Degrading of Mother Earth and All Her Children as U.N. Official Policy

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The Raping, Dominating, Manipulating, Shaming, and Degrading Of Mother Earth And All Her Children Is Now Official United Nation’s Policy

by Robert Cinque
April 20, 2020


Since the time of the Dynastic Sun Gods of ancient Sumeria and Babylon, humanity has been ruled by a satanic cult with a huge Club, chained to superstitious ideas masquerading as truth, and elecro-shocked into submission to their masters.

Enslaved through debt to International Banking Cartels who print money out of thin air and loan it at face value to governments, at interest, human beings on every continent have had to endure poverty, war and disease.

Now, the Black Masters of Darkness, the Deceivers and Sorcerers in British M15, Israeli Mossad, and US CIA, have concocted a brilliant scheme to lock us down even more.

The World Economic Forum has published an article about how the only option with Covid19 is mass testing and vaccination, complete with a digital tattoo that will carry proof of vaccination. Then, everyone can go back to work and “be safe” because we have been “immunized”.

Fear of infection will justify arrest, indictment and imprisonment for anyone who refuses to vaccinate.

This trick works because enough people believe it. The trick is based on the false idea that viruses cause disease and can be transmitted person to person.

When 200 Wuhan residents showed up at the hospital unable to breathe, doctors took liquids from 7 of the patients’ lungs. They used the Polymer Chain Reaction test and found a genetic sequence which became known as Covid19.

The presence of a genetic sequence does not prove causation of disease.

Correlation does not prove causation.

If you lose your wallet in a restaurant and had sat next to a known, convicted pickpocket, that would not prove he stole your wallet.

People are dying, suffocating. Doctors put them on ventilators, their lungs collapse.


Covid 19 is blamed. Vaccine to the Rescue.


The psychopathic monsters who inflict these laughable, unscientific, provably false presumptions are posturing as sympathetic caregivers, diligent scientists hard at work to save us all.

Antony Fauci. Bill Gates.

The Twin Towers were not destroyed by airplanes and office fires, either.

The people who perpetrated 911 and lied about Iraq are lying to us now.

Cells excrete DNA fragments when under stress. These fragments clog up the system and the body produces white blood cells and mucous to eliminate the debris. The body heals.

The stress on the cell came first. The proliferation of viral particles came second.

Let that sink in.

Viruses are effects of stress. They  CAN cause more stress on the body temporarily, until they are flushed out, but they did not cause the original stress.

Therefore, the entire mass media story that Covid-19 is the cause of people falling dead in the streets is false.

People are dying, yes. But not from a genetic sequence found in a virus called Covid-19.