COVID-19 Intelligence Brief: Thomas J. Brown, NewEarth University

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COVID-19 Intelligence Brief: Thomas J. Brown, NewEarth University

by Thomas J. Brown, NEU Fellow, School of Science & Design Innovation
June 21, 2020


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This NewEarth University COVID-19 Intelligence Brief informs from primary sources, a distillation of data contrary to the official narrative, from the most reliable mainstream and alternative sources available, to allow intelligent decision-making. The scope is daunting, with new information flowing by the minute in an ever-evolving crisis. This is but a snapshot of a period in the event stream. The message however is clear, mainstream media distorts, official infection and death numbers are intentionally exaggerated to create fear, virus and vaccine science is unsettled, despotic tendencies in bureaucrats emerge. We direct the reader to researching the ideas and links in this paper to keep abreast and make intelligent decisions for the betterment of humanity. The greater picture is not amenable to sound bite reality, and thereby requires intelligent consideration of diverse data streams.

● Pandemic Origins
● Virosphere
● Viruses and Exosomes — Germ and Terrain Theories
● SARS-CoV-2 Testing — General, Variable and Corrupted
● Pandemic Fraud
● Problems with Coronavirus Vaccines
● Low Cost Available Treatments
● Dissenting Governmental & Professional Voices
● Global lockdown — Crackdown on Human Rights
● Conspiracy?
● Rapid Implementation of Untested 5G Technology
● Conclusion

Introduction to COVID-19 Judicial Hearings — Towards Realizing Worldwide Legal Remedy

Also available at Truth Comes to Light Bitchute channel

The World Health Sovereignty Summit 2020


  • Alex
    July 7, 2020, 6:03 pm

    Thank you all, for all your contributions and great work.