Expanding Our Ability to See the Hidden World Influencers

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Expanding Our Ability to See the Hidden World Influencers

by Adam Abraham, Phaelosopher
April 30, 2015


Et tu, Baltimore?

The events that are unfolding in Baltimore, Maryland, characterized by many as riots, are in my opinion, a positive sign that life and love yet exists in America, and that the American spirit hasn’t, in spite of some major efforts, been distracted, drugged, or anesthetized into a quiet sleep or coma.Compartmentalization pressure has been so severe that pundits and critics alike will view the demonstrations in racial terms alone. Some will look at “those black people rioting,” and infer that they are uncivilized savages for destroying “their own” neighborhoods, and have little regard for property or “authority”.


The air had red glare, as something lit was hurled through the air.


Critics won’t see the protest by the people of a community intent on being treated with respect, by others who shouldn’t need to be told this, as the actualization of their own pent-up and unspoken angst and protest.

Nature doesn’t recognize the “boxes” that man has created and insists that everyone live inside. Seeing the situation in Baltimore as a problem of race alone severely limits the scope and context of remedy. Evolution occurs when we expand the scope of our love and care beyond the priorities or needs of “our” particular social group and seek to discern and embrace what is best for The Whole.

When I write about the criminality of vaccine practice or standard cancer treatment, it’s not because “my” children have been afflicted (though both were affected), it’s because I’ve studied and come to understand the damage that these practices do (which I did not know then).

All children are victimized by the unrepentant and unmitigated Medical System that thus far insists, like police departments that cover for their abusive officers, on rationalization while escalating its destructive and repressive practices.

There can only be ONE set of laws that apply to ALL. If either government, military, or “law enforcement” doesn’t live by that understanding, those who do must remind them.


A Hidden Influence in Plain Sight



Just who do you address your grievances with if, in spite of your best efforts and intentions, you find that “The System” is unresponsive and seems to be dead set against you? What most critics and pundits don’t know is that The System doesn’t discriminate. It thinks little of them too.

This is America, the Land of the (Not) Free (Not) and home of the (Not) Brave. It has never been either. America is more the land of the indebted and home of the indentured.


This is a dubious place to “outperform” China!

Ownership is a myth in America. Even automobile makers are attempting to claim that they still “own” the intellectual property of the software and system management in the car even when you purchase it, to dissuade you from repairing cars on your own. (See story.)

Even if you “own” your home free and clear, try not paying property taxes. Nothing is actually as it seems in our social system.

On the other hand, there are those who think they “own” you and me. They’ve got the birth papers and bonds to prove it, but are clear (1) not to let you know about it, and (2) make the audit trail difficult to find, or follow.

The protesters in Baltimore expressed dissatisfaction with an hypocritical, deceitful, even criminal social System (that’s what it is) that has shown itself to be concerned about little beyond the perpetuation of its own agenda. All benefits that are promised by The System shall benefit and advance The System, even if it is at the expense of, and of detriment to those it purports to serve.

Did you know that roughly $0.45 of every gallon of gas that you pay for goes to the government? One reason that gas mileage (and emissions) are improving only marginally compared to what is truly possible, is the significant tax revenue that the government would lose if there was a sudden decrease in fuel consumption due to increased efficiencies. The engine management system in your car actually ensures that it will keep fuel consumption up, i.e., within a predictable norm which is well below what automotive engineers have long been able to deliver.



Instead of being open about it, Americans have been killed  for solving the oil crisis riddle (e.g., Stanley Meyer), while America has sent our children to war, increasing its debt to bankers, to kill and destroy and take control of oil, which we no longer need. Even our cars of today can be made to burn fuel far more efficiently than they currently do, which would reduce emissions while increasing range and power.


It’s Time To Join Hands, Hearts, and Minds


Unity in peace moves everyone forward.


Most would find it incredible to hear that factions exist within world society that believe they “own” us all; black, white, brown, and red, Christian, Muslim, and Jew, capitalist, socialist, and communist.

