Drs. Tom Cowan, Mark & Samantha Bailey, Andrew Kaufman: Why Are We Doing This?

Drs. Tom Cowan, Mark & Samantha Bailey, Andrew Kaufman: Why Are We Doing This?



“It is also clear that the dramatic events of the past three years, events that have devastated the lives of many people all over the world, are based on this very misconception that so-called pathogenic viruses exist. This misconception has been around for a very long time, and it has led to damaging public health measures, the most notorious being vaccines, which have themselves harmed and killed millions of animals and people during their long and sordid history.


TCTL editor’s note:

In the video below, Samantha Bailey reads the written statement “Why Are We Doing This?” which was signed by Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, Mark and Samantha Bailey.

Following that reading, each of the four makes a brief personal statement about why they continue to speak out about lies at the foundation of virology.

The written statement, shared below, can be found at Tom Cowan’s website.

Transcript of the individual statements is provided by Truth Comes to Light.


Why Are We Doing This?: The Written Statement

Sadly, the level of rancor between those in the “freedom” community taking the “no-virus” position and those taking the “pro-virus” position has reached higher and higher levels.

Videos, Instagram posts and tweets are put out by both sides claiming to “debunk’ the other side or sometimes to just call names.

Mikki Willis, the producer and director of the documentary series Plandemic, has created a new video urging unity among those who claim to be on the side of freedom, along with a subtle accusation that dissenters against this unity are classic disinformation agents.

Given this background, we, as some of the recognized leaders of the “no-virus team,” thought it would be a good opportunity to reconnect and even restate why we are doing this.

Why we will not just be good team players and participate in the growing worldwide movement fighting for the universal principles of freedom, bodily autonomy and the ability to guide one’s life based on one’s own beliefs and decisions? Why keep speaking out?

It seems obvious to us and, in fact, has been a guiding principle throughout our entire lives that a life based in freedom and integrity must have a solid, factual foundation. In other words, if the foundation is not based on the truth, as best we can see it, our entire lives are based on mistruths and are in danger of collapse at any moment.

Imagine building a relationship, a family, a homestead based on love between two people when the reality is that, rather than love, there is distrust, suspicion and even ill will. Sooner or later, that life will collapse into ruins.

This is the same with a financial system based on fiat currency, an agricultural system based on inattention to the health of the soil, or a medical system based on anti-scientific medical hypotheses.

After careers of examining medical research and theories and three years of intensive investigation into the question of whether particles or, perhaps better said, entities known as viruses actually exist, it is our clear conclusion that no such particle has ever been shown to exist, let alone cause any disease in plants, animals or people. For us, this conclusion stands as a clear fact.

It is also clear that the dramatic events of the past three years, events that have devastated the lives of many people all over the world, are based on this very misconception that so-called pathogenic viruses exist. This misconception has been around for a very long time, and it has led to damaging public health measures, the most notorious being vaccines, which have themselves harmed and killed millions of animals and people during their long and sordid history.

This carnage needs to stop.

People need to experience the world with new eyes and with a new concept of life, biology and health. This new conception can begin only when we realize, once and for all, that the idea of contagious, pathogenic viruses, or viral-like entities of any sort — natural, lab created, clones or otherwise —is simply a scientific misconception, or possibly a fraud.

Why we are doing this is straightforward: It’s so that no woman, man, child or animal ever has to be subjected again to abuse based on a long, bankrupt theory of biology and medicine.

We have nothing personally to gain from this quest. No prestigious awards are coming our way, and we likely will get nothing but further scorn and derision from colleagues, public institutions, and the general media.

Yet, when we think of our children, grandchildren, our friends, our families, our beloved animals, and animals in labs who are tortured and killed in this clearly futile effort to demonstrate the “reality” of viruses, everything in our being cries out, “this must stop.”

Therefore, we ask all people of good will to accept the following challenge. Please send us any genuine scientific information that demonstrates that viruses exist and cause disease.

We are not interested in any comments about our motivations or the consequences of our quests for us personally. Absent that evidence, we and our good friends will keep going. We believe that the future for all of us depends on it.

