David Icke’s Speech for Amsterdam Peace Rally That Had Him Banned From 26 Countries

David Icke’s Speech for Amsterdam Peace Rally That Had Him Banned From 26 Countries

by David Icke
November 6, 2022


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Excerpts from transcript provided by Truth Comes to Light


We must not just talk about freedom, we must live it and live it by ceasing to cooperate with that which is by the hour now destroying freedom.
So where do we go from here? Well, the moronic people who long ago handed their minds to the state and authority — well, where are they going? They’re going down the road to exactly what I’m talking about. And they’ll do nothing about it. Too busy stopping those that are trying to warn them. So that leaves the rest of us.
And there are three types of people. Two of the groups are responsible for every tyranny in history. And the third group is responsible for ending every tyranny in history.
Group number one — those who mindlessly accept anything authority tells them without question… And they will just do whatever they’re told and think whatever they’re told to think.
Then there is group number two — those that don’t want to do what authority tells them, but they’re terrified of not doing so cause they fear the consequences.
Those two groups together have been responsible for every tyranny in history. Fascism is not imposed by fascists. There’s never enough of them. Fascism is imposed by the population acquiescing to fascism. See Nazi Germany.
So if anyone says, well, what can we do? Well, you can get off your bloody ass, stiffen your backbone and stop being a bloody wimp. There’s a start. Look your children and grandchildren in the eye and tell them what you were doing when fascism was introduced…
And then there’s group number three that has ended every tyranny in history — the true renegades of this human family. Those that see they’re being lied to, who see where this is going and refuse to cooperate. The people who understand the most powerful word in the English language: No! No! No!
Stop giving your power to authority and then you’ll see, authority never had power in the first place because it was always yours.
People now have to realize when they talk about spirituality that true spirituality comes with a spine. True spirituality is never spineless. An open heart is the place where we go beyond fear, where you do what you know to be right simply because you know it’s right.
And we’re at that point now — we’re at that point now where if there is not a mass refusal to cooperate with this unfolding fascism, then we are moving very quickly into a state of global fascism that people would almost be unable to comprehend in terms of its depth and its evil.
And that, ladies and gentlemen of the Netherlands and the world, is the nightmare that we are leaving our children and grandchildren to suffer and endure.
Freedom is not just a word. It’s not just a platitude. It’s something that has to be lived. Because unless we live freedom, how can we possibly be free?
And we are at the point now where we are allowing eight billion people to be controlled and dictated to and have their lives taken over by, at the core of the core of this cult, people you would get into a single room.
That is how far the self respect of humanity has fallen. And that’s the point. Self respect. You do not have self respect when you mindlessly believe whatever you’re told by authority. You do not have self respect. When you do it, though, you don’t want to do it because you fear not doing it.
You have self respect when you stand up for your rights and your fellow humans’ rights and don’t let consequences cower you into submission.
The Netherlands is a fascist country now. My country is a fascist country. America, Canada, New Zealand, all of them. Australia. Fascist countries. France, Belgium, all of them.
And it’s only possible because we allow it.
It’s time to be a lion and not a sheep. It’s time for humanity to roar! No! No! No! No more fascist dictatorship. No more submission to Rutte and those who control him. It’s now or it’s never.