Do you find it interesting that a movie, “The Purge” released in 2013, introduced the idea of a period of “legalized crime”, which then served as a framework for organizing the Baltimore protests? Is it possible that this was the purpose of the movie; that is, to insinuate new destructive ideas into the public consciousness? The factions that think they control everything are capable of making such “deposits” of ideas, through motion pictures, television, sports, and other media, as they wish.

They are the ones that instruct companies like Monsanto, Cargill, Bayer, and others to contaminate agriculture with non-reproducing, genetically modified seeds, under the guise of “business”. They also tell presidents to pass measures granting such corporations immunity from prosecution, and presidents do.

They tell the Supreme Court to give corporations equal standing to human beings, and the court so rules.How does a protester in Baltimore throw a rock at these people? It’s not that anyone wants to throw rocks. Everyone wants to be treated with the respect that they deserve. No one group has been singled out for special shafting.

Through strategic use of research grants, endowments, tenure, prestige, and recognition, they have perverted health sciences, turning it into a Medical Industrial Complex, a well-oiled, patent-holding, disease creating, drug-dispensing machine. It mandates that all will be vaccinated, even infants, with absolutely no accountability (or so they think) for the effect that their powerful, patented, mutagenic immune system suppressants have on fragile, newly arriving souls.They don’t care, and it’s not about money.



In the same way as the Earth is self-sufficient, people truly understood that humans are designed to be self-healing, and will heal automatically when balance and natural harmonics are restored, do you really think they’d be asking their doctor if “________” is right for their psoriasis, hemorrhoids or cancer? Most people have come to believe that disease is the inevitable result of getting older, or, a “genetic deficiency,” or bad luck.None of these are true.


An All-Out Assault




Pesticides kill microbial life, upset natural balances, and alter human minds.

From virtually the day a child is born, the human Immune system is suppressed by unnatural institutionalized standards and practices employed in health care, the production of food and processing of water, through fundamental concepts of science (e.g., germ theory) and culture (one drop theory); not by acts of Nature, and not by “flaw” of God.

We’re so deep into unnatural alteration that we wouldn’t know how a human being, if  raised on natural foods and beverages, would fare, health-wise. Many would like to know.

Many more know that the choice, responsibility and power is theirs, not in a pharmaceutical drug, even when government agencies imagine up new “laws” to keep real solutions unavailable or out of reach of the people who need them most.

The same government agencies maintain policies and practices that keep expensive  health-debilitating options at the forefront and health restorative ones in the background or in sequestration.

If a tornado had gone through Baltimore, survivors would have expressed gratitude, cleaned up and rebuilt, and got on with their lives. Will your passion for humanity guide your judgment? Or will pre-judgment blind you to the new direction that we… not just black or white, not just Democrat or Republican, not just Christian, Muslim, or Jew, but ALL people, agree needs to be made?




This shit is coming home because we have tolerated “exporting” it around the world. We can stop it now.

Those who would have all humans take the proverbial “koolaid” in the needle, or through the water, or the GMO’d food, grains, and dairy, or via the chemtrails, are fucking everyone over, and laughing all the way to the bank, which they own, while we look at our peers and blame each other and gird for battle. It’s just what they want us to do.When People use the voting system that they believe is there for them to redress such issues, this same group still gets its way by controlling the tally. Go to court, and that is controlled too.

When you walk into a courtroom, you might as well be in another country. The barristers don’t wear wigs in America (that would raise too many questions), but being a member of the BAR (British Accredited Registry) means that another set of priorities and agendas are at play.

While some Americans are in this cloistered group of Influencers, they’re not based in America.Some people point to the 535 members of congress as the ones who should be held accountable to the American people and be voted out if they are not, ignoring the fact that the Federal Government, the military, and their subsidiaries employ hundreds of thousands in Washington, DC, and millions around the country and the world, who are not elected every two, four, or six years.



Do you see how deftly the American public’s attention has been focused on the group that knows the least and is the most transitory, while the ones who do the most damage are ignored “in plain sight?Americans then inflate their own egos by claiming that the President is “the most powerful man in the world.” The controllers know that the American president is little more than a sock puppet.



The “leader” of the “free” world?


