopted and accepted, thinking that they were the only way to address the activity, or of little consequence, or beyond our ability to change or control.

This is analogous to the days when the public was sold on the idea of smoking cigarettes, and the purported “best” cigarettes were the ones that most doctors recommended.



On the popular TV shows of the day, such as Perry Mason, the central character frequently had cigarette lit, adding to the glamour and prestige of the habit. Actors and actresses, “celebrities”, were very effective programming tools to foster an openness to, and desire to adopt the smoking habit, with little or no concern about potentially adverse consequences.




When you’ve embraced behaviors for a long time, even getting some perceived social benefit from the adoption, such as popularity or financial gain, it is even more difficult to admit blindness or indifference to underlying harm.

COVID-19 is not the underlying harm. It is the result of behaviors and activities that have become fundamental within our society and culture, whose harm has been rationalized away while we continued to practice, allow, or condone said activities.

The seriousness of the COVID-19 emergence lies in the profound degree of incapacitance that some sectors of our society have become by following socially normalized, but unnatural habits and prescribed protocols. Examples include:

  • Immunization, i.e., vaccine policies and practices. In spite of the term, they don’t actually “immunize” the individual from anything, except a long-term functional and healthy life. Vaccines lower oxygen availability in the body, as well as disrupt electrical pathways.
  • Chemical-dominated farming practices. Farming has devolved into an industry where looks matter more than nutrient content. Anything that looks like it’s sell-able is okay, and if a few “pests” or “weeds” get in the way, there are ample means to kill them. There’s far more wrong with this way of thinking than time to explain here, but it’s a subject we’ll visit again and again.
  • Water Impairment ~ Simple fact is we have focused on “cleaning” our water, by any means necessary, we’ve stopped asking or consider what methods of water treatment are healthy. It turns out that water can be “clean” but in a state or condition that doesn’t sustain health. We’ll go into that too.
  • Adversarial Medical Practices and Philosophies ~ viruses and bacteria have become the villains of the day, and fighting them added to fighting that we’ve become expected to in many endeavors do in order to get our way. New ailments and conditions seem to be introduced each week, setting the medical industry up to “fight” them.


A Downward Spiraling Loop

The consequence to these unchallenged, unquestioned errors in thinking, is the balance that is compromised or disrupted. Yet, the prescribed and sometimes mandated responses tend to exacerbate existing imbalances, not mitigate them.

The prescribed responses to COVID-19, leave the practices that actually cause it, unexamined, unchallenged, and unchanged by the proponents.

A mitigation strategy that centers around washing your hands, sanitizing surfaces, and self-isolation while waiting for a vaccine, will ensure that more viral strains are in your future. That would be because the environments within which the CoV and other ailments are created, will have become even more conducive to their growth.


This is not necessary, nor smart.  SOURCE:

Unnatural is Now Just Normal

The COVID-19 virus is not the modern-day boogieman that it is touted to be. Whether it is man-made, patented, or whether it constitutes a “life form” or not, is immaterial. It is the result, of a continuum of poor environmental, technological, and social choices, that we’ve innocently learned, and faithfully passed on from generation to generation.

The images that follow show just some of the behaviors that have made our environments more conducive to the emergence of new viruses, bacteria, and pathologies.


SOURCE: Pesticide Action Network


The people who are most susceptible, or “at risk” to COVID-19 are already hobbled by a host of other viral, bacterial, and fungal conditions. This is because they (and we) have created or allowed an environment that is conducive to such forms of growth. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi of a certain type proliferate in environments that are low in oxygen and energy, where human cells are dehydrated, and therefore, incapacitated.

Did someone mention that the virus was “airborne”?

What’s Cell Got to Do With It?

A dehydrated cell is in a drought state. It’s electrical properties are low. According to Dr. Jerry Tenant, a healthy cell is around -25 milivolts (mV). A cancerous cell is +30 mV. And in order to heal, the environment in which the cells exist must support -50mV. The “minus” (-) and “plus” (+) relate to charge state, and the predominance of electrons (-) or protons (+). Proton dominance in one’s environment means stress, disruption, instability, and free radicals.

Low electrical charge, proton dominant blood. Dehydrated cells are collapsed.


Healthy cells must have an environment that has an abundance of, among other things, electrons or negatively charged ions, enough to support -50mV.


Electron-sufficient environment, hydrated cells, functional Krebs Cycle.


For very logical reasons, we have standardized on practices that have created an unnatural and sub-standard quality of life. In error, we have called it the very best that is possible, and must fight to defend and maintain it.



The two images on the right side above are pictures of cellular stress, born of dehydration, or the impaired ability for water and nutrient uptake by each cell. The image on the left is labeled, “Clean Organized Blood,” but the salient information is that the osmotic and electrical states are balanced, in the blood due to effective hydration both outside and inside the cells.The simple fact is that we have become at odds with ourselves, Nature, with each other, our environment, and with health and prosperity. Fear and confusion has been a constant companion for many… all unnecessarily, for problematic conditions that can all be corrected.Arcane, Unquestioned, Questionable, Nested Science


I am not blaming or indicting anyone here. We are a society that has inherited many of these thinking customs. Through “education” have we come to see the social inheritance as “normal.” We’ve consequently perpetuated this abnormal, unnatural way of thinking, along with the behaviors that flow from them. The effects are not preordained, nor are they immutable. Yet, when one cares to see the whole picture, they can be easily predicted, even as far back as biblical times.

They can just as easily be mitigated, as we see the error of our ways, and being the intelligent, health and peace loving species that we are under the surface ~ ready and willing to change it.


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