Disney Star Leigh-Allyn Baker: “It’s Now Time to Speak Up”

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Disney Star Leigh-Allyn Baker: “It’s Now Time to Speak Up”

by Del Bigtree, The HighWire
July 17, 2020


“I agree with you. We are in the endgame here. The final battlefield. We will either have control over our own bodies or we will not. We will either be the ones who are guiding our children through their lives or they will be government property. I don’t think there’s any two ways about this.

What they are trying to say is, we are not human beings, we have no rights to ourselves, we are cattle. We are the herd they are referring to us as, and they consider us public property.”

~ Del Bigtree



Leigh-Allyn Baker, star of Disney’s Good Luck Charlie, recently came under fire from fans and the media, after a series of social media posts questioning Covid public policy decisions and vaccine safety.

Leigh-Allyn joins Del to reveal what is behind her public skepticism on masks, vaccines, and why she is willing to risk everything to get her message out.

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