Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Rabbi Chananya Weissman, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: On the Extreme Medical Tyranny in Israel & Global Crimes Against Humanity

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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Rabbi Chananya Weissman, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: On the Extreme Medical Tyranny in Israel & Global Crimes Against Humanity
Corona Investigative Committee — Discussion from perspective of Jewish religion, biology, spirituality and individual freedom, including comments by lawyer Viviane Fischer.


This is an excerpt from 5+ hours of testimony. Original video is available at OVALmedia Ausschuss YouTube channel under title: Sitzung 47: Auspacken, Anpacken.

[As a service to protect truth from censorship and to share widely, mirrored copies of this video are available at Truth Comes to Light BitChute, Brighteon, and Odysee channels. All credit, along with our sincere thanks, goes to the original source of this video. Please follow links provided to support their work.]

Excerpts from Transcript

Rabbi Chananya Weissman

I really love Israel. But at the same time it’s to my great shame and horror to see the way the government of Israel — really not the people of Israel — but it’s the government, it’s the people in charge, have turned against their own people as we’ve seen in many parts of the world…

We are in very great danger here. And all of the human race is in great danger because this tyranny is happening everywhere…

We’ve seen this television show over and over again. You know, the actors change, the lines change a little bit, but the plot is always the same. And it’s time we finally, as both the Jewish people and the human race, we finally get things right.

Look, Israel — the modern state of Israel — has been around for approximately 70 years and the politicians in parliament have never been able to agree on anything. I mean you have Jews, you have Arabs, right wing, left wing, religious Jews, not religious Jews, anti-religious Jews, everything under the sun. And they all hate each other and they argue about everything. But for the first time in the history of modern Israel every person in the government agrees on one thing — that we don’t have basic human rights. We don’t have medical autonomy and it is virtuous to force people to vaccinate. Somehow they’ve all gotten together on the same page on this one issue — that we don’t have human rights anymore.

All of them have sold out. I mean, Israel’s government signed a deal with Pfizer. I’m sure everybody knows this already. Most of the contract has been blacked out. The key parts have been blacked out…

I think it’s fair to assume that they obligated themselves to vaccinate as many people as possible — possibly everybody, even children. And the government is not working for us. And this is true of the governments all over the world. They’re not working for the people. They’re working for the wealthy people, the the corporations, you know, the people who are pulling their strings. They’re not working for the common man. They don’t care about our lives. They don’t care about our health. They don’t care about us at all. They only care about their own interests. So it’s some kind of a blend of money, power and evil — which may vary from government to government and person to person. But that’s really what it all boils down to. It’s money, power and evil.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

I think this is real — to realize and to understand this is extremely important, because if people don’t understand this they’re just going to go ahead and they’re going to follow orders.

So, what do you think? Is there — are we coming closer to a a tipping point or a turning point in Israel. Because we feel that in parts of the world this tipping point is in within reach. Not in close reach, but it is within reach because the other side is getting extremely nervous and making many, many mistakes…

Rabbi Chananya Weissman

Well, I think the tipping point is definitely getting close at this point. You can basically split the population into two groups of people — those who still have their minds turned on and have a conscience and can think clearly and those who don’t…

There’s only two ways that this can turn out — either we’re going to win or we’re going to lose. Either truth is going to win out or terrible things are going to happen. There’s no middle ground anymore.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

I mean, as far as we’re concerned, as lawyers we believe that the only way out of this is by having the international legal community cooperate. Maybe setting up — we’re just debating this and I think we’re going to start doing working on this very soon — maybe setting up a Nuremberg 2-0 type of international tribunal.

But apart from the legal efforts that are definitely necessary I think much more transparency, much more education of the public, has to happen without being too confrontative — because if we if we become aggressive that’s just what the other side wants.

Because, as you explained, they’re splitting the population. Here or in the United States is probably 50/50. Maybe here in Germany, at maybe 20 or 30 percent on our side who are critical and 60-70 percent who are completely in line with the government. Well not completely. Some of them are beginning to have doubts. How do you assess the situation in Israel?

Rabbi Chananya Weissman

There are lawyers who are very bravely trying to go through the legal system. The problem is that they’re being blocked at every turn because the judges are also corrupt, the legal system is also corrupt. They’re all in on it.,,


I see us as all soldiers fighting in an army and we have to figure out our own personal missions using our skills and talents. But we have to realize at the same time, that through natural means there is no way out of this. Only God can save us. And this is one of the articles I wrote — that this is actually a war against God. What the people in charge and power are doing — they are fighting against God. They want to know everything and own everything, and control everything and be in charge of who lives and who dies, and whose job is essential and whose life is essential. They want to be God.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

They’re now trying to discuss — and this is something that Professor Schwab told us about — that there’s a new decision by the European Court of Human Rights saying it’s absolutely okay for countries, for nations, to mandate vaccinations. This is something that’s very, very disturbing. And if this concerns children, and I think that decision did concern children, then we’re not just — we’re talking about not just child abuse. This comes really close to ritual child abuse. And this, I think, is a stark warning for everyone.

