Dark Journalist Special Report: NORTHCOM [United States Northern Command] COG [Continuity of Government] vs The US Constitution

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Dark Journalist Special Report: NORTHCOM COG Vs. The Constitution 

by Daniel Liszt, Dark Journalist
December 29, 2020


Dark Journalist Special Report LiveStream:
Continuity of Government (COG) Vs. The Constitution
Newsweek “Anonymous” COG NORTHCOM General Controversy!


Excerpts from Introduction:

“…This is our special update now and it pertains to the Trump administration and the battle that’s going on there, in a attempt by some continuity of government officials from Northcom who are trying to spread massive fear through a Newsweek article by one of Newsweek’s top writers…”

“…as I’ve discovered in talking with Professor Peter Dale Scott, who knows — really has brought forward the continuity of government program — we’ve had him on this show discussing it — we really have brought that fact through, that the continuity of government program’s a complete usurpation of the constitution of the United States. And it’s still in full effect and, in fact, was invoked on September 11th by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

“This is very serious because we’ve never actually gotten out of that state of emergency that we were put into as a result of the September 11th attacks. And it was September 14th 2001 when they put us in that position.  So this underground government, Continuity of Government people, who exist as a counterpart to the regular government in the case of massive emergency, you know, originally were brought on board because of nuclear reasons, because they thought in the 50s ‘hey we’re gonna get nuked potentially and we need a whole underground set up in order to run things after the fact in case it’s a surprise attack’.

“So, in fact, it was again set up with kind of lofty ambitions but got taken over as time went along. And one of the things I want to point out is when we talk about the set up of the continuity of government , it’s gone through these phases. That, you know, something Professor Scott has pointed out that every deep event that has happened in American history, whether it was Watergate or the JFK assasination…”

“…What I see is that when you go through time — September 11 event, Iran Contra — all these various aspects have some Co of G players embedded…”

“…and it involves a communication network which you can not track and it’s outside of the reach of the NSA or any of these things because of the nature of its ultra secrecy. The problem is, when someone gets their hands on that and abuses it, what do we do on the surface here? And that’s the challenge that we’re facing.

“…So this thing is so ultra secret that we, as citizens, have no idea what’s going on…”

Original video available at Dark Journalist YouTube channel.

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