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Source:  Giza Death Star

by Joseph P. Farrell
January 24, 2019


Several people spotted this one and passed it along this week, and it makes for some… well, very intriguing reading.

UFOs, warp drives, stargates: Freedom of Information query reveals secret list of Pentagon research projects

A glance at some of the paper titles – and remember, these are the unclassified papers – is quite a read:

Intertial electrostatic Confinement Fusion, Dr. George Miley, Univ. of Illinois.

(Philo Farnsworth’s plasmators and fusors, anyone?)

Pulsed High-Power Microwave Technology, Dr. James Wells, JW Enterprises.

(I’ll bet that’s useful if you want to burn down a few houses but leave the surrounding shrubbery untouched.)

Advanced space Propulsion Based on Vacuum (Spacetime Metric) Engineering, Dr. Hal Puthoff, EarthTech International

(Engineering the fabric of spacetime… sounds a bit like Gabriel Kron, and other conCERNS.  But here’s one of my favorites:)

Invisibility Cloaking, Dr. Ulf Leonhardt, Univ. of St. Andrews

(But no, the US Navy still denies it was ever trying to make ships invisible to radar during WWII.)

Traversable wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy. Dr Eric Davis, Earthtech International

High Frequency Gravitational Wave Communications, Dr. Robert Baker, GravWave.

(Didn’t Thomas Townsend Brown propose something similar in the 1950s? Well, he did, and “whew!” thank goodness they’re still looking into it, even though they told us they never snatched up Brown’s project.)

Antigravity for Aerospace Applications Dr. Eric Davis, EarthTech International.

Field Effects one Biological Tissues Dr. Kit Green, Wayne State Univ.

Metamaterials for Aerospace Applications, Dr. G. Shvets, Univ of Texas at Austin

Warp Drive, dark energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions, Dr. R. Obousy, Obousy Consultants

Materials for Advanced Aerospace Platforms Dr J. Williams, Ohio State Univ.

Aerospace Applications of Programmable Matter, Dr. W. McCarthy, Programmable Matter Corporation

Space Communication Implications of Quantum Entanglement and Nonlocality, Dr. J Cramer, Univ. of Washington

Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) Air Breathing Propulsion and Power for Aerospace Applicaions, Dr. S. Macheret, Lockheed Martin

Negative Mass Propulsion, Dr. F., Winterburg, Univ of Nevada.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

But what emerges from this bizarre list? What’s the common theme? For one thing, space, and its manipulation at all levels, from “higher dimensionalities” to “nonlocality”, quantum entanglement for communications, traversible wormholes and programmable metamaterials (useful for long distance space ships able to make instant repairs against micro-meteoric bombardment). There’s even a bow to the late 1950s Brookings Report, with the mention of “magnetohydrodynamics”, a term that, to my knowledge, first appears in the Brookings report. And invisibility? We all know the story of the Philadelphia Experiment. Engineering the fabric of space-time? That’s another nifty way to accomplish invisibility, traverse wormholes, and manipulate higher dimensionalities. (Reading this list makes one wonder if British hacker Gary McKinnon, who claims to have uncovered evidence of a secret American “space fleet”, might have uncovered something whose mere existence pointed in the direction of these types of papers.)

In other words, if one views these papers from a wide and long view, one discovers that their subject matter extends back some decades to the Brookings Report, to the work of T.T. Brown, Gabriel Kron, and others, and that that work never stopped.

And there’s something else that emerges, besides the obvious determination to dominate space in every way and at every level, from materials science to the ability to manipulate the fabric of spacetime itself. This list of papers, if one thinks about them in a certain way, seems oddly to corroborate the concerns of the alternative research field: UFOs, 5G and its biological effects, microwave weapons, California fires and pulverized trade center buildings on 9/11… it all seems to be here…

And there’s one more thing… Developing this type of technology, assuming the papers represent something more than just mere “brainstorming”, will require a lot of money over several decades. Something, say, on the order of $21,000,000,000,000? If money is missing, this may be one very strong reason why…

See you on the flip side…