That’s why last night when we discussed another — a new international class action that’s going to be filed in Canada for only children. That’s why we think that this is important. We have to have people focus on what is going on, in particular with respect to our children.

I think, and we think, this could be a turning point if we manage to draw people’s attention to what this means in particular for children.

Following comments by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (in German), Dr. Reiner Fuellmich continues…

Rabbi Weissman, you may know that he [Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg] is — he was the one who was more or less responsible for stopping the last attempt at an international pandemic. That was the swine flu. Because he was then in a position of political power. He was a member of the German parliament and he was also a member of the Council of Europe.

And he’s saying he loves to listen to what you’re saying because he’s — all of a sudden he sees the parallels between theology and biology. He also points out that we have probably been too — what’s the word? maybe complacent is a good word — too complacent over the past decades or so, because if we hadn’t been, if we had been more careful, we would have known, we would have seen what was going on — that evil things are happening.

He says that there was an awakening after World War II. Many people learned some things. Some didn’t. But, as a result, there was 70 years of peace, at least here in Europe after World War II. This time, he says, we’re going to have to learn much more.

And we will probably have to reorganize our societies in a dramatic way. Maybe organize ourselves in regional ways. So that instead of the top-down governments that we’re now seeing — which are not even governments…top-down rules from private enterprises like the WHO, like the World Economic Forum — that we get rid of these binding and oppressive regulations and find our own regional regulations amongst ourselves. And then connect with each other. Which he thinks this is probably part of what you are also alluding to.

Of course, on a theological, on a religious level, but he does say that this purely biological approach which he sees parallels between this and the theological approach. He does think that this is probably directed in the same manner. Would you agree with that or how do you see this?

Rabbi Chananya Weissman

Regarding the parallels between now and the Holocaust and what we should have learned. Look people today don’t get good history lessons. And, unfortunately, when people learn about the Holocaust they only learn about what happened after the final solution. Right? When the people are being burned in ovens and gas in the chambers. They learn about the horrors of the Holocaust. But that’s not the education that they really need to focus on. They need to focus on what happened before the final solution.

When Hitler took power in the early 1930s it took him several years to consolidate his power and to condition enough of the people to make the final solution possible. That’s the time in which we’re living today. We have to nip this in the bud. We have to cut it off at the at the very roots. Because once they implement the final solution we’re basically powerless to stop it.

So that’s the education that people should have been getting, and for the most part have not been getting. And we also have to recognize that even those who did learn their lessons from history, the bad guys also learned their lessons from the Holocaust. They learned what worked well, what didn’t work so well, and during these 70 years of, you know, peace that we’ve basically enjoyed for the most part, they’ve been fine-tuning their methods and they’ve been planning their next battle.

The Holocaust never really ended. There was just a cease-fire the bad guys were still out there and they are perpetuating their evils as well. And they’ve been doing this constantly. They haven’t taken any time off.

Regarding the final point, yes, it’s true we should not be counting on the government to run our lives for us. That is not the role of government in Judaism…

The doctors today are only concerned about keeping people sick and needing their services and making money. If people didn’t get sick so much, and people didn’t need to go to doctors all the time, the doctors wouldn’t be able to make any money. And the drug companies wouldn’t be able to make any money… They need us to always be putting drugs in our body, being afraid of illness, having chronic illnesses, taking a drug every time we don’t feel well or in a bad mood. We need to take drugs all the time. That’s the modern view of science — that we need chemicals in our body all the time.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Viviana [Viviane Fischer] is pointing — she’s trying to find some common ground for all of us apart from religion, and maybe on top of religion, she’s saying what this basically means, what you’re saying, and what she’s saying, is that we have to do good things. We have to do — you can call it follow… either follow the rule of law or follow ethical and moral rules or follow God. It doesn’t probably make much of a difference as long as we’re doing good things, as long as we remember, for example, the oath of office that many of us have sworn to do good things for the people — and not for the industry, for the tech or pharmaceutical industry…

Lawyer Viviane Fischer

Our basic law is not focused around the common good, you know, because we have the dignity of the individual as a result of… what happened during the Holocaust. This is what our constitution is based around…

I mean, you can still pervert it, you know, but I think if we all go back to this sort of this moral grounds… this ethical idea of the individual being… that you just cannot kill the dignity of the individual… it’s similar… it has aspects of what you say… then you can say it’s a God-given dignity.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

…If you take God out of the equation, as you said, or maybe spirituality. Because our colleague Michael Swinwood from Canada, he’s the one who’s about to file the new class action for children.

He used to be a very successful, powerful attorney — a business lawyer basically — and then 20 years ago he decided this is it, I’m not going to have anything to do with this anymore. And then he started to work only for the natives — the natives in Canada, the natives in the United States and in South America. And turned to spiritualism. And he comes up with the very same or very similar conclusions as you do.

It is, I think, it makes no difference if you call it spirituality or religion, if you do take God or spirituality out of the equation, you’re probably lost. I tend to agree with that because it becomes clearer by the moment that laws alone and rules alone will not be the solution. We need more than this…

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