David Icke on Child Torture and George W. Bush

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As the veil is being lifted on those who hold the reigns of power in this world, revelation after revelation unfolds regarding global pedophilia and the deeply-evil traumatizing and murder of children. In this video, David Icke shares insights into the type of being who could participate in actions which are so abhorrent to the rest of us that we can’t imagine they are even possible.

…There is something about their genetics which has deleted empathy. It’s deleted the ability to feel the consequences for others — of your actions. And if you think about it, empathy is the fail-safe mechanism of human behavior. Because if I have empathy, feelings for how you will feel from my actions, then there is an immediate limit on my actions…Delete that and there are no limits.

So I’ve said to people for nearly twenty years, don’t look at these people and judge what they would do on the basis of what you would do, ’cause it’s not the same thing.