Defenders of World Health Freedom: 2 Sheriffs, 1 Mayor, 2 Activists Share Insight & Action

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by New Earth Project
July 4, 2020


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Host: Sacha Stone, New Earth Project, ITNJ

Co-host: Charlene BolingerThe Truth About Cancer

Panelist: Sheriff Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association

Panelist: Captain Bradley Rogers, former Sheriff of Elkhart County, Indiana,  Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Panelist: Mayor Reinette Senum, Nevada City, California

Selected quotes from transcript of panel discussion:


Sacha Stone:

I’m not anti anything. But I do know, when banksters are now controlling governments and when multi-trillion-dollar agro-chemical and pharmaceutical interests are controlling health administration policy of seven billion souls, we’re in deep trouble. And we need to do something about it.

Sir, I would agree with you that it comes down to the local level. And it’s sheriffs like yourselves, who are not going to move for love nor money. You will not move and move against God’s law. I salute you for that,


There is no authority anywhere, elected or otherwise, that has any right to stand over one’s own capacity to serve one’s own life, right to life.


Addressing the three panelists, Sacha asks:

Do you believe that there is an egregious agenda behind this draconian roll-out, an erosion of civil liberties, deplatforming of the right kind of voices, erosion of freedom-of-speech … it’s black and white censorship.

But are we are we living through some kind of tailspin of a nefarious agenda, in your view — in very simple terms? Or are we to simply play along with the fact that this is just the social ecology evolving — and all of a sudden we’re going to start wearing masks like goons and doing whatever any statute forces us to do?

Do you think there is an agenda at work?

And I’m talking about a conspiracy agenda.

Be clear. I’m a frontline activist, researcher, and I’ve dealt with world leaders for over 20 years with my foundation. Head of state level. We’ve got a rich history of that. As Imani knows, last summer we had 26 kings, royals attend our event here in Southeast Asia. We deal at leadership level. And my feedback dealing with leadership around the world over 20 years is — the good leadership I’m talking about — is that, yes, the world is in the grip and the thrall of a diabolical conspiracy. But I am absolutely interested to learn your takeaway.


I mean, how do we stop it, indeed?

Well, I think the Christed light, the flame that we carry, a pure truth within our hearts, has ever more power than any of this Walt Disney nonsense, as being pushed in our faces through again statutory provisions and ordinances and codes dreamt up by bureaucrats and technocrats. I think that the flame of pure truth that is in the pulse of Middle America is the thing that is going to prevail because, indeed, that is the thing that always prevails.


We will also spend five months compiling an intelligence report. I believe it’s the most comprehensive intelligence report undertaken anywhere in the world.

It’s a proper academic white paper on the history of what’s behind COVID, corona, the theater, the pantomime, the vaudeville, however you want to look at it.

All of the abrogations and derogations and breaches of law are all enshrined in that.

The declaration that comes out of the judicial commission of inquiry will be a paper, a format, a template that people of the world can take in to class actions in their own jurisdiction around the world,


Sheriff Mack:

I will tell you the coronavirus is not the pandemic that we have. The pandemic that we have — pretty much worldwide, but definitely in the United States, and absolutely in Washington DC — is that we have a pandemic of corruption.

And we have a dearth of civility, and we have a dearth of adherence to our Constitution. we have a dearth of nobility in Washington DC, where we never keep our word to that which we have all sworn an oath.


Mayor Senum:

And since when does an elected official not have the right to question the official narrative? Since when can we not ask questions?


The same trajectory that we started on months ago right with the models, the predictive models, is the exact same trajectory we’re on today — which is stay home, quarantine, wear your mask, social distance. And, whatever you do, be afraid, be very afraid.

That is psychological warfare and it has absolutely destroyed the fabric of the community.