Free Private Cities and the Hanseatic League

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Free Private Cities and the Hanseatic League

by Jeremy Nell, Jerm Warfare
November 15, 2021


Rahim Taghizadegan is an Austrian economist, author, and president of the Free Private Cities project.

I had the pleasure of listening to him give a talk here in South Africa recently, so I invited him onto my podcast.

In our conversation, he explains

  • why city states are a great idea for overall liberty and prosperity;

  • how city states have enjoyed a successful history for many centuries;

  • why more people should know about the Hanseatic League;

  • and why European countries are going to soon end up like African countries.

In some ways, the Hanseatic concept strikes me as being superior to secession because it is primarily based around pragmatism such as trade and common interests, while secession relies on political negotiations and geographical borders.

Put differently, community confederations are organic and can begin immediately in almost any political system, and can expand regardless of geographical borders.

In the modern era, nation states have effectively swallowed all city states other than, perhaps, Monaco and Singapore and the Vatican City.

I would love to see a collapse of nation states and a growth of city states.

Aristotle would approve.


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