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by Joseph P. Farrell
January 6, 2020


Well… here we go folks!  It’s 2020, and Daniel and I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and every good thing in the year to come.

And speaking of the New Year, I want to start off this year’s blogs by a look back to the very tail end of last year, and to rehearse an old high octane speculation, because I think we’re looking at that old pattern of high octane speculation in action once again. We’ve seen, for example, the fires in California over the past two years, with clear evidence that something more is involved than just (1) plain old arson, (2) just plain old drought, and (3) just plain old neglect to trim back brush and undergrowth. Indeed, we’ve seen strange pictures from those fires, from what appears to be beams of collimated energy, to evidence of fires having been started near the electrical junction boxes of power lines going into homes. I’ve blogged about these things before and offered some pretty wild high octane speculation in explanation of their potential technological and scientific aspects of what may be going on. Other researchers in the alternative research field such as Elana Freeland have also offered scientific and technological explanations.

As for the events themselves, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts and I have also speculated that the fires were a kind of small scale “beta test” of how to practice “disaster capitalism” by initiating the disasters themselves via exotic technologies, and of course, the good old fashioned methods of blackmailing people into committing acts of arson and so on. And now… Australia burns, and more and more people are questioning the public narratives. I wish I could share some of the questions – and information – I’ve been getting, but suffice it to say there is a growing concern among some in the alternative research field that  something is very fishy about what’s going on in Australia.

Then, looking further back, there are three other signal events of a few years ago that form part of my “old high octane speculation” pattern: 1) the Fukushima tsunami-earthquake-reactor disaster, 2) the Indonesian tsunami, and 3) the strange earthquakes in the Soviet Union that preceded the German reunification. In each of these cases, what appeared to have been natural disasters all occurred within a political context that suggests that they may not have been so natural after all. Prior to the Fukushima disaster, for example, there was a new Japanese government which was gently but firmly requesting that the USA close its base in Okinawa, and which was openly talking about state visits of then-Japanese-Emperor Akahito to visit China. This was followed by a stern threat from Obama’s Secretary of Defense Robert Gates that Japan would face dire consequences if it went forward on its independent course. A few days later, the tsunami struck Fukushima, and the rest is history. And in the case of the Indonesian tsunami, as recounted many times by Catherine Fitts, about a week prior to the tsunami, she noticed a massive sell-off of Indonesian sovereign securities for no apparent reason, but the reason came about a week later when the tsunami struck. In the case of the Soviet Union, Georgia was struck by strong earthquakes during the period of the events surrounding German reunification, a fact that was conveniently coincidental, because the then Soviet Foreign Minister, Eduard Schervenadze was from … you guessed it … Georgia.

To this pattern we might add a fourth: the earthquakes that just conveniently devastated North Korean nuclear facilities during the height of renewed tensions between that country and the Trump administration over its nuclear policy. Then came a press conference with an American general who stated “all options are on the table.” When asked by a reporter if that included “kinetic weapons” or Rod of God technologies, the general’s answer was a simple yes.

It’s not much of a “pattern,” I’ll grant you, but it at least raises to the level of “hunch”: natural disasters in the context of political tensions might not be natural disasters at all, but examples of the use of exotic technologies.

With that in mind, consider the recent droning-assassination of a top Iranian general that currently has much of the lamestream corporate controlled media in a tizzy. And within the same time frame, we have this:

5.1 earthquake hits near Bushehr nuclear plant in Iran

Now as the article states, the Iranian nuclear facility at Bushehr is indeed near a natural fault line and experiences almost daily tremors. Normally, that would be enough to make me dismiss the story as “mere earthquake.”

But given the previous “pattern of hunches,” the political commentary and tensions previous to Fukushima and again in North Korea, I cannot dispel the queasy feeling that we might be looking at the same thing here. And it is perhaps significant that prior to this earthquake, we also had one of those curious “tweets from Trump” that the USA had weapons that were not “nukes” and equally destructive.

And when you do the math on earthquakes, they certainly fall into that category…

See you on the flip side…

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