Dr. Tom Cowan on the “Spiked Protein Toxin” & “Virus Created in a Lab” Stories

Dr. Tom Cowan on the “Spiked Protein Toxin” & “Virus Created in a Lab” Stories


New Findings on the Spike Protein Toxin- Live Webinar 6/4/21

Original video available at Dr. Tom Cowan BitChute channel.

[As a service to protect truth from censorship and to share widely, mirrored copies of this video are available at Truth Comes to Light BitChute, Brighteon, and Odysee channels. All credit, along with our sincere thanks, goes to the original source of this video. Please follow links provided to support their work.]

This presentation with Q&A included:

  • a basic discussion of virology theories and stories
  • spiked proteins
  • “gain of function” research
  • PCR Tests
  • what we actually know about antibodies
  • autoimmune disease
  • what might be happening with all the anecdotal stories about “shedding”
  • Stefan Lanka’s virology study
  • pathogenic priming


The video mentioned by Dr. Cowan related to Stefan Lanka’s virology study

The peer-reviewed study mentioned by Dr. Cowen on COVID-19 vaccines  that suggests why heart inflammation, blood clots, and other dangerous side effects occur

A Serious Indictment of Modern Cell Biology and Neurobiology by Harold Hillman


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