Dr. Tom Cowan & Leslie Manookian: Facing the Truth About the Serious Harm Caused by Vaccines & Deep Lies Pushed by “Health Authorities”

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Dr. Tom Cowan & Leslie Manookian: Facing the Truth About the Serious Harm Caused by Vaccines & Deep Lies Pushed by “Health Authorities”


Leslie Manookian, former Wall St. executive who worked with Big Pharma accounts (now a licensed homeopath), shares conversation with Dr. Tom Cowan about the covid vaccines, the pharmaceutical corporations’ drive for profits while ignoring human safety, the past 100 years of deception around vaccines including lies about their efficacy and safety, and the unfolding attempted enslavement of humanity. Leslie also talks about her current work with Health Freedom Defense. See video below.


Excerpts from Transcript:

In response to a comment by Dr. Tom Cowan about “the depth of delusion that people suffer from”:

Leslie Manookian

I think it’s two-fold.

One is the brainwashing that we’ve been subjected to for a century about vaccines. And it is brainwashing because we have been lied to since the beginning about their safety, their efficacy, and the extent to which they’ve been proven safe — to which they’ve even been studied.

So that’s one part of the puzzle — that it saves humanity. That’s just not true. It’s patently false. And if you dig into the literature you’ll find that 90% of the decline in disease mortality in the western world occurred before advent or widespread use of either antibiotics or vaccines…

But the other piece of it is the cognitive dissonance. Right? We can’t actually digest this because I think the ramifications are too huge. One, that I might have injured myself or my children. And, two, I think the other thing is that — who can we trust? If we can’t trust health authorities with the health and well-being of our most vulnerable, our babies, then can we trust them with anything? And if we can’t trust them with anything, what does that mean, Tom?

We are on our own. It means we are on our own and that you have to be responsible for every aspect of your life. And a lot of people don’t want that.

Dr. Tom Cowan

But I can imagine how difficult it would be if I had been doing normal vaccines. And just to face it in myself that I did that for six months or a year. And you can always say ‘well, I didn’t know better’ and you could make up a lot of excuses. But, at the end of the day, there’s a kind of reckoning. And there’s a certain maturity — you know, a kind of emotional, psychological maturity — that I don’t think most doctors have. And they can’t face it.

Leslie Manookian

I think most human beings don’t want to face the fact that they actually are responsible for everything in their lives. Right? …

That parent-child relationship is actually cultivated by the media, by the medical profession, by the government, by education, even by our families…

There are so many aspects of our lives that are actually teaching us to be obedient rule-followers rather than questioners.


Conversations With Dr. Cowan & Friends| EP 24: Leslie Manookian 

by Dr. Tom Cowan
April 15, 2021


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