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by Zen Gardner
November 28, 2017

(A response to an awakened friend regarding the arising of crypto currencies as a potential economic as well as societal answer.)


Very interesting questions you pose. The financial situation is a symptom as you know, yet also a controller and apparent key to unlocking centralized power. So, like projected individual consciousness and the collective, they work synergistically as I see it.

I find it’s important to always remember that our perception is very 3-D tainted, if not seriously bound, so even our perceptions are fundamentally limited, something I think we need to remain aware of, vigilantly. In a parallel fashion, it appears to me both power and money have to go at the same time in a strange yet practical way, so I don’t apply myself to anything having to do with currencies, nor any specific seemingly actionable vectors at this point. I addressed all of those for years but it was time for me to move on. But that’s me. The NWO thing will attempt to solve these issues, just as religion pretends to address spiritual longings, but it’s a scam. They’ll declare a false peace with carefully engineered “solutions” along these lines while declaring unity as they co-opt humanity at large. At least that’s the plan.

The great thing is so many have done such wonderful work. There’s enlightening information available now for anyone who decides to search, and I admire and respect those who do provide such work honestly and sincerely and without agenda. I just don’t see much point in overly rehashing it and thereby drawing further attention and intention to it, other than what is essential – i.e. information from those whom I would call the true Watchers. There needn’t be many nor nearly as many repeaters as we now have, as it’s spawned infective egos, disinfo and psyops galore. But it is what it is for those who need to experience all of that and find their way.

This is especially so in light of the fact that knowing all of that clearly, at least for me, comes to indicate the solution is in how we individually live and come alive spiritually, which has a much greater effect than anything we do externally, although each are manifestations of the other. By doing so we’re then changing the entire morphogenic field, if you will, by changing our personal vibration and what we contribute to energetically. As I said for years, when we realize the vast power of our personal consciously empowered energetic effect it will magnify this shift exponentially. That may sound a bitt woo woo to some but it’s a fact.


Rabbit Hole Fever

It’s similar to the over-emphasis on seeing the dark occult influences, or even the many machinations of the control fascinated cabal. Once aware of them, which is important, and knowing the teachings regarding them are out there, we need to move on as I see it. To remain in any of these fields of investigation too long is only to feed them and draw undue attention to them. Not an easy shift for most.

It borders on fascination which is a form of worship, very akin to the energy of subservience and fear. It only gives more power and subtly assumed adoration and servitude to the very things we claim to recognize as negative or “wrong”.

But again, this dualism playing out is a teaching tool, an opportunity to learn and grow, that can’t be bypassed or misunderstood for what it really is. Similar to the friction and surface tension that draws water up the stems of plants, it’s part of the process, as in the classic illustration of the butterfly struggling through its metamorphosis. When we accept these influences without wrong judgement we begin to spiritually understand the dynamics we live within and their apparent purposes, despite the seemingly needless suffering that appears to take place.

There’s tremendous peace and clarity of a very transcendent nature to which these realizations give birth.

I’m going way off point it may appear, but as I see it the only current-cy worth placing our attention on is the energetic current of true Source creation, as well as our innate indwelling Source energy. I guess I’m a purist, but this is my journey. I know everything will follow heading straight for Source, but I don’t discount at all countless manifestations of it are happening in budding forms; they just don’t have much importance to what I’m drilling for except as outward signs of change. It’s encouraging, but we have to remain in hot pursuit of the Real Deal as I see it and stay honed in. The rest will never take us Home, for lack of a better word, until we do.


Back to Cryptos

I don’t trust crypto currencies any more than anything, but see them as a sign of budding life attempting to take form. They’re something to be careful with like anything, but much of the original intention is terrific. This question takes me back to the reformation vs true revolution contraposition. The tendency of humanity to reform instead of truly break free is evident. Perhaps this is why Gaia, in concert with Source, has had to truly “dump and recycle” our planet over and over, way more times than most of humanity would like the know about, or would-be controllers would like us to be aware of. For that very purpose.

Hence true history is erased from the 3-D collective, for obvious reasons. The parasitic energies want to live. Yet so do we in our energetic form. The battle for energy is all part of the way things naturally work, seeking attention and intention and hence energy, a strange and foreign thought to the dualistic mind. Good and evil, light and dark, can be likened to the yin and yang, symbolizing entirety. Or perhaps a theoretical atom. Which do you kick out, the positive or the negative? Or are both “making the whirled go round”?


The Asymptote That Is Never Reached

To me, “everything must go”, the big sale, and humanity has to at least be willing to make a true leap in consciousness before any kind of real reset will work. Universe is ready to meet the willing heart. It’s not that complicated. Maybe all these cyclical trends are leading up to it, but I’m constantly reminded of the asymptote – the ever approached axis by the infinitely closer but never reaching hyperbolic curve. As a metaphor or illustration, this curve is like the prevailing human condition as not fully willing to truly transform, pierce through and “get” its inherent deception to make it through the membrane of the axis it approaches to where true reality operates.

A perhaps crude and clearly two dimensional illustration but it makes a point. Approaching can be deceptive and self assuaging. Breaking through requires full on transformation. Think reverse osmosis.

This always brings me back to the ego and mind, put simply, that fight tooth and tong to stay alive. This parasitic influence we were apparently saddled with does not die easy and I’m not trying to minimize the intensity of the scrap we are in. Yet all is not eternal frustration, but is all for the purpose of Source creation unfolding and ourselves discovering who we really are. This is where our power lies.