As the 2016 presidential “campaign” season gets rolling, what makes you think that the American people actually want another (1) Clinton, or (2) Bush to choose from? Who doesn’t know that both are fruit from the same poisonous tree? The Influencers either (1) don’t know, (2) don’t care, or perhaps (3) are losing their influence.

Out of 300 million people, our political and social preferences can only be expressed in terms of “Democrat” or “Republican?” There will be the public campaign, and the private campaign, and the private one is where “the winner” will come from, irrespective of how you or I vote.

That is why it is useless to blame Barack Obama for the slide United States of America Corporation has taken (although it is his job to take the brunt of your dissatisfaction, as it would have been if the other candidate had won the sock puppet job), and why it didn’t matter where he was born. If he was this group’s choice, then he would be in, and every expedient measure would be taken to make it appear on the “up-and-up.” However, the entire system is a fraud, when you open your eyes enough, and are willing to see it.

Most Americans, while disappointed, know that elections aren’t run ethically, but don’t do anything but bitch and moan on social media, or to each other, or bury their troubles in alcohol.

Barack Obama recently suggested making voting “mandatory,” never even asking why so many Americans see the utter futility of the electoral process. Even mandatory voting wouldn’t yield any meaningful data, because they — the controllers — only want obedience, not freedom, and for their secret influence to remain that way.

But that’s not happening either.

The controllers lord over the education system to make sure Americans think and react predictably, and operate under the same misconceptions. They use the threat of future diseases as a reason to coerce parents into consenting to have their children vaccinated again, as a prerequisite to entering “public” school. Did you know that vaccines lower a child’s IQ? This is not an idle statement.

I could go on-and-on. The assault is pervasive and ubiquitous. The only problem is that we’ve stopped seeing the truth as it is, and lived in a fantasy of how we think it should be, if it were not for them (whoever “they” are).

Before I leave that point, you should also know that clearing out the toxicity in a child or adult will likewise raise the IQ.

Genius is as natural to us as love.Raising or waving the flag is supposed to mean that “good” is being down here, even when U.S. soldiers are deployed to guard poppy (heroin) fields in Afghanistan or police use inhumane, excessive force on people who do not “obey” their commands.


Those are NOT white roses.


Police officers are increasingly acting like storm troopers or institutionalized robots in their interactions with the public, thereby distancing themselves and their departments from what is important. Protecting property is not important. Being instruments of, and for peace between and amongst the community, is. Can’t be about peace when you’re bulking up for war.

How does this help community relations?

It’s sad to see riots, but it’s good to see that some Americans have had enough and are willing to say so. I am grateful that so few were injured and so many took conscious steps to show they cared for their communities and the Law Enforcers who were there to “control” them.

We’ve grown accustomed to expecting less of “such people”.200 years from now, the actions of the “rioters” will be seen differently. They are patriots who had the courage to (1) voice their grievance, (2) stand up against the “authority” (not really… the police are just doing their job). They also had the human decency to not try to take vengeance out on the police themselves.


A Stratum Strategy Perfected


Beyond that, the controllers have, through both science and religion, cultivated the idea of stratification between various groups; a social hierarchy or pecking order based on perceived status, wealth, education, position, or what have you.

It’s all bullshit from a continuum of bullshit that people have used to manipulate others for at least 1,000 years.

The truth is that ALL are equal. Always have been, always are, and always will be. How we think about ourselves, our world, and our relationships with each other, determines the life that we live, the doors that open to us, or the ones that close. AT THE CORE, “BLACK” PEOPLE ARE *EQUAL* TO EVERYONE ELSE, AND EVERYONE ELSE ARE *EQUAL* TO “BLACK” PEOPLE. One’s “equality” is a product of his or her imagination, visualization, attitude, passion, courage, and determination.

No one “gets ahead” by being angry. They may make money that way, but won’t evolve. They won’t know love, which is the essence of life, nor peace. Evolution, not technology, harmony, not force, is what’s important. Love is the only doorway to human evolution, Not transhumanism, not “World Order” bullshit.

