German Mother’s Powerful Words About the Child Abuse of “Pandemic” Mandates for Schools

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German Mother’s Powerful Words About the Child Abuse of “Pandemic” Mandates for Schools


by Amy Mek, RAIR Foundation USA
September 8, 2020


This video has already been deleted several times on YouTube – watch it while you still can.

The German government is forcing children in schools across the country to wear compulsory coronavirus face masks. If children are unable to wear the state-mandated mask, even for medical reasons, they are not allowed on school premises.

In the following video (audio-only), a mother speaks out against the order banning her son from attending school without a face mask even though her son has a medical condition that precludes him from doing so.

He’s not allow to set foot on the school premises. He’s no longer able to participate. I find it to be quite alarming that it has come to this. Let me say this clearly: I think this is dangerous.

The mother is not only worried about her child, but also the effects of masks on all children. Her concerns include medical consequences such as lack of oxygen, psychological and mental effects and intellectual development delays.

Many parents are terrified to challenge the state’s totalitarian coronavirus regulations being enforced against children and their families. Not only can failure to comply with mask requirements lead to expulsion from school, but now the state has been granted the power to remove sick children from their parents’ custody and place them in ‘forced isolation’ corona facilities.

Despite German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governments oppressive ordinances, the mother urges people to unite and stand together in protest:

Where are the people who resist? The ones who are going to say: “I’m taking this thing off! Who’s going to forbid me from breathing freely in this country?”

If we do not resist, where will the demands end, asked the mother:

Mandatory vaccines? And the chip that will probably follow that? Where does it end? When do we say, I don’t want my child to live in such a world? We were talking about digitization. In the future will it be my job as a teacher to speak to every student online in their house? With everything under surveillance.”

Watch to the following RAIR translated video (audio-only), of the mother addressing her child’s school board

[TCTL Editor’s Note: Original video, if still available is found at RAIR FOUNDATION USA YouTube channel. Above you will find a mirrored copy. As a service to protect truth from censorship, mirrored copies of this video are available at Truth Comes to Light BitChute, LBRY & Brighteon channels. All credit goes to the original source of this video.]

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