David Icke: The Cult That Controls the World Has Now Walked Out of the Shadows — Bill Gates, Elon Musk & Soros Are Frontmen for the Top of the Pyramid

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David Icke Interview: Bill Gates, Elon Musk & Soros Are Frontmen For The Top of the Pyramid

by Spiro Skouras
April 17, 2020

Excerpt from interview:

“…and people have found it hard, and I completely understand it, to perceive that at a few people can control the world. Well, a few people in a few weeks put three billion people under house arrest in effect…

…but vast numbers of people have looked at this situation and thought ‘hang on a minute — few people can dictate to everybody’.

…what this cult has done has come out of the shadows over this virus scam and the lockdowns. It’s come out of the shadows. It’s walked into the room and it’s heard the door click behind it. And that door now is not opening again. And one person who is already feeling that is Bill Gates.

Bill Gates on the periphery – most people get on with their lives, not aware of him manipulating his vaccine horrors around the world.

But now he’s come into the room and the doors clipped behind him. And he’s got gathering gathering opposition.

Now people … becoming aware of the horrors that his vaccine programs have have created. The places like India and Africa.

And they’re also starting to realize, because people like us are putting it out there, that Bill Gates’s money is everywhere over this whole virus thing and vaccines. In general, how many people realize that the second biggest funder of the World Health Organization, second only to the government of the United States, is Bill Gates? He owns the place…”

~ David Icke

In this exclusive interview, Spiro is joined by David Icke.

Spiro and David discuss the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

David explains how the public is being manipulated by the system in perhaps the greatest psychological operation in history, as medical and government officials admit the numbers have been inflated.

The official projected coronavirus numbers disseminated by the establishment to the public, which were used to justify the lockdowns, were based on controversial and inaccurate computer models funded by Bill Gates.

In this must see interview, David Icke and Spiro examine the events leading up to this current crisis, including the shutdown of the US military Bioweapons program Fort Detrick, to the world military games in Wuhan China (the alleged ground zero of the outbreak) to Event 201 and much more.

In this report, David Icke lays out the entire scenario piecing together the puzzle, leading up to present day and projecting ahead while not only exposing the frontmen for this global operation, but exposing who is at the very top of the pyramid, and its not Bill Gates…

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