One of the most difficult moments that one will experience comes when we realize that the IDEAS–about ourselves and others–we’ve inherited or embraced involving a multitude of actions, have been based on lies we sincerely believed were true. In America, we certainly thought that democracy, freedom of speech and association, were real principles. It is a JOLT to discover the betrayal that continues this very moment.


It’s hard to see what’s hopeful in this image when we’re used to being polarized.


Did you not see the LOVE in the mom who was photographed slapping sense back into the head of her son? Did her skin color really matter? If Child Services goes after her for that, you’d get a sense of just how insane the institutions have become.



No one is factoring in the effect that synthetic, chemical-based, processed foods and beverages (energy drinks, “Big Bulps,” etc.) has on people, police officers included. The controllers sit and watch humans flounder, totally unaware of how they are being played.


How All of Society is Under Mind Control


If we’re balanced, then humiliation, which is something altogether different, becomes humility, which is ennobling. It becomes our gateway to recovery from self-imposed guilt, remorse, shame, anger, confusion, and fear as the utter hypocrisy that becomes self-evident discloses itself to our consciousness.

Neither cynicism nor apathy are goals to awakening truth. There is something far more liberating that awaits recognition; namely, the amazing Gift that courses through each of us, and connects us to All That Is. The Divine Stillness that makes motion and Life as we know it possible.

Humanity isn’t dead in Baltimore.

That Divine Stillness is everywhere, in everything, and behind ALL of Creation. We have the added privilege of being consciously aware of this Undifferentiated Element that makes what appears to be individualized differentiation possible, knowing that It, and We, have always been, and shall always be.

Therein lies the key to amazing change, that was and is within us all the time.

Religions aren’t any help to human evolution. Instead, they help reinforce the stratification. The IDEA of “sin” and “chosen people”, of heaven and hell. If you realize that ALL that “exists” comes from ONE Source, then it’s Source’s business. Because we are EQUAL, and because you and I have been given the power to imagine independently of common sense, and in a vacuum of love, we experience life accordingly. But the moment we embrace the love that is present within us, Life changes.


Baltimore residents a peaceful buffer to protect police and prevent escalation of chaos.
(SOURCE: Reverbpress.com)



The power of IDEATION is EQUAL within each of us. BE-LIE-F affects our state of being, and literally what we attract into, or repel from our personal experience. That is one reason the controllers — although that is their goal, they don’t really “control” anything. However, their influence is pernicious.

That is one reason the Influencers (1) want to incite “peer-to-peer” conflict, (2) maintain fear, and (3) maintain stress. They use misinformation, false flag events, control over the politics, government systems, banking policies and practices, scientific exploration and disclosure, religious traditions, that all APPEAR to be disparate, but are actually interconnected.

Their goal is to keep you acting disconnected and abandoned, a cosmic afterthought, and from KNOWING your EQUALITY and ONENESS with ALL, including THEM.Nature isn’t wrathful, and doesn’t produce in scarcity.

While some people believe that the Influencers want to de-populate the world, to make it more “manageable” (and there is some evidence that they’re trying), it’s not due to a lack of Nature’s ability to produce. If anything, the goal must simply be to maintain the charade as long as they can.

But in order to do that, you would need to continue thinking that you have no power, or that you need to play “catchup” with someone else, or some other group. You don’t. You need only begin becoming the best YOU that you can imagine, and living that life to the best of your ability. What changes would you make in your life if you were to do that?

Only YOU can answer that question, and you need no one else’s permission or blessings to do it.


The Vatican Rules the World


Perhaps this is behind the famous biblical statement (John 8:32) “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” The question that arises is, what truth are we seeing? What is it that we’re beginning to KNOW?

The answer begins in the truth that you’re seeking, where you’re looking for it, and as such, the truth and love, that you, yourself become. Being truthful is first evidence of One having found truth. Truth doesn’t come in a single moment; it flows into the consciousness like water, first a few drops at a time, then a steady stream which becomes a mighty river that takes the willing consciousness to an heretofore unknown, but yet familiar, ocean.


An Open Letter to The World of Science — Walter Russell



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