This is altogether different and separate from this grossly limiting 3-D experience we’re born into, an apparent learning process which all of this contrast beautifully serves. It’s seemingly non-sensical, paradoxical and counter intuitive, but so be it. The fact that we can perceive that such a perspective exists beyond the seemingly self-contradicting mundane proves its very reality. Quite profound in itself.

“Other” – that “outside of” this limiting, self serving construct – exists, and must be found accessed and lived before we can even begin to assess and address our situation in the least bit consciously, never mind sufficient empowerment beyond what is available on this plane of existence. This is something seers, mystics and even leading edge true philosophers and rogue scientists have been hounded for identifying and expounding upon for eons.

The ego-mind driven system will not tolerate it because it means its demise. Plain and simple.

Again, it’s really not that complicated – like our fight and flight mechanisms we apparently harbor. They’re all very basic mechanisms that are actually easily identified.


Crypto Co-opts and the Synthetic Copycats

I look at the crypto currency stuff and contrary commentary and I agree with some that it’s being co-opted as we speak. I see most alternative forays the same. That may sound cynical but that doesn’t demean the profound significance of whatever form or level of all that’s transpiring. That’s what happens to all directional “missiles” of truth with the trajectory of escape from this gravitational field – they’re contained, dismissed, shot down or co-opted by rote.

As we gain clarity it is all easily dismissed.

As I said a long time ago, which drew a lot of criticism, I think we’re leading “them” by our conscious avant-garde ideas and perceptions which I’m convinced they follow ever so closely, all of which goes way beyond their synthetic intelligence. They, whomever “they” or these containment influences are, only follow, copy, imitate, and subvert relentlessly, trying to co-opt and lead truly conscious outcroppings. For them it’s a constant game of catch up.

People can take that for what they will, but that’s what I perceive.

The Truth and our growing awakening is leading them, not the other way around. Parasites are always looking for new food or are protecting their crops. They will continue to fight it tooth and tong in this dualistic battle we’re born into. At some point or perhaps in an other dimensional way, true Source-derived consciousness transcends these low density mechanisms, but those still in the school of dualism are unable to see that. Hence the disconnect.

Those worlds do not intersect, but rather perhaps a better graphic illustration is that these lower levels are subsets of the greater, however by no means in any Cartesian form. This gets into dimensional perspective which we are handicapped from seeing clearly from this plane, hence language cannot communicate these deeper truths and realities which subsequently drives us to intuitive heart knowing and learning.

It’s like those still in the dualistic warrior mode. There’s a place for it for some, I was there a long time as well, including within the controlled religious paradigm previous to other layers of taking a “contestual” stance. Information and exposure to the light of truth is essential. I somehow melded the spiritual warfare with socially expressed activism when they are dimensionally of quite different natures.

They aren’t necessarily the same, mutually exclusive, nor contrary. The essential warfare is our individual journeys to fully wake up and overcome obstacles etc. to make our full connection and true self realization. Fully. Or at least to get past some non delineated threshold, the convoluted nature of which I’m attempting to describe here, which is where I’m venturing now and feeling fully humbled by as I venture on.

The unknown is exactly that – unknown – fully foreign and pretty scary to our entrained natures. There’s nothing at all unhealthy about that. Fear can work in our favor, ironically enough.

Informational and social activism as I see it is a transitory stage and apparently essential for many, but not all. Many leap right past it but that is the exception as far as I have seen. But in this era, serious preliminary bondage-cutting has to start at the basics since the metastasized mutant matrix’s sinews have such a strong control on the mind and even hearts of this epoch. A tough one to slog out as so many of us have experienced from a variety of approaches.

Liberation at every level is essential, but we mustn’t focus on the seemingly dark negative. That short circuits and defeats the awakening process at so many levels – the great test of judgmental dualism that thrives on reinforcing separation.

It’s many levels operating at once – individually and collectively. We are each on a very individual path, so the need to avoid negative, self righteous judgment becomes quite evident in this process, yet few manifest. We each learn at our own speed, and all of this is merely the backdrop for it – ironically to be enjoyed at the same time as we suffer and grow through it.


Conclusion, of Sorts

I got off on quite the tangent there, going back to planar geometric mathematics ironically enough, but such is how I currently perceive our experience at the particular “angles” of my perception I’ve been exploring. Again, I am astoundingly humbled by the vastness of it all, but we are all essentially consciousness having this experience, the very reason for us having this discussion at all.

That we realize how little we perceive yet feel so much more proves there are other realms we sense and for which we seek. This is an incontrovertible fact and not some form of escape or delusion as many would say. Those who cannot even conceive of the idea that there are many co-existing realities and dimensions operating concurrently will sooner or later find out otherwise. That our language and minds cannot grasp these ideas is the very nature of this testing and learning ground.

The amazing and wonderful phenomenon is that so many are on to this adventure and sense the same things, however they describe or manifest their understandings. Quite an amazing time to be here.

Much love, and thanks for the provocative question. As in everything, it all points back to  our essential nature – amazing beyond our cognitive abilities, yet well within our super conscious, true being.

It’s no wonder this spasmatic miasma called the matrix or society and all the interim control levels will do everything they can to prevent humanity from discovering who they truly are. As this awakening happens, despite anything that tries to stop it, it’s turning things around, upside down and inside out.

Only truth can survive that.

This is going to be very interesting indeed. In fact, it already is and always has been!

So who or what is it again that is viewing all of this we experience?

Therein lies the answer.

Much love, Zen