Dr. Thomas Cowan

Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Drs. Samantha & Mark Bailey

Time marker 5:03 — Dr. Tom Cowan:

So we’ve been talking a fair amount about why we’re doing this. The this being talking about the fact that there’s no virus, never had a virus that’s been shown to exist or cause any disease.

So what difference does it make?

So there’s obviously a whole lot of reasons including all the social distancing and the masks and the viral vaccines and the devastation of the adults and the lives of children.

But one thing that we haven’t, unfortunately, talked about much is its effect on the animals and the widespread frank torture and mutilation of millions of animals in labs and so-called science experiments all over the world.

And for whatever reason, I hadn’t appreciated this so much until I actually have animals of my own. And I think you could see our three cats and six chickens and we’re getting three goats this week.

When you realize all the mutilated animals, the ferrets with the cell culture stuffed down their throats, the 15,000 monkeys that were allegedly killed by Sabin to make an ineffective and dangerous polio vaccine.

When you realize all the mutilated dogs that have been left in dumpsters, which I’ve heard from many people who actually witnessed this themselves, the mice who’ve been injected with debris into their brain.

And you realize that all these experiments have no possible benefit. They’re just basically sadistic, torturing of innocent animals.

And at some point in your life, everything cries out to say this has to stop.

Time marker 7:04 — Dr. Andrew Kaufman:

Hello, I’m Dr. Andrew Kaufman. And today I’m here to answer the question why is it important to me to tell the whole truth about viruses? Meaning that they don’t actually exist or cause disease.

When faced with a lot of opposition and resistance to this message, you know, why am I communicating this over and over and sticking to this position.

And my answer is simple and I can answer in one word which is justice. But let me explain.

So if we look up the definition of justice, it means the maintenance or establishment of that which is just.

And I have here the definition of the word just from Merriam Webster: “Having a basis in or conforming to fact or reason.” Fact or reason.

So those are the two principal aspects that need to be established and known in order to bring about justice. Fact and Reason.

Now justice, for me, is a guiding factor in my life’s work or my mission.

What I would want to achieve and leave as my legacy on earth at the end of my life is related to bringing about justice.

So earlier in my career, this led me to the specialty of forensic psychiatry because I had learned that there was a great injustice perpetrated on the mentally ill individuals of the world. And this was so-called the deinstitutionalization movement which took people out of mental institutions — which at least were established with some purpose of helping and supporting and bettering those individuals — into the homeless crisis as well as jails and prisons.

So I was specifically going to try and help those mentally ill individuals who were essentially warehoused in jails and prisons, even without perpetrating any immoral crimes.

So many of them are there for things, because they were homeless, for example. So when it was really cold out, they went inside a storage facility to stay warm and escape frostbite. But that was trespassing so they ended up incarcerated, for example. And I’ve seen individuals in that scenario.

So this principle of justice has been a guiding force for me in my life. And it’s no different in the era of covid, where as I wanted to use fact and reason to make an opinion and see what is just with relationship to the announcement of this pandemic which occurred in 2020. And so, of course, I used my reasoning abilities to establish what are the facts.

And that led me to look at the initial fact, which was the establishment of this so-called virus that was causing this pandemic. Everything downstream of that was based upon this assumption.

And what I found out was that this assumption did not have a factual basis. And I simply applied logic and reason, and application of the scientific method to see that the experiments used to establish this basis of a new disease were simply unscientific and false.

And this helped me, of course, have a unique understanding of everything that occurred over the past several years. And I could easily look through the lens of judgment and see what was just and what was unjust in terms of people’s reactions, especially the government and various industries.

And this leads ultimately to holding the perpetrators of this tyranny accountable.

And one of the criticisms that has come from some of the health freedom leaders have been that if we look at the truth that there was no virus, that somehow that lets people like Anthony Fauci off the hook. But it’s actually the opposite because until we establish a factual basis of the crimes that were committed — and namely, in my opinion, they were the complete fabrication of an imaginary new disease that allowed justification of tyrannical policies that reduce freedom and inhibited commerce and allowed all types of manipulation to occur.

