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One thing about “worshiping” another being, the worshiper excuses and absolves himself from taking an active role in knowing the truth (that we are expressions of Source), and when the truth is known, then making it part of your day-to-day experience.

This includes the simple advice to treat others the way you would be treated, “loving your neighbor as yourself”.

No one can “love” another if they are of a mind that they need a “savior”. They can’t even accept, respect, or love who they are. Yet true love, freedom, truth and knowledge begins there… within. ~ Adam Abraham

by Adam Abraham
June 24, 2018

This commentary began its life as a post on Facebook, but in bringing it to this medium much has been added.

Working through my first year (two-plus seasons ~ fall, winter, and spring) in the Pacific Northwest, I am literally *awed* by Nature: its beauty, intelligence, power and grace. It is humbling to see how *little* this great Gift is appreciated or used intelligently in our society. Indeed, we still act as though Nature is either a conquest to be pursued, or when it knocks us on our asses, a malevolent adversary.

How ironic since we can’t live a life of any real quality without it.

As such, it is appalling how *alien* our social/cultural and technological beliefs, habits and practices have become, when measured against Nature’s Design and Standard Instruction Set.

One example is how we’ve grown accustomed to administering (or receiving) ~ especially to children ~ chemical injections to “fight” future diseases that we don’t have now, as though the human immune system is incapable of responding to *any* real threat.

The human body comes standard with full self-repair capability. In the same way that the heart beats on its own and systems work without us having to go to school to learn how to “control” them, a wide range of injuries will repair quite automatically with minimal intervention on our parts.

And if we know and give our body what it needs, it will reciprocate by sustained health, strength, longevity, and more qualities that we have believed were not “standard” fare.

No one told us that throughout primary education (but is included in my book, I Am My Body, NOT!) Apparently, no one tells this simple fact to future doctors during all their years of training in medical school.

Since we don’t think of the body having self-repair abilities built-in, then we’re not inclined to see government-led obsession with vaccination policies and practices as a convenient way to intentionally break down the population’s natural defense systems (and their cognitive abilities), as part of some broader plan of what might be termed, “population duncity” and control.

The net effect is a dumber and more “manageable” population, whose social norms are presumed to reflect their general, and actual level of evolution and intelligence.

But this is a false reading.

How can there be true evolution when devolving social norms have been “programmed” in and are running with our help and defense?

A devolving social norm is any standardized activity that, in an of itself, lowers the quality of life, often under the guise of improving it. In addition to the practice of vaccine use and policy already described, our society today there are many examples:

  • War (killing and destruction to get one’s way) or the threat thereof
  • Circumcision ~ easily forgotten and dismissed later in life, but this act creates a major trauma that affects the child’s metabolic and psychological development
  • Application and use of toxic agents to “fight” (meaning kill) microorganisms in humans and animals that are thought to be causes of “disease”.
  • Application and use of toxic agents to “fight” (kill) microorganisms in soils to make it more convenient to grow single crops.
  • Application and use of toxic agents into the water supply and atmosphere.
  • Extraction of fluid substances from the earth to run our internal combustion engines when other methods are available that are more efficient, produce far more power, with far less adverse effects to the environment.

There are many more examples.

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