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Dr. Peter Breggin:

“Some terrible things are happening to our children. They are becoming the marketplace for unscrupulous corporations. They’re no longer people. They’re no longer youngsters that are going to grow up and become adults.”

“You want kids buying something? How about how about ways to kill yourself? And why to kill yourself? What is that? That’s not the higher human intellect educating us. That’s the evil part of human intellect doing anything to make a buck with children.

What about all the junk food? Why are our kids obese? Why are they gonna grow up with heart disease at an early age? Because the adults in our culture are more interested in making money selling them garbage.”

“You’ve got videos that are destructive to human values. You have videos about suicide or movies or whatever.
Show it to kids. Kids will buy it.”

“One of the biggest disasters of all was when the drug companies decided, and the
government aided and abetted them, in turning our children into a market for psychiatric drugs.

I know something about this tendency to abuse children.

In the 1970s I stopped through years of reform work — operations of little Black children in Mississippi with electrodes hanging out of their heads. It was very hard to get anybody even interested in it, maybe
because it’s so terrible.”

“What came in freaked me out. I could not believe the stuff these people were sending to me. What I found that most upset me was that at the University of Mississippi in Jackson. A surgeon named O.J. Andy was operating on little children as young as age three, four and five for hyperactivity, aggressivity, difficult behavior. These were institutionalized children.

O.J. Andy was inserting multiple electrodes into various portions of these children’s brains. He was stimulating them and then he was burning holes in their heads with the electrodes by heating them up. And he was then studying the children who walked around on the ward with wires dangling out of their heads. And he was the first project I stopped.

In 1990s, many years later, my wife Ginger and I discovered that there was a eugenical program sponsored by multiple agencies and the federal government called The Violence Initiative — The Youth Violence Prevention Initiative. They were gonna start studying African-American kids in the womb to see what made them grow up to be so violent. Not racism, not unemployment. They weren’t gonna look at that. They weren’t gonna look at gangs. They weren’t gonna look at who sells all the drugs to these kids and then gets them selling the drugs as their way to make money. They weren’t going to look at anything real. They were going to experiment on these children.

And Ginger and I took four or five years out of our lives. We wrote a book called The War Against Children of Color and we stopped the program.

Do you know they still do electroshock treatment on children? Not just adults.

About two months ago we finally had — with me as a medical expert — had a big victory in court where a judge declared that he was going to let us go to trial. Because I had developed and shown enough

scientific information that shock treatment caused brain damage — that this judge decided that he was going to allow a trial on whether an individual had had brain damage from shock treatment. Within a day or two the company settled. The company made an admission to the FDA that shock treatment causes brain damage, significant memory loss. And we thought ‘what a victory’. And within two or three days later, a mere two or three days later, the device people — not vice but device people — at the FDA for the first time came out and openly approved ECT as safe and effective.

So this is a prelude to something that a lot of Americans, not generally physicians or doctors or psychiatrists or government officials, but the public’s beginning to realize that our children are drowning in drugs.

We’ve got probably at least 20% of our boys diagnosed ADHD and on drugs. And the drugs don’t work. We know with absolute clarity that the drugs don’t help the kids. But they do stunt their growth, give them cardiovascular problems, make them addiction-prone. We know all that.

Well now we get to why I’m talking to you. My friend Michael Cornwall, a psychologist in California, sent me a notice that the FDA had approved something new for ADHD in children: That children would now, with a prescription from their doctor, be able to get a little machine that their parents or guardian could put electrodes on their foreheads to stimulate their brains with an electrical current strong enough to affect the functioning of the entire front of the brain. To leave it there all night long for day after day after day.”

“Now that’s a pretty massive intrusion. They even know the various parts of the brain that are being affected and they claim it relates to ADHD. It actually relates to the entire functioning of the child.

The frontal lobes are affected, the limbic system’s affected. And then they say ‘Ah, that has to do with ADHD’. No that has to do with being a child, being a human being.

It’s the whole integrating higher part of the brains being stimulated. It’s kind of a mild electric shock that goes on and on and on. And it bears similarity to a lobotomy because the currents going to go through the same areas that they used to love so much to slice up — the frontal orbital areas right behind the eyes. it’s right where the lobotomist used to like to go in and damage the human brain.”


Aaron Dykes

“The very choice of name [NeuroSigma Monarch] for this brain interface technology that’s supposed to be a psychiatric treatment for ADHD and useful for many applications — the very name of this product is astounding.

Because the butterfly has long been a symbol of the human soul in its transitory life from physical human form into an immortal form where there’s no body containing it.

Ancient Greek mythology, the talks of Plato, the work of Ovid and the Metamorphosis — all of these encompass aspects of the myth of Psyche who married Cupid, who was made immortal by Zeus. And this figure psyche herself is a representation of the human soul personified, but is also symbolized by the butterfly.

Because the butterfly starts in a pupil stage as a crawling worm. It goes through the chrysalis stage where it’s effectively dormant — dead in a certain sense — inside the chrysalis. And then it’s reborn into a creature with wings that could fly freely. And for the ancient Greeks and other ancient philosophers this was representative of the human soul. And it’s also been a symbol of mind control in the more recent times.

Although it remains in the foray of rumor the idea of Project Monarch carries a heavy symbolic weight and reflects the very real documented efforts of dabbling in mind control and reprogramming the brain.

In the 1970s the public was confronted for the first time of the fact that the Central Intelligence Agency had carried out a bizarre series of behavior modification and mind-control experiments on unwitting citizens in what CIA director Allen Dulles referred to as ‘the battle for the minds of men’.

We know that efforts took place, we just don’t know if they use the name Monarch. But if they did use that name it would have been very meaningful, and perhaps poignant, and just eerily creepy as to what they’re talking about being able to do to transform the mind, in a certain sense, to create a new type of human — to be able to program people according to someone else’s will.

So with that as a background, it’s very creepy that this company NeuroSigma used the name Monarch for their brain interface device that’s to be used with children who are struggling with certain types of conditions and disabilities. It’s very creepy because the actual name NeuroSigma itself is a species of butterfly, and of course, it’s a play upon words with neuro referring to the science of the brain. It’s just really astounding and kind of a slap in the face.”


Dr. Peter Breggin

“Now this is a pretty dramatic thing to do to children. It’s never been approved for the treatment of a brain. If you look at other instruments that are putting electricity through your muscles or something, they tell you don’t don’t do this to your brain.

You see the brain is the highest evolutionary achievement on earth and maybe in the universe, It’s far more mystery than a known area. We talk about the surface of the sea versus the deep sea. Our knowledge of the brain is… it’s beyond metaphor how small it is compared to the complexity of the brain. After all you wouldn’t be listening, I wouldn’t be speaking, none of this could go on without the most complicated organ in the universe being active.”

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