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“…Somewhere in there he started to enjoy the limelight, and again, because we’re all human, this is something we can all identify with and empathize with and kind of sympathize with…this isn’t a hanging offense to relish the moment when you stand up and say something and everyone…

…This is all part of our richness of human experience that it’s important for us to be valued, we seek rewards, we seek acknowledgement, and all of that is kind of healthy.

And, I think what’s happened over the years, in David’s case, it’s been overplayed, and maybe the safest side step I can take in this is to accurately report what many people have said to me, other people have said to me in writing and in conversation they talk about his ego, they talk about his desire to be in the limelight, his desire to be well-known, his desire to be famous, his desire to be the one who’s bringing all these stories out there, to be the champion, to be the holder of the torch which represents us all and he’s out there in front leading the way. And I have heard hundreds of people say that each in their own different way.

And I believe it’s a shame because I think that there is some truth there. A strength — when a strength is overplayed it becomes a weakness. So if somebody’s too willing to stand up in front of a microphone and talk the truth or what they think is the truth — which is a strength because some people are shy and some people don’t want to do it and some people want to hide and some people are nervous. It’s a strength to want to do that, but if the strength is overplayed then it starts to come across that they’re pig-headed, that they’re egotistical, like they think they’re the best, like they think they’re more important, like they think they’re the one who’s right, they’re the one who thinks they deserve more credit than anybody else — then it all turns itself inside out because their strength is being overplayed. And, that’s kind of what I see.

And in this journey that we’re all on, where we’re working with the strengths and weaknesses that we all have, and we’re trying to deploy these as best as we can — like some big video game and we’re deploying all the assets we can…

We all have the responsibility to make choices about how we present ourselves, what opportunities we take, what opportunities we decline, when we choose to exaggerate something, when we choose to promote something. It’s like every moment of our lives we are making choices — little choices and we’re making big choices.

And some of us sometimes, because of various pressures, external or internal, we make bad choices. And one of the ways that — and this is going way off on a sideways step here, but my personal interpretation of karma is that when we kind of get that sort of looping payback from the bad choices that we’ve made. It’s like — oh, this has come back to haunt us now…” — Bill Ryan


Cosmic Backlash! Corey’s Stories #Epicfail — Dark Journalist & Bill Ryan



Published on May 13, 2017

More Revelations From Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan Including Disturbing New Evidence

Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan returns for part 2 of his in-depth interview with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt this week to discuss the details of his viral article, “The Truth About Corey Goode,” which attempts to explain the bizarre story of a man who claims to be a member of Secret Unacknowledged Special Access Programs inside the military that deal with UFO and space operations, but who has offered no actual evidence for his incredible assertions.

Mind Control Entertainment: The Covert Technology

Ryan explains in detail that the co-opting of genuine research into the Secret Space Program by Goode and others from legitimate UFO investigators and whistleblowers, like Dr. Joseph Farrell, Richard Dolan, Gary McKinnon, appears to be the combination of opportunist marketing gurus and low-level covert intelligence operators. He also describes a technology of mind control and consciousness hijacking revealed by whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan. Dr. Duncan gave disturbing information of a deep intelligence program that targets unstable, compromised individuals under personal and financial pressure to come forward with unverifiable information or sensationalist stories as a way to drag down UFO credibility and control the narrative around independent research that gets too close to the truth. Ryan explains that based his personal interactions with Goode and on information he gleamed by working with the testimony he gave when he first came forward publicly, that he has concluded that Goode is a prime example of this kind of insidious program that turns a human being into a manipulated puppet of a larger agenda.

Missing Trillions: Deflecting Legitimate Research Into The Secret Space Program

Is the marketing enterprise circus around Goode, that includes TV show appearances with host David Wilcock (who bizarrely claims to be the reincarnation of Famous Psychic Edgar Cayce), Blue Avian Comic Books and Glitzy Event Appearances, a coordinated effort to create a bogus UFO Celebrity in order to distract from genuine investigation into the missing trillions which more reliable sources say have been pumped into a Secret Space Program? Are all of these New Age Sci-Fi fantasies being presented as the truth, with no corroborating evidence in a concerted effort to discourage legitimate research?