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Source: Dr. Sircus Newsletter

by Dr. Sircus
November 21, 2018


Questioning vaccines ought to be a ‘crime’, according to a new bill by California Senator Richard Pan. This of course goes too far, way over the ledge and there is nothing we can do about it but say F—K you to our pedestrians, who still do not understand what they are doing according to the strongest proponent of vaccines Dr. Paul Ofitt. But this is normal for mainstream doctors who are addicted to prescribing nasty drugs that do not work.

The vaccine industry and the CDC and FDA that stands behind it are dirty. How dirty? Del Bigtree, the founder of Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), teamed up with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to take on the U.S. government by filing suit against the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for vaccine safety violations — and they won. This is big news for all concerned with the topic of vaccine safety. It turns out the federal agency has been neglecting their vaccine safety obligations for over 30 years. The lawsuit brought by RFK Jr. is evidence that “vaccine safety” as we know it is nothing more than a sham.

Violence and cruelty are the backbone of a great part of humanity and certainly it’s the backbone of modern medicine. Don’t believe me. The worlds leading proponent of vaccines, Dr. Offit, says vaccines are violent and they are.

Vaccinations aren’t easy. This isn’t an easy thing to do. We ask a lot of our citizens. To get as many as 26 inoculations in the first few years of life, and five shots at one time. It’s hard to do that, especially given that vaccination is a violent act, you pin the child down, you give them this biological agent against their will. The biological agent generally isn’t understood well by the parent, and to some extent not understood all that well by the physician. –Paul Offit

There is a health care crisis sweeping the world and mainstream doctors are not tuned in because they and their medicines are a great part of the cause. Vaccines are included as a major cause of health problems including autism and even death yet little choice is given to the public.

Parents wake up or forget about having kids. You think it right to bring kids to this world only to allow men and women in white coats to attack them violently? To have these folks with bright smiles to pin your child down and give them biological agents against their will. Come on how low can we drop to in loving intelligence?

In this video Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder NVIC says, “I remember when I took my first-born baby to the pediatrician for his first checkup 40 years ago. Like most young Moms, I looked up to my pediatrician and completely trusted him. I did everything he told me to do, never questioning his expertise or doubting him, believing that he would never recommend or do anything that would put my baby in harm’s way.” Big mistake. The government and our pediatric organizations have not the slightest interest in vaccine safety and that makes them monsters willing to harm babies without a second thought.

“Did you know that in 1953, the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule from birth through the age of 6 years was 16 doses of just 4 vaccines? Fast forward to 2013 and the CDC’s recommended schedule is now 50 doses of 14 vaccines starting at birth! Why?! In my lecture, I break everything down for you so that you can understand why the CDC’s point of view about vaccines could not be further from the truth,” writes Dr. David Brownstein, one of the finest physicians I know.

The CDC is not the protector of health that is likes to think it isAn atrocious organization yet embraced by modern society as the last word on all things medical. Its flu time and the venders are the pushers and the pusher is the CDC which owns the patent on the vaccine.

The flu vaccine is one of the worst ideas we ever had in medicine. We might as well go back to the medical barbers and drain some of their blood while we inject neurotoxic mercury and aluminum (and lots of other nasty things). Should we do this to our children or reserve this for those people who think and feel that they are so right that they can make it a crime to disagree with them.

Modern man has become so drummed down, didn’t you know that was part of the plan? Remember it was the Germans who started putting fluoride into the drinking water, but not of course for their own people, but to war prisoners. Americans had to outdo them and pass laws to give it to all the American people. Those men with this idea are enemies of America, traitors to the American people, but who would have guessed?

One of the secrets behind what I am saying here is that there are strong safe alternatives to vaccines and children whose parents are smart enough and loving enough to protect them, the unvaccinated, are smarter and far healthier. And what you will read, if you click on the above link, is just one alternative.

There are stunning advances in medicine but none of them involve pharmaceutical medicines. Hydrogen Medicine, for instance, is a new form of therapy employing the backbone of the universe—for hydrogen is the most common element everywhere. Hydrogen is going to save the world in terms of clean energy and its going to force modern medicine to look at something totally new, which is something the FDA and CDC are the least interested and capable of doing.

The reason they will have no choice, in the end; and medical history will stick it to them. You see hydrogen belongs in ICU and emergency centers and even in ambulances. Right along oxygen, which is the most prescribed drug in all hospitals. Hydrogen is the sweet one in terms of stabilizing life, especially when you are just on the brink of death or are in the middle of a bad reaction to a vaccine that is literally poisoning a child.

Bottom line people get it right up front. If you want to survive the worst possible near-death experience, or not get that far to that door, know that in critical situations a patient should breathe 96 percent hydrogen and only 4 ´percent oxygen, just like the deepest sea diver must do to survive at bone crushing depths. The Japanese and the Chinese are hot on this fielding study after medical study showing the truth of these words.

We could write a book, and I did many years ago about vaccines. I have been giving it away freely online for 15 years it’s called, predictably The Terror of Pediatric MedicineYou don’t even have to read it just stare at the title. In the United States a pediatrician can administer multiple vaccines, the child might die, and the unfortunate parents cannot directly sue the doctor or the pharmaceutical companies. If they could no doctor would continue, and no company would survive the law suits. China plans, on the other hand, to let victims sue vaccine makers for punitive damages after string of recent scandals.

The horrific vaccine side effects that the establishment denies are printed right in vaccine package inserts. Deafness, long-term seizures, coma, lowered consciousness, or permanent brain damage are the official reported serious side effects of the MRI vaccine, but autism should also be added to the list. No one can deny that vaccines are dangerous. Has your pediatrician informed you of the dangers to your child? If not, and something happens its

So, in the end, parents, if they want to do something should just show up at their doctor’s office and communicate our concerns strongly. They key of course is to do this non-violently and we can do that with dignified communication.

Large segments of society are completely oblivious to vaccine dangers because they’ve been brainwashed or hypnotized into focusing on other things due to mass social engineering. They started many years ago with vaccines and continued with their success on many other issues. Don’t be a fool with your kids lives. Be careful who you trust.

The Burning Platform says it well. “The opiate of the masses is not just religion, but the propaganda, misinformation, lies and technological distractions designed by the invisible government ruling class to provide the masses with pleasant illusions about their country, society, and material situation. If the masses were to wake up and realize they are being manipulated, oppressed, and corralled like sheep, revolution would sweep the land. People are being driven mad by an overwhelming feeling of cognitive dissonance.”

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