And we, to this day, don’t really know who are the main leaders behind this psychological operation that established this false disease, not based on fact. But perhaps if we hold people like Anthony Fauci accountable for participating in this charade that we can extract information and find out who the originators are. And that would be the only way to establish a true justice and accountability for what we’ve experienced.

And I know that going forward it continues to be the utmost important element in our analysis is to establish the facts and to use reasoning to understand what’s going on.

And of course this is true, especially with respect to our health.

So I hope this provides some inspiration to see how important it is to really get to the bottom of this issue.

Time marker 13:10 — Dr. Mark Bailey:

For more than three years I have researched the virus hypothesis, digesting virology textbooks and thousands of publications — from Ivanovsky’s claimed tobacco mosaic virus in 1903 through to Fan Wu’s claimed novel coronavirus in early 2020.

Virology’s world is arcane and most people have barely scratched the surface, content to believe viruses exist and often outraged that we would question such a thing.

However, we did question and haven’t stopped after we broke away from our conventional training and examined this issue for ourselves.

When I completed A Farewell to Virology, even I was surprised at the patent lack of evidence for these alleged infectious particles. It wasn’t just a few areas where the virologist evidence was lacking. It was in every area.

The techniques have shifted over the past century as their own experiments have consistently refuted themselves.

Now their remaining “evidence” lies in inadequate methodologies, uncontrolled studies and media releases.

Some time ago, we witnessed a move away from genuine experimental studies and into what I suspect is their final resort — genomics and proteomics.

But as I wrote in A Farewell to Virology, this approach is built on bankrupt foundations and will only delay the wider realization that the virus model is done for.

In the meantime, the carnage will continue for those still inside the viral paradigm. Experiencing disease, detecting genetic sequences, looking at electron microscopy images or obtaining test results — whether they be through the PCR or alleged antibodies — do not require the existence of viruses, as we and others have repeatedly exposed.

Mankind can make up stories to explain these various phenomena, but cannot change the underlying principles, no matter how sophisticated the technology.

I don’t know how much of the virus fallacy is a misconception, and how much is outright fraud.

It probably doesn’t matter because what is important is that more people are waking up to the fallacy and rejecting the virus and germ theory models outright.

Like our family, they have worked out that none of the touted solutions, whether they be public health measures, vaccines or drugs, offer any benefit to our well-being.

They can see the destruction to humanity, the animals and the environment based on this fraudulent war against imaginary infectious particles.

The real enemy is fear and ignorance, something each of us must overcome. Our world does not need to be feared, with the insight that nature does not make mistakes. And this divine biology is always pro-life and for our benefit.

We may still be in the minority, but we are already victorious as we share this new freedom, wisdom and prosperity with the next generation.

Time marker 16:10 — Dr. Samantha Bailey

In 2020, I first started questioning the covid-19 fraud because I could see that people were fearing for their lives.

The public were being told to stay indoors, to obtain food only from corporate outlets, to avoid relatives and neighbours, all while staying close to their phones and TVs to keep up to date with government announcements.

The fear of the supposed virus was clearly out of proportion with reality. My gut feeling was that I had to try to reduce people’s fear by researching the science honestly and presenting my findings to anyone that would listen.

Our research into SARS-CoV-2 quickly morphed into searching for evidence for the existence of any virus. By mid 2020, it was apparent to us that the key scientific evidence was absent and the level of the fraud was massive.

The powers that shouldn’t be had been building up to the staging of a huge pandemic like covid-19 for decades. Finally, they had their formula correct and almost everyone was complying with the new totalitarian rule under the mistaken belief of contagion.

The key to unravelling the fraud lay with explaining the viral delusion as well as the lies of germ theory to allay the public’s fear.

I investigate the science and follow the trails wherever they may lead. I then release my findings to the public so that I can sleep at night.

I want my children to have a life where they do not live in fear of nature, where they can understand the true causes of disease and how to be healthy through right thinking and right living.

It is a joy to watch them grow to their full potential and I hope that many more people will share the benefits of ignoring the virus model and its associated